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Kriya Yoga
Since ancient times, there are several types of yogas. Amongst them Kriya Yoga is the easiest, surest and quickest method of mind control, breath control, deepmeditation and for attaining Samadhi. It is not a dogma, nor a cult, nor/is any sectarianism. It is accessible to all religions. In the stressful Indispensible. life style situation of modern times, Yoga and meditation is •

All persons above 13 years of age should practice original Kriya Yoga for few minutes twice a day to achieve material end spiritual benefits-such as long life, good health, calmness and constant GOD realisation. Kriya Yoga is the scientific process of Soul culture and the essence. all religions. Kriya Yoga is a very effective and shortcut technique of God realization. The Kriya Yoga technique enables you to realise God through your every action. The more you practice it, the more you will feel constant alertness and liberation. Then you get constant God realization. Kriya Yoga enables all persons to be calmly active and actively calm. If you think of God in your every day's action, then you will remain in a state of Self realization, eternal joy and constant liberation. By the practice of Kriya technique yoo can always perceive body and soul are working together alld you can also realise the power of God is activating before, after and while performing actions.







Paramahamsa Hariharananda
Auspicious Arrival : 27th May, 1907 4th December, 2002

Heavenly Departure:

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First Edition-15th

December, 2002


Paramahamsa Hariharananda, one of the greatest self realized Master in Kriyii Yoga, is a legend among the spiritual seekers, has attained Nirvikalpa Samiidhi, the state of no pulse and no breath, the state of cessation of all activities of the body, mind, thought, intellect and ego, merged and absorbed in God. Nirvikalpa Samiidhi is the long cherished goal of all aspirants in the spiritual path. In the Kriya Yoga tradition, he is placed in the linea~e of the Realized Masters: Babaji Maharaj, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswarji. He was born on 27th of May 1907, in the hamlet of Habibpur, on the bank of the sacred river Gangii, in the district of Nadia, West Bengal, India. Few kilometers away from the birthplace of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, a God intoxicated divine incarnation of the 15th century, this village of Habibpur was sanctified by the birth of this holy child, whose childhood name was Rabindranath. His father Haripada Bhattacharjee was a disciplined, dedicated, devout and determined brahmin, welIversed in all Hindu scriptures, so also the mother Nabinkali Debi, a pious, generous and loving lady par excellence. Endowed with an uncommon and marvellous brain power, this divine child memorized all the intricate ma~tras, hymns and prayers in sanskrit bringing surprise to all. At the age of eleven, he took the vow of Brahmacarya, i.e. Upanayana ceremony of the brahmins. The desire for spiritual upliftment was grQwing. So he went to Sri Bijoy Krishna Chattopadhyay, a householder realized master, living at Howrah, on the West of Calcutta and took initiation into the path of Jiiiina Yoga at the age of twelve. He excelled in sacred and secular education and was well placed in the society as a technocrat. His thirst for spiritual enlightenment could not be quenched by material achievement. Meanwhile, he was inspired by his family preceptor Bijoy Krishna to meet Sri Yukteswarji, the most befitting disciple of the great Master of Kriyii Yoga Ubiri

Mahasaya. As advised, he called on Sri Yukteswarji at his Serampore Asram in 1932 and at last got initiation into Kriya Yoga, the sacred and scientific meditation technique. Under his holy guidance, he learnt much more of astrology, astron9my, palmistry along with strict spiritual discipline and meditation. Later, when Paramaharhsa Yog~anda returned to India from USA, in 1935, on the advice of Sri Yukteswarji, he was blessed to witness the state ofSamadhi and was mitiated into the second Kriya. Sri Yukteswarji had the wish that this young celibate Rabindranath should renounce the material life and take charge of his Asram in Puri. However by God's will it took several years for the fulfillment of his noble wish..In 1938, he moved to the Land of Lord Jagannath, the sea-side city ofPuri in Eastern India. Later on he lived permanently in Karar Asram accepting asceticism, with the new name of Brahmacliri Rabinarayan. He started strict spiritual practice of sincere meditation, observing silence for several years. Within a short time,. h~ attained perfection in three yogic mudras, vi~ KhechaTl, Bhramari and Sambhavi. After this attainment, a supernatural divine light, i.e. aura was emanating from his body which was observed by many. In the early 40's, the then head of Karar Asram of Sri Yukteswarji, Srimat Swami Satyananda Giri initiated hi~ into the third Kriya. Subsequently he learnt ap the ot~er hlgher Kriyas from Srimat Bhupendranat~ Sannyal De~a ~arman, a house-holder and realized yogi, the youngest disclple of the Great Guru Yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya. In the mid-40's, the most secret technique of Samadhi was revealed to him by a young, anonymous and mysterious yogi, who came and appeared in Karar ASram himself. During this period he attained six stages of Samadhi. Finally in 1948, he was blessed to achieve the highest spiritual attainment, the state of Nirvikalpa Sam8dhi (breathless state with no pulse) and Paramaharhsa stage. During this period of spiritual practice and attainment of perfection, he not only engaged himself fully into meditation and God communion, but also looked after the construction and

beautification of the Holy Karar Asram, Temple of Sri Yukteswarji.

even the Samadhi

In the late 40's, the Divine Master, the Great-incarnate Mahavatar Babaji, miraculously appeared in his closed living room and again in his personal meditation room in the premises of Karar Asram twice; blessed him and expressed his satisfaction on the spiritual practice and attainment. He also predicted to make BaM as his divine instrument to propagate Kriya Yoga in East and West. In the 60's he visited Ranikhet in the Himalayas and meditated in the Holy Cave, where Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasayaand heard the divine voice ofBabaji : "This time you cannot see me. Go and spread my work everywhere." As a symbol of Divine Love and Service, in spite of all his busy schedule, he kept many helpless orphan children in the Asram, who with his loving care and guidance, in course of time, not only became well educated, but also were well placed in the society. In 1951, Paramahamsa Yogiinandaji requested and authorised him to initiate sincere seekers into Kriya Yoga. From that time he started initiating and teach Divine technique of Kriya Yoga to thousands of people and leading them along the spiritual path. (Such authorization is printed herein.) He made his life as the symbol of synthesis of Karma (Action), Jnana (Knowledge), Bhakti (Devotion) and above all an ideal symbol of practice of Kriya Yoga. Most of the time he was using to meditate throughout the night, before his presiding deity Mother KaH, a form of formless Divine mother. On September 27, 1958 the Divine Mother appeared before him with Her Divine Effulgence and graced him with blessings and directed him to spread the divine mission for the spiritual upliftment of the world. In the Indian tradition, a Brahmacari ultimately becomes Swami, a monk. With some rites and rituals, the then Sankaracarya ofPuri, Gobardhan pith, Jagadguru, Srimat Swa mi Bharati Krishna Teerthajee Maharaj initiated him into the life of Sannyas, i.e. complete renunciation; whiteclad Brahmacari Rabinarayan became saffron clothed Swami

Hariharananda Giri. Hariharlinanda means the Divine Bliss coming from the Absolute formless God. It happened incidentally on his birthday May 27, 1959. During his constant stay in Purl, he was loved by almost all monks living in Puri. Many were coming to him for some discussion or explanation of the scripture or clarification of their doubts. He was blessed by many God-intoxicated Divine Masters like Anandamoyee Ma, Nanga Biba Digiimbara Paramahamsa a naked and realized Master living at one end of Purl near Lokenath Temple. Then he dedicated most of his time teaching and preaching Kriya Yoga . People of all castes, creeds and social strata gathered around him to hear his sweet divine interpretation of the scriptures in a new metaphorical way. He started touring to different parts ofIndia and widening the Kriya Yoga network throughout the country. It was early 70's. There was the conference of Religions of the world under the auspices of the Divine Life Society, a leading spiritual organisation at Cuttack Barabati Stadium. The venue was packed with people from different parts of the world, several thousands spiritual audiance. There Bibi delivered two talks in English; The Essence of All Re.ligioEJs, The Message of Spiritual Life. All monks, renowned intellectuals were amazed with his brilliant, well~convincing and influencial talk. Many spiritual organisations invited him after that to their asrams and conferences to bless and grace the devotees with his divine utterances. The smell of the flower cannot be hidden. Hundreds of people from different parts of the world were gathering in Puri As ram of Sri yukteswarji and were accepting him as their divine guide, the Master. His message was spread in the Western world through those who came in his touch. They were requesting Sw8miji sincerely to step into the west and to make the extrovert and restless minds of the western people introvert and tranquil and make them spiritually advanced by perceiving inner calmness through breath control. It was 1974, ultimately he had no way but to accept their request and invitation to come to the west and to carry out the

divine will of Bibiji, Lihiri Mahasaya and Sri Yukteswarji, to give people the taste of original Kriya practice. He first came to Switzerland and later on to Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, England and many other European countries. In 1975, Baba came to USA, Canada, South America and many other countries. Thousands of people in the west are transformed by his holy touch. By his divine touch, the student can perceive triple divine perceptions, visualisation of divine light, hearing the divine sound and a divine sensation in the whole body. Since that time, till now, he has been touring to different parts of the world and carrying out the divine work. He is well versed in the Vedas, the Upani~ads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Brahmasutra, Smrutisastras, Karmakanda, other Holy Indian Scriptures, along with thorough knowledge of the 'Ibrah, the Holy Bible, the Kuoran, the Buddhist Scriptures and ethical and metaphysical teachings of all the religions of the World, Master of different systems of Yoga, Paramahamsa Hariharanandaji js a uniqe spiritual preceptor, who through his simple life-style, with love, teaches the scientific technique of Kriya Yoga in theory and practice. Saffron clad, blessed with a body of unique diVine aura, with a red vermilion mark on the forehead like a rising sun, beard and long hair, his divine physical appearance' attracts the mind to the divine state. He is 90 years young, In spite of the pressure of age, he is marching forward, with God in himself to spend every moment and breath for the betterment and spiritual upliftment of the mankind. Paramahamsaji having mastery in 60 many languages, with his sweet divine voice like a singing bird, touches the heart of the disciples. His simple smile is enough to perceive divine bliss. He is a child to the children, young to the youth and old to the aged. He is so loving, caring and affectionate, everyone coming in his divine company remembers the sweet memory. He is not dry or dumb like some other monks, not like a stone statue, rather he is an incarnation of love, compassion and service. His life is an ideal life of sacrifice and God-consciousness. He teaches at every moment of time in different way for progress in the spiritual path. Author of many books, with yogic and metaphorical

interpretation in a scientific way, his works have been translated into many Indian and Western languages. He also spends more time in writing and sending his message to different parts of the world. Due to his proficiency in many languages his teachings 'are widely acceptable and easy aecessible to even an illiterate person. That is why sincere seekers around the world gather and flock around him to realize their own selves. ParamahaIhsa Hariharanandaji, lovingly addressed as Baba, the Divine Father, the unique world teacher, free from religious dogma and sectarian belief, is a Godlike personality. He may be described as having the love of Jesus, head of Sankara, devotion of Sri Caitannya and heart of Buddha. Come to him and realize his spiritual stature and love. Sit face to face with this God-intoxicated and God-realized master, listen to his lilting and sweet voice declaring in a nutshell, the key of the authentic Kriya Yoga: "Breath-Control is Self-Control. Breath-mastery is Self-mastery. Bteathlessness stage is deathlessness stage."

"QUe are the QUaveo
andgodio Jhe infinite ocean"

Paramahamsa Hariharananda took his last breath at 6.48 p.m. EST, 3rd December 2002 at Miami, Florida, USA. Munden body of Paramahamsa at Balighai, Puri. Hariharananda will be

immersed under the earth on 15-12-2002 at "Hariharananda Gurukulam"