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AIM: Introduce modules in details with list of business processes. MODULE NAME: Human Resource Management . Human Resource Management is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training. This department has newly taken step in hotel industry and within a short span of time it has become a very important part of the organization. This department is the topic of our discussion. In hotel industry the job of HR manager can be compare with the job of conductor, whose job is to instruct and direct all of the various employees so that they can perform well together. So it is in the hospitality industry, before a manager can direct and shape employee’s individual contributions into an efficient whole, he or she must first turn employees into competent workers who know how to do their jobs. If employees are not skilled at their jobs, then the performance they give will get bad reviews. So a hotel can have a finest standard recipes, service procedures and quality standards and still have dissatisfied guests because of poor employee performance. That is why properly managing human resources is so important. No other industry provides so much contact between employees and customers and so many opportunities to either reinforce a positive experience or create a negative one. The hotel business is a labour-intensive and quality-driven service industry. The competitiveness and productivity of the industry depends primarily on the skill levels and professionalism of its employees. Consequently, the constituents within the Hotels, Restaurant and Catering sector recognize that education, vocational training, and human resource development are necessary to ensure their future. In support of this, the World Economic Forum (in their recent T&T Competitiveness Report) sees good management of human resources as one of the key drivers for competitiveness across the industry As in the five-star hotel and five-star deluxe hotel there are around lots of employee are involved in different jobs in different fields there is dire need to look and control on them. No doubt different department’s heads are present to look their department employee, but HRD is a place, which supervise and effectively communicate with these departments head and communicate with the top management. Thus there function is very large and diverse as compared with respect to different department’s heads.

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duties and responsibilities into a unit of work to achieve certain objectives. Internships may be paid or unpaid. Different hotels apply different methods and procedure for recruitment as well as selection. The human resource department plays a major role in helping plan the system and in developing job description. In simple words. training and monitoring role. Job analysis. They are responsible for designing and implementing a recruitment program that will meet the hotel industry’s personnel needs while complying with all legal requirements. the duties involved and the kills required for performing all the jobs in an organization have to be taken care of. Job Analysis and Job Design: In order to achieve effective HRP. from among whom the right people can be selected. For employment we first have to get a pool of probable employees. This knowledge is gained through job analysis. Internship: This procedure covers the process for establishing and monitoring internships. job analysis may be understood as a process of collecting information about the job. An intern is a student whose educational requirements include work experiences that are directly related to a specific academic program. and/or fulfills an academic requirement for an accredited educational institution.Enroll no: 080055131001 Following are some of the business processes in HR department explained in brief:  Employment Date: Employment deals with the Business Processes related to the jobs of the employees. Recruitment and Selection: In simple terms. In simple words. the logical sequence to job analysis is job design. Selection is a process of picking individuals (out of the pool of job applicants) with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the organization. results in academic credit. Apart from that we move as per the under mentioned business processes. the range will be no less than the current state minimum wage and not greater than the first step of the entry level professional range. If the pay is to be hourly. then. Set certain standards and parameters to be fulfilled to be eligible for our employment criteria and then we select the cream and the best available resources/options from the pool of employees. recruitment is understood as the process of searching for and obtaining applicants for jobs. Specialists in that department may be assigned to conduct job analysis and write job descriptions in cooperation with managers. There is an intern supervisor who identifies area where intern will be doing the practicum. monitor activities of intern and periodically BIT –CE (Batch-D) Page No: . The human resource department is not involved in the actual writing of performance standards but play a diagnostic. Recruitment is the process of finding qualified people and encouraging them to apply for work with the firm. Job analysis provides job-related data as well as the skills and knowledge expected of the incumbent to discharge the job. job specification and performance standards. Job design is a process of determining the specific tasks and responsibilities to be carried out by each member of the organization. supervisors and employees. involves conscious efforts to organize tasks.

as employee are assets of service industry. from waiters to maids to truck drivers. abilities and knowledge to employees and overall development of an employee. Hence such types of measures reduce the chances of accidents. So following processes takes place in this programme. They may also facilitate the employee by giving a promotion him in his job’s position or by giving increment in the wages. is the service industry. he decides which candidates need that kind of training programme. HR department also implements certain procedures for termination which covers the process to follow when an employee transfers to another hotel or separates from the hotel. Selection of development programme: Here the job of HR is to identify the training need and then accordingly to design the suitable programme for that. both customers and our employees can be certain of being in safe hands. Here we select candidates applicable for the development programme from our current employee pool they are selected based on the programme and kind of employee it will groom. Selection of Candidates: Here the after analyzing and selecting the development programme. Training can be provided in various functions such as Human Resource. Following are the business process included in health and safety.  Employee development programme Training and development activities are designed in order to impart specific skills. We are in the people business.  Health and Safety Processes Since the hotel industry. our employees must be able to get along pleasantly with others all day long. Owing to this facility provided. hence the safety and health aspects of employee is concern for the organization. The whole and soul responsibility of employee health and safety measures lie on the shoulder of HR department. Food & Beverage and Front Office. Development refers to learning opportunities designed to help employees grow and evolve a vision about the future. Emergency Medical Care Process: Arrangements for the emergency medical treatment are kept ready in hotel for guests and employees both. This can improve employee’s performance and customers trust. Emergency ambulance must be provided. BIT –CE (Batch-D) Page No: . Sales. Promotion and Termination: HR department may implement a service award program as one means of recognizing employees’ commitment and service to their hotel and to the customers of their hotel.Enroll no: 080055131001 Date: provide reviews and gives complete program evaluation/final review at conclusion of the internship.

Hospitalization: We have tie ups with major hospitals in the city and if necessary. Installments for the insurance are automatically cut from the salary and paid to the company. A family of the employee is also a responsibility of a hotel. Insurance: HR department should have tie up with private firms for health insurance and life insurance. thus saving overhead for the employees BIT –CE (Batch-D) Page No: . So their health should also be taken care of when a major emergency is needed by providing mediclaim facility for the family. Medicines will be provided at nominal rates. our employees or customers are hospitalized at those hospitals with most of the expenses bourne by us.Enroll no: 080055131001 Date: Major medical coverage Process: A major share of the medical bills churned out by our employees should be shared by us.