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Date: 07/10/2012

Update Situation of Arakan State
Today about 2pm Local time, the state governments of Arakan spread the news of eclectic shock in side the Central Mosque of Sittwe. Around 2.30 pm local time Junior Police Officer Khin Maung Hla (Rakhine) came to collect the keys of Mosque from Trustees of Mosques to check the fact.

As soon as the keys returned to trustees about 3.30 pm (Local Time), the houses were set fire inside the compound of the Mosque. According to resident of Sittwe many Rakhine and Rakhine Buddhist monks followed with Junior Police Officer inside compound. Approximately, 4-5 houses were burnt down but there are no fire fighters.

Smoking of fire is still seeing at the Compound of Central Mosque. According to some sources, The Mosque was partially burnt down and Rakhine are properly planning to burn Aung Mingalar Village tonight. The people are really worrying as Government is not giving protection.

Currently (7.00pm Local Time) Several Monks and Rakhine Buddhist surrounded Rohingya Village (Aung Mingalar quarter) and started to attack with sling-shoots. Rakhine made some noise hitting the metal poles of lamps on the roadside and gathered many people. Rakhine people and Rakhine Buddhist Monks are increasingly gathering and trying to attack Rohingya Village (Aung Mingalar Quarter).

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