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Be a success in sales

A can-do attitude can make all the difference in clinching a deal “I am the world’s worst salesman, therefore, I must make it easy for people to buy.” — F.W Woolworth THIS quote shows that success in sales depends not just on the buyer of the product that is being sold, but mostly on the attitude of the salesman. Take the case of two salesmen. Salesman A has a great product but he does not possess good sales techniques. Salesman B has a product which is not really that marketable but he has enough “people skills” to make people buy the product that he is marketing. Which one do you think will emerge more successful in the industry? As you may have heard a million times before, successful selling relies on the techniques used by a salesman to create a “need” and make people believe that they really need to purchase the product or service which is being sold to them. The five laws of successful selling will tell you more about what makes a successful salesman.

1 Use a direct approach
Mention calling the hotline of a customer service department of any company, and you will often hear complaints about being given the runaround. Most people do not want to hear excuses, and they certainly do not want to be bounced around from one department to another to air their concerns and get their problems resolved. Customers want to have their problem solved directly. The same principle can be applied to sales. Using a direct and honest approach in selling is the best way to go, rather than covering up facts which customers will eventually find out about anyway. Thus, if you are selling a product or service that will benefit them, this is the exact point that you need to make.

2 Know what you want
Before starting out on a successful career in sales, you need to set your own personal goals. Do you want to keep on selling the same thing for the rest of your life, or do you want something more? Are you in sales as a stepping stone to advance your career, or do you see yourself making a living from it? As in any other field, setting definite career goals will give direction to your chosen endeavour.

3 Analyse your sales pitch
As you experience in sales increases, you would have learned which sales pitches fail and which ones do the trick for a particular customer. By concentrating on the ones that work, you can focus on sharpening your selling skills. Once you have sold a product to a particularly finicky customer, your confidence in your sales techniques will increase.

4 Turn negative to positive
As you start out, you may feel a bit frustrated if all your efforts do not bear fruit. As you choose between the sales techniques that work and those that don’t, you can learn from

the negative results that you had in the past by making sure that you do not commit that same sales blunders!

5 Acknowledge mistakes
You will make mistakes along the way. A seemingly positive client may turn dour once you say something wrong, or if you do not make the quick follow-up effort that he wants. Do not dwell on mistakes. Instead, learn from them and make sure that the same thing does not happen in the future to ensure that you will have a longer and error-free selling career. To become a successful salesman, you first need to set a specified goal and ask yourself what it is exactly that you are aiming for. If you already have a prospective client, you need to zero in on your target and make certain that you capture enough of his attention. Do not let your focus wander to other factors that may distract you from achieving your goal. Next, you need to harness all the power that you have to achieve the desired results. This is where successful sales techniques come in. Finally, you can hit the target and close the sale. To emerge triumphant in the sales industry, you need to value your and other people’s time, energy and money. Basic business ethics and courtesy are important factors to keep in mind as you hone your people skills. If your prospective customer feels that you are being honest with him, and that the product you are selling is beneficial, this will lead to a successful sale. Once you know how to zero in on a target, make your sales pitch and close the sale, the next thing that you need to learn is how to make success a daily habit. You need to set short-term, medium-term and long-term goals for yourself. This way, you will have a definite career path and be a success in your chosen job. Article by Clement Low, chief sales coach at BridgingPoints which provides personalised sales performance coaching. For more information, visit