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Fall  2012  















Children  play/pray  at  the  prayer  wheels  outside  the  Tibetan  Canadian  Cultural  Centre  

Where  The  Center  Stands  Today:  An  Update  from  the  President  
On  Saturday,  September  15th  TCCC  president   Mr.  Kunsang  Tanzin  called  a  special  meeting   for  community  leaders  and  TCCC  ambassadors.   Mr.  Tanzin  updated  everyone  on  the  current   financial  situation  and  efforts  underway  by  the   Board  of  Directors  to  raise  much  -­‐needed   funds  for  the  centre.    The  president  emphasized  moving  forward   and  shared  his  vision  for  a  functional  centre   without  the  burden  of  debt.  A  key  aspect  of   this  vision  involves  creating  a  financial  plan  to   sustain  the  centre  in  the  face  of  mounting   debt.     To  date,  the  centre  owes  Maystar  General   Contractors  Inc  approximately  $400,000  and   has  a  $2  million  mortgage  with  the  bank.  The   centre  expects  a  significant  HST  refund,  which   will  pay  off  a  bulk  of  amount  owing  Maystar.   The  mortgage  repayment  strategy  is  more   complicated  and  depends  in  large  part  on   contributing  members.     The  centre  pays  the  bank  approx.  $20,000   monthly.  In  order  to  continue  making  timely   payments,  the  centre  has  launched  an   aggressive  membership  drive.  Currently,  there   are  around  500  registered  members  who  pay   their  membership  fee  on  a  monthly  bases.  The   fee  is  $10  per  month.  Mr.  Tanzin  reasons  that  if   the  centre  is  successful  in  getting  2000   members,  the  membership  fees  alone  will   cover  the  monthly  payments  to  the  bank.   There  were  some  interesting  changes  to   membership  benefits-­‐  going  forward,  members   will  receive  a  50%  discount  on  tickets  for  the   three  major  events:  Trungkhar,  Losar  and  the   Dec.  10  Nobel  Prize  ceremony.  The  meeting   concluded  with  the  distribution  of  membership   forms  to  community  groups.  

Many  community  members  are  aware  of  TCCC's  membership  drive.  The  push  to   increase  the  number  of  members  is  a  critical  component  of  fundraising  for  the   centre.  As  this  newsletter  goes  to  print,  there  are  currently  around  500  registered   members.  Ngawang  Shalung,  a  fourth  year  Life  Science  student  at  University  of   Toronto,  is  one  of  the  youngest  members  to  register.    An  avid  volunteer  at   St.Michael’s  hospital,  Ngawang  intends  to  double  major  in  human  biology  and   animal  physiology.  At  St.  Michael’s  hospital,  he  collaborates  with  numerous   programs  to  raise  awareness  regarding  youth  safety  and  injury  prevention.     When  asked  why  he  chose  to  support  the  TCCC,  he  replied,  “It  felt  right  and  made   sense  after  seeing  my  parent’s  hopes  and  investments  towards  TCCC.”  Ngawang     also  donates  monthly  to  the  Canadian  Cancer  Society  after  losing  a  close  relative  to  hepatocellular  (liver)  cancer.   His  interests  include  listening  to  music  and  competitive  sports…cont’d  p.4  

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Tenzin  Hobum,  Chimi  Kuyee,   Ngatso,  Tenzin  Nawang  T,   Youdon  T   Want  to  join  the  team?  Email  us:   1  


As  most  of  you  are  aware,  the  TCCC  membership  drive  has  been  going  on   for   the   past   few   months.   This   membership   drive   is   critical   as   it   provides   sustainable  revenue  to  assist  with  TCCC  monthly  operating  costs,  including   the  mortgage  payments.  We  would  like  to  take  this  opportunity  to  thank   our  fellow  Board  members  and  the  volunteers  who  have  been  helping  us   recruit   new   members.   This   is   great   time   to   provide   a   quick   update   and   analysis  of  our  membership  base  so  far.   As   of   October   2,   2012,   TCCC   has   512   members.     Although   we   admit   the   number   is   relatively   low,   we   will   continue   to   push   more   to   increase   our   membership   base.   A   great   starting   point   towards   increasing   our   membership   base   would   be   to   analyze   the   demographics   of   our   current   members.   Figure   1   shows   the   percentage   of   male   and   female   in   our   membership  base.  As  shown,  44%  are  female  and  56%  are  male.    

  Figure  3:  Map  –  Ontario  Level   As   we   zoom   further   into   the   map,   focusing   on   Toronto,   we   see   an   interesting   distribution   of   our   membership   base   in   figure   4.     This   distribution   shows   the   different   pockets   of   Tibetan   Canadian   communities   within   the   Greater   Toronto   Area.   It   should   come   as   no   surprise   that   the   majority   of   the   members   live   in   Parkdale   and   Etobicoke.  The  next  big  community  is  along  the  St.  Clair  Avenue  West   and   Weston   Road   area.   From   there,   we   move   towards   downtown   Toronto  i.e.  the  Wellesley  St.  area.  Finally,  we  can  see  there  are  some   members  north  of  Highway  401  –  from  Brampton  to  Richmond  Hill.     We   hope   you   found   this   exercise   as   interesting   as   we   did.   The   Board   has   access   to   more   data   granularity   and   will   use   it   to   make   the   membership   drive   more   effective.   We   will   continue   to   further   collect   our   data   and   analyze   to   create   programs   to   serve   our   members   and   community.    At  the  same  time,  we  would  like  to  urge  our  community   members   to   take   the   same   responsibility   and   help   us   by   approaching   your   friends,   families,   colleagues   and   neighbors.   Although   various   groups   and   associations   (“Kyiduks”   and   “Tsokpas”)   have   supported   the   TCCC,   it   would   still   not   be   enough   with   your   assistance.     We   are   confident   that   you   will   take   the   initiative   to   ask   within   your   social   circles  to  get  more  members.    

Figure  2  shows  the  age  demographic  of  the  current  TCCC  members.  Here,   we  would  like  to  point  out  that  of  the  total  512  members,  only  424   members  had  correctly  entered  their  birth  date  information.  The   remaining  88  members  had  either  put  incorrect  dates  or  left  it  blank.  We   will  be  contacting  these  members  to  get  the  correct  dates  (their  address   and  phone  numbers  were  correctly  entered).  

  Next,  we  take  a  quick  look  at  the  locations  of  our  membership  base.  Figure   3  shows  that  we  have  the  majority  of  the  members  based  in  Toronto.  This   is  not  surprising  as  the  community  centre  is  located  in  Toronto.  However,   we  do  notice  there  are  couple  members  scattered  in  Belleville,  Ottawa,   Peterborough  and  Brampton.              

  For   your   convenience,   we   have   distributed   over   thousand   new   temporary  membership  forms  and  cards  to  various  organizations.  You   can   sign   up   right   at   the   spot   and   get   your   temporary   card   to   take   advantage  of  all  the  discounts  we  provide.  You  can  also  walk  in  to  TCCC   office  and  get  it  enrolled  anytime  during  the  office  hours.     -­‐  Jigdel  Kuyee  &  Dorjee  Namgyal  (VP  Fundraising)    




Visitors  view  the  sacred  relics  of  the  Shakyamuni  Buddha  and  other  Buddhist  masters  

The  TCCC  hosted  the  Maitreya  Project  Hearth  Shrine  Relic  Tour  September  14-­‐16.  More  than  4000  visitors  from  the  GTA  visited  the   centre  to  view  the  relics  over  the  course  of  three  days.     The  relics,  which  were  found  among  the  cremation  ashes  of  Buddhist  masters,  are  said  to  embody  the  compassion  and  wisdom  of  the   master  and  are  deliberately  produced  by  the  master  at  his  death.  Relics  like  these  are  usually  enshrined  in  temples,  where  they’re  off-­‐ limits  to  the  public.  But  revered  Buddhist  leader  Lama  Zopa  Rinpoche  decided  to  put  his  collection  on  tour.     The  relic  exhibition  was  well  attended  and  also  covered  by  local  media  outlets  like  OMNI  TV  (Mandarin).    Please  visit  to  learn  more.  

Amit  Paul  and  Tenzin  Dolma  perform  at  the  TCCC  Fundraising  concert  

The  TCCC  Fundraising  Concert  featuring  former  Indian  Idols  Prashant  Tamang  and  Amit  Paul,  with  a  special  appearance  by  Tenzin  Dolma   was  a  huge  success  with  over  1200  attendees.     Over  200  community  members  celebrated  the  52nd  Tibetan  Democracy  Day  on  Saturday,  September  1st  at  the  Centre.  After  the  morning   ceremonial  function,  there  was  an  update  by  TCCC  President  regarding  the  membership  drive.    

                                                                                                                TIBETAN  LANGUAGE  AND  PERFORMING  ARTS  PROGRAM  2012-­‐2013  
Date/Time:  Sundays,  September  2012  –  June  2013  from   10:30am  –  4:00  pm   Venue:  Tibetan  Canadian  Cultural  Centre,  40  Titan  Rd,   Etobicoke,  M8Z  2J8   Age  Group:  Ages  6  and  up   The  Tibetan  Language  Program  was  introduced  with  the   objective  of  helping  Tibetan  youth  in  the  GTA  to  speak  Tibetan   fluently,  to  read,  write  and  comprehend  Tibetan  texts  at  the   appropriate  grade  level.    Knowledge  about  Tibetan  history,   religion,  and  cultural  practices  is  also  emphasized.  

The  Performing  Arts  Program  allows  students  to  learn,  practice   and  perform  some  of  Tibet’s  unique  traditional  arts  including   opera,  dance,  instruments  and  songs.                                                                                                                                                              
Genla  reviews  Lhadon’s    work  in  Grade  1  Tibetan  Class  

DCG  Canada  will  select  one  candidate  of  Tibetan  descent  to  receive  a  scholarship   award  of  CDN  $1000.  Previous  recipients  will  not  qualify  again.     The  purpose  of  this  program  is  to  recognize  outstanding  students  in  the   community.  Applicants  must  be  enrolled  full  time  in  a  university  in  Ontario  and   must  demonstrate  proof  of  Tibetan  heritage.  The  application  deadline  is  Dec.  10,   2012.  Completed  application  forms  along  with  supporting  documents  must  be   sent  to:  Dhokham  Chushi  Gangdruk  Society-­‐Canada,  77  Cadillac  Avenue,  Toronto,   ON  M3H1S5.  Winners  will  be  announced  on  December  25,  2012  at  DCG  Christmas   fundraising  day.


10:30am-­‐11am   11:00am-­‐11:50am   11:50am-­‐12:05pm   12:05pm-­‐1:00pm   1:00pm-­‐1:30pm   1:30pm-­‐4:00pm  

Morning  Prayers   Language  Class   Recess   Reading/Writing   Lunch  Break   Performing  Arts  Class  

Founded  by  His  Holiness  the   Dalai  Lama  in  2009,  the   Dalai  Lama  Trust  was   established  to  support  the   advancement  of  Tibetan   people.   The  Scholarship  program  of   the  trust  is  intended  to   further  the  human  capital   development  of  Tibetans  by   supporting  the  pursuit  of   excellence  among  Tibetan   students  in  a  specialized   academic  field.   Every  year,  a  few   exceptional  candidates  of   Tibetan  descent  will  be   selected  to  receive   scholarship  awards  of  up  to   US$10,000.  Past  awardees   of  the  program  are  required   to  reapply  each  year.     demonstrate  proof  of   Tibetan  Heritage.   For  last  year’s  applicants,   the  application  form  was   due  May  31st  and  awards   were  announced  by  mid  July.       The  Dalai  Lama  Trust  has   selected  15  exceptional   Tibetan  students  to  receive   scholarship  award  for  the   year  2012-­‐2013.     View  details  of  the  selected   candidates,  including  their   field  of  study  from  the  Dalai   Lama  Trust  website  at     You  can  also  sign  up  to   receive  regular  updated   from  the  Trust.    

CEU’s  scholarship  for  Tibetan  students  applies   for  study  toward  any  MA  or  MS  degree  at   CEU.    The  Tibet  Scholarship  Program  will  fund   up  to  two  scholars  of  Tibetan  origin  for   graduate  studies  at  Central  European   University  in  a  one-­‐year  or  two-­‐year  MA  or  MS   degree  program.       The  scholarship  includes:   • Tuition  waiver   • Housing  in  the  CEU  Residence  Center   • Stipend  for  living  expenses     Selection  criteria  will  include:   • Prior  academic  achievement   • Potential  for  academic  success  in   graduate  studies   • Potential  for  service  to  the  Tibetan   Community   • English  language  proficiency   • Clearly  defined  academic  and  career   goals   • Preference  for  candidates  with  a  good   knowledge  of  spoken  and  written   Tibetan   Tibetan  women  are  especially  encouraged  to   apply.  For  further  details  about  eligible  degree   programs  and  the  application  process,  please   visit  .   4  

    In  order  to  apply,  applicants   must  be  enrolled  full  time   in/accepted  in  a  graduate   degree,  post-­‐graduate  or  Phd.   program  in  a  university  in   Europe,  North  America  or   Australia  and  must    

YOUTH  FOCUS:  TENZIN  NGAWANG  SHALUNG   Cont’d  from  p.1…  Like  many  other  Tibetan  youth,  Ngawang’s  greatest  source  of  motivation  to   strive  for  excellence  is  his  parents  and  considers  Arnold  Schwarzenegger  his  role  model  because   “he  succeeded  in  everything  thing  he  wanted  to  do:  from  an  actor  to  a  politician.”     His  advice  to  fellow  Tibetan  Canadian  youth  is  to  focus  on  their  education  because  “its  our  only   weapon  towards  our  non-­‐violent  path  to  freedom.”                                                                                          -­‐Tenzin  Hobum  Kuyee  


photography  and  business  entrepreneurs!    Team  building   exercises  allowed  professionals  and  students  to  connect.  They   were  rewarded  with  fabulous  prizes  from  our  corporate   donors,  Kiehls,  RBC,  LCBO,  Fidelity  and  the  Food  Network.   GTPN  Toronto  aspires  to  connect  professionals  with  potential   job  leads  and  provide  mentorship  opportunities  to  students  or   those  newly    arrived  to  the  city.  With  a  long  term  goal  towards   establishing  a  strong  Tibetan  professionals  network  within  our   diaspora  we  hope  our  annual  networking  event  and  workshop   series  brings  us  closer  to  this  goal.       A  big  thank  you  to  all  our  wonderful  members  that  made  the   evening  a  success.  Please  connect  with  us   at,  and  be  sure  to  join  our  GTPN   Toronto  FB  page  for  job  postings  and  information  on  upcoming   events.    
-­‐Tsering  Zongdho                    Photo  credit:  Lodoe  Laura  Photography,    

A  note  from  GTPN  Toronto:     We  would  like  to  thank  all  who  attended  our  annual  mix  and   mingle  in  the  heart  of  Yorkville!  We  hope  you  left  feeling   empowered  and  motivated  to  build  a  stronger  Tibetan   professionals  network!  Special  thanks  go  to  Mr.  Kunsang   Tanzin  la,  President  of  CTAO,  who  gave  an  inspirational  talk  on   the  importance  of  being  a  successful  Tibetan  professional  and   contributing  member  of  society,  whether  locally  or  globally.    Keychu  Homecare  Solutions,  Inc.  CEO,  Jigdel  Kuyee  shared  his   wonderful  new  business  initiative  that  will  fill  a  much  needed   gap  in  Canada  by  Tibetan  healthcare  workers!     Attendees  included  professionals  from  the  financial  sector,  real   estate,  healthcare,  insurance,  advertising,  marketing,    

“Once  more!”  screamed  the  crowd  as  Swiss-­‐raised  Karma  Norbu,  famously  known  as  Shapaley,  performed  at  Toronto’s  Ukrainian   Hall  on  Saturday,  September  1st.  Definitely  a  crowd  pleaser,  the  evening’s  headliner  delivered  an  incredibly  memorable  hip-­‐hop   performance  with  the  utmost  style  and  charisma.  Shapaley  started  off  –  rather  nervously  –  with  Made  in  Tibet,  an  inspiring  song   about  Tibetan  pride,  by  paying  a  special  tribute  to  the  self-­‐ immolators.  Last  year,  he  caught  the  public  eye  with  his  single   Shapaley,  which  received  over  40,000  views  on  YouTube.  “I  chose  to   write  about  shapaley…when  I  thought  about  it;  it  started  to  really   connect  to  Tibetan  traditions.  It’s  a  lot  more  than  just  a  song  about   food,”  he  laughs.     When  asked  why  he  began  writing  for  Tibet,  he  replied,  “My  parents   have  done  a  lot  for  me  and  our  culture  has  gone  through  a  lot,  so  the   least  we  can  do  is  still  keep  it  alive.  Pay  attention  to  Tibet.”   Third-­‐year  medical  school  keeps  Karma-­‐la  very  busy;  consequently   rapping  is  a  side  gig.  Influenced  by  artists  like  Jay-­‐Z  and  J.  Cole  he   says,  “I  chose  rap  because  you  can  tell  the  truth,  you  can  be  straight-­‐   forward.”   SFT  Canada  hosted  the  summer’s  most  anticipated  show  with  live  performances  by  rapper,  song-­‐writer  Shapaley,  SFT’s  very  own   Tendor  and  aspiring  local  artists  Sonam  Chokey,  Tenzin  Choekyi  and  Tsering  Choesang.  Performances  spanned  various  genres:   Tenzin  Choekyi’s  R&B  cover  of  Pemsi’s  Rewa,  Tsering  Choesang’s  (Tsling)  head-­‐bobbing  beat  boxing,  Sonam  Chokey’s  classical  take   on  Bhoemi  Lhasok  by  Tsewang  Lhamo,  Tendor’s  acoustic  guitar  sounds,  and  the  SFT  team’s  group  sing-­‐a-­‐long.  The  merging  of   contemporary  arts  with  old  traditions  and  customs  was  most  definitely  worth  the  $20  cover  charge  for  the  night.   Despite  being  miles  away,  Karma-­‐la’s  impeccable  Lhasa  dialect  manages  to  preach  the  importance  of  upholding  Tibetan  language,   traditions,  and  religion  especially  since  our  people  have  migrated  to  different  parts  of  the  world.  “Everyone  has  good  intentions   and  wants  to  do  something…  do  the  best  you  can.”   A  big  round  of  applause  is  well  deserved  by  the  SFT  committee  for  ending  the  summer  on  such  a  fist-­‐pumping  note.  Songs  for  Tibet   leaves  us  with  bittersweet  memories,  hopes,  and  faiths.  It  was  a  jovial  night  with  our  thoughts  forever  embedded  in  our  homeland.   -Ngatso

India  as  an  expression  of  solidarity  with  the  courageous  acts  of   Tibetans  inside  Tibet,  and  has  since  traveled  to  North  America,   Europe  and  Australia.     Over  1000  signatures  were  also  collected  for  the  petition  urging   the  United  Nations  to  address  the  issue  of  Tibet,  to  send  an   independent  international  fact-­‐finding  delegation  to  Tibet  and  to   ensure  that  the  basic  aspirations  of  the  Tibetans  inside  Tibet  are   fulfilled.     Long  time  supporters  the  Hon.  Consiglio  Di  Nino  and  Peggy   Nash,  Member  of  Parliament  for  Parkdale-­‐High  Park  (pictured   let)  were  also  present  at  the  ceremony  welcoming  the  torch   relay  to  Toronto.    

Over  200  Tibetans  and  supporters  participated  in  welcoming   the  “Flame  of  Truth”  torch  relay  to  Toronto  on  Sep.  8th.  The   relay,  initiated  by  the  Tibetan  Parliament-­‐in-­‐Exile,  began  in    

MP  Nash  called  upon  the  international  community  and  the  UN  to   act  on  the  critical  situation  inside  Tibet.  She  also  demanded  an   end  to  the  persistent  violation  of  human  rights  in  Tibet  and  the   total  disregard  for  Tibetan  people’s  personal  life  and  freedom.  

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                                                         Meme  credit:  Tenzin  Rigzin  





Meme  credit:  Karma  Tsedon  

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