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To Mine or not To Mine?

The currently released Mining Executive Order no. 79 raised arguments from opposing sides. The “pro” side of the debate argues that miming should still be continued since it contributes a lot to the economy of the country. However, one must still acknowledge other factors to decide on whether to continue mining or not.

Mining has been a big part of the country’s history. It traces back in time when raw gold was exchanged by people of Ma-I with exotic Chinese, Japanese, Indian and other Asian traders. Most of the products left the country. Philippine mineral production grew by the time Suez Canal was opened for trade during the Spanish Era.America exploited the gold resources of the country which lead to the development of the mining industry. (

Mining greatly affects the environment negatively. Several kinds of mining were being used here in the country, and these methods have their big disadvantages to the state of our environment. First, hard rock mining, a kind of underground mining that damages the environment. It produces high amounts of mining wastes that propose environmental effects. (EPA) Erosion, in geology, is defined as the displacement of weathered rocks that was produced by the transport of a material to a new place by the medium of water, wind, ice or gravity. (Thompson 199) Sedimentation is defined as the deposition of particles carried by a flowing transport medium. ( Excessive erosion and sedimentation from mining affect vegetations and soil organisms and even the nutrients of the topsoil which could actually help vegetation and revegetation effort. Addition to this, it can also increase the possibility and severity of floods. (EPA)

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Marinduque. (EPA) One example is the case of the ore deposits from Marcopper Mining Corporation that were released into Calancan Bay. Another kind of mining is strip mining. Now. since there is a lot of deposits and sediments from the mine. thus draining it. existing vegetation is destroyed. Five. In many coal fields. surface mining cut through this coal bed and any other aquifer above the area where the mining takes place. Such event can also affect human health. which causes a lot of damage. (Squillace) Page 2 of 4 . It terminates aquatic life and can release toxic materials from the water to the soil. wildlife’s habitat is permanently damaged due to the alteration of the mining site. Two. the surrounding water becomes polluted. Nine. Three. Blasting can also break up the rock layers that hold the water. One. dust from mining pollutes the air which can also harm people and other organisms near the area. valley fills often bury streams that causes the permanent loss of an ecosystem. aquatic species become endangered due to the changes in their habitat brought upon by strip mining. Even the useful microorganisms are disturbed and. the water’s acidity increases which affects the balance of the system and may endanger the organisms inhabiting there. the soil involved in strip mining is severely eroded and becomes less fertile.Acid from mine drainage contaminates both surface water and ground water. The Canatuan mine undergone with this type of mining. too. thus. too. (EPA) Mine tailings that are released to a body of water harm aquatic organisms. Four. due to the release of chemicals. (De Silva) A research study proved that it was harmful to the coral reef community. Strip mining incurs several negative effects to the environment. water reserves underground are drained. These underground sources of water are called aquifers. destroyed. Seven. to the environment. Six. or surface mining. what acts as aquifers are the coal beds. Eight.

As to quote from an article: From the Sioux of the Black Hills. Page 3 of 4 . can regulate the harmful effects mining can bring to the environment.3 Million to the total exports of the country(MGB). the Galamsey of West Africa. the country should focus more on another field of industry to replace wrr03%20march-april/ Even though it brings income for now. like the Yanomami and Macuxi. most will agree. the history of gold is tainted with blood. Beside it being a main contributor to the income of several provinces. in the year 2009. There are still cases of abandoned mining sites that propose danger to nearby residents and settlers. (www. no doubt.Mining negatively affects the society. contributes largely to the economy of the country.380. Mining.htm) Citizens near and workers in mining sites are also in danger of occupational health hazards due to the different substances from the mining site.rainforestinfo. Mining should be stopped in the Philippines because its consequences are greater than its benefits. responsible mining has long since been promoted. Various gold rushes affected local populations by endangering their homes. especially if a mining site is left haphazardly and was not restored properly. and the Igorot of the Philippines. Responsible mining. and today Amazonian tribes. However. it still negatively affects the environment and the society a lot. the long-term effects of mining far outweigh its contribution to the economy. Rather. one that is less harmful yet equally beneficial. it contributed P12. to the Aborigines around Bendigo in Australia. it could not compensate for the damages that will occur in the near future. However. the results stay the same which indicates that responsible mining won’t just work. In fact. are similarly endangered. and yet.

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