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The village we are talking about it is Sultanpur. Mizan who lived in this village.

He was very poor in his earlier life. He struggled a lot in his life and then went to the Italy to earn money. He worked hard in Italy and then backed to the village with a full of money. Now he is one of the richest person in his village. He changed his life-styles, dress-up which he was lead in earlier. Now he wears jeans pant, uses different Fairness creams and hair-gel in his face and hair which he was brought from Italy and often he wears sun-glass also which is Raybon branded . He always try to present himself smartly in case of rural perspective. That’s why now almost all of his friends always try to follow his life-styles . Mizan knows it very well , that they are jealousies on him. And also young boys of the village also follow and admire him . Currently Mizan is now thinking about to invest his some portions of money in somewhere which can generates profits. Because Mizan knows the values of money and that’s why he wants to invest in secure places. Initially he is thinking about starting a dress shop in his village. His plans is to starting a shop which can make sells everyday, which can generate profits and no other such kind of dresshouses are not available in his village. So he wants to take these advantages. Few days later, he acquired a shop in main point of the market and started to design its interior places. Mizan has enough money to support and run his shops. His intentions to sells jeans pants, T-shirts, Shirts etc. which can attract the young customers of the villages. Finally when the decoration has been completed, then he starts his business. Now the story of few months later. After successfully started his business, now the business is running well. Lots of followers of Mizan’s buying the products from his shop. To increase the sales, he makes postering of his shop in different places of the market and village.

Mizan who is a dashing -smart boy(in his village people’s perspective) and very popular in his village. He is able to successfully running his dress-shops and make sales every day. In sultanpur village’s, there are some small shops and few retail shops of varieties products are available. Cosmetics products like fairness creams and shampoos are very high demand in the markets. But fact is that, most of them are local or unknown names Herbal or Deshi Cosmetics. Unilever products like Menz Active Fairness cream and other shampoos didn’t get enough support from the market to sales their products. Because the rural young peoples and mans were always prefer these kind of cosmetics like Tibbet Snow, Sumon’s Aroma etc. What Unilever salesperson did, to fulfill his sales target and want to create demand in the market, he try to find out someone who can influence to buy and can play on rural peoples purchase decisions. The sales representative of Unilever worked on this things and found that Mizan’s has a lot of followers and most of them are young guys which was salesperson looking for. He talked with his regional sales manager about increasing the sales and also discussed on Mizan. Regional sales manager of Unilever appreciated his idea. Few days later, regional sales manager and sales representative came into the sultanpur and talked with the Mizan. They amazed to see the shop of Mizan’s. Because shop was well-decorated and products has good enough in terms of rural places. They talked with Mizan on this issue to boost sales and they also mentioned that, how they will utilize Mizan on their marketing campaign. They will give some benefits and incentives to Mizan if he accepted the offer. Mizan expressed his consent to theirs.

Regional sales manager talked with the divisional manager and demanded some campaign offer from him. He assured the regional manager. Then Unilever started campaign in Sultanpur. First they came up with the idea of “MAX fairness Campus Hero”. First they set postering of this and then they went to the Sultanpur High School with Mizan. Young students were very much delighted to think about the program. Unilever persons’ first they described about the Max Fairness cream’s benefits and besides that, they also called the students and see the dandruff on their calp through projector and dandruff identify machine which students’ were not aware of this. Then select the few students and asked different quiz questions based on Face cream and dandruff and also they had to perform different fun competitions like singing a song, dance, storytelling etc. and then top 3 contestant received some gifts from Mizan and winner is got the title of “MAX Fairness Campus Hero”. The event was so successful. They were able to build up awareness successfully. Then Unilever planed to organized a event on the most popular things in rural places which is called “Haat-Bazar”. They decorated the place with Unilever product’s posters and showing the Dandruff test through the projector to the rural peoples that how much dandruff they carried in their calps. Because village peoples always wants some proofed. They checked the calps and suggested them to how they can feel free from dandruff and then gave everybody’s two mini packets shampoos of All-Clear. Max Fairness cream poster was visible on this campaign. Mizan was present on that program because his presence made others influence to come and checked their calps. Unilever’s persons founds that, Mizan’s presence and his word of mouth were very much effective. To take advantages of this promotional campaign, they offered Mizan to take the distributorship of Unilever’s products. Regional sales manager try to convince him through huge benefits and

sacrificed price reduction from keeping the money in Unilever for taking the distributorship and also offer some additional offer like commission on percentage of sales, give money from Unilever for small promotional campaign. Mizan take this opportunities. Unilever set up a special desk on Mizan’s dress shop which actually visualize the Unilever products and ready for sales. Customers and others followers of Mizan buying the products like Max cream, All-clear shampoo etc. from Mizan shops. For running the distributorship successfully, Mizan rented a shops and and took some loans from Janata Bank to invest on his new business. To compete with other non-branded pruducts such as Aroma fairness treatment, tibbet snow, Botanic aroma etc. Mizan talked with small shops and retailers to make Unilever’s products visible in the shops. Because , customers demand already grew up. One thing that has to be mentioned here, Mizan is very tricky guy. What he did to captured the whole village and others relative small villages, he picked up some young guys and told them to discussed about Max fairness cream and All-clear shampoos benefits to everybody ( like word of mouth). And it would bring positive changes on the market and products demands are increases in the market because of awareness and availability of the products. And Unilever peoples are very happy to see changes in the market. But still Mizan and Unilever person doesn’t stopped their campaign. Still they promoting their products in different events like Jaatraa, Grammo-Melas, Haats, college campaign etc. Now Mizan is thinking about to changed his relationship from Bachelor to married life. He now searching for a girl to marry. Lots of proposal coming from different guardians to Mizan’s family to marry their daughter. Because, Mizan is a very successful guy and change his living style and very much goal oriented.