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Con. 8848-11. (REVISED COURSE) (3 Hours) N.B.: (1) Question No, 1 is compulsory. (2) Attempt any four from remaining six questions, (3) Assume suitable data if required. How does RC4 stream cipher work? Explain Knapsacl<algorithm with example. What are the key principles of security? What is software reverse engineering?

MP-5614 /'


[Total Marks : 100

1. (a) (b) (c) (d)

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2. (a) Explain MD5 in detail. (b) Compare packet sniffing and packet spoofing. Explain the session hijacking attack.

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3. (a) . Explain one-time initialization

process and processes in each round of 10

Adva~ced Encryption Standard. (b) Explain IPSec protocols in detail. Also write applications and advantages of IPSec. 4. (a) What is Buffer overflow and incomplete mediation in Software Security. (b) Explain how threat precursors are used for Reconnaissance of network. 5. (a) How flaws in TCP/IP can cause operating systems to become vulnerable? Also explain how'Kerberos are used for user authantication in Windows. (b) Based on packet filters and proxy servers what are different firewall configurations. "What are the limitations of firewall?


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6. (a) What are different types of password? Explain how they work with neat 10 diagrams. What are the problems with passwords? (b) What is Malware ? Explain Salami and Linearization attacks. 10 7. Write (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) short notes Orl (any four) ;Hon~y pots CAPTCHA SHA-1 Digital Rights Management MUltiple-level security model.



10 10 . . What are the general problems of· satellite signals travelling from a satellite' 10 10 A. Compare IEEE802. B. ii. Whyis routing in myltishop adhoc networks complicated.sof 3 achieve higher capacities and higher data rates? 10 10 A.7· A. Explain Hierarchica~'adhoc routing. __ .11.. Draw and Explain architecture of GPRSsystem. A. 10 10 A. i. What is near far problem in COMA system? B. Explain WATM reference model with seveial access scenarios.._. Explain main feature.. E.. .. Explain personal access communication system. How to improve the Qos in mobile adhoc networks.. . D. C.. How do they 8.1 is compulsory. . Explain Qos in mobile reference. Write short note on wireless local/oop.maining six questions.:. what are the special challanges.. Explain signally system No. Name basic applications of satellite communication and describe the trends.--~-----. . where is the focus of these technoiogies.(REVISED COURSE) MP-5605 [ Total Marks: 100 (3 Hours) (1) Question NO.rd Generation mobile phone system. HIPERLAN 2 and Bluetooth with regards to their adhoc capabilities. (3) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and clearly Justifythem.? B. Explain frequency reuse concept in cellular system. (2) Attempt any four questions out ofre. B.

. Can.O.Write short note on any f9.What are the application domain in which Mobile Agent hcwe potential development? 10 Q7. What are major differences between WAP "l.!!r: A) M-commerce B) Symbion C) WML as D) Sync 4J E) Wireless sensor Networks F) Threats and security issued in Mobile computing. WAP 1.X and i-mode? . 6529-MP-5605-11.. What influenced the WAP 2:0 development? B. i) What is mobile agent? . . A..

fixed axis. Q: 3 a} Explainsteps to convert Logicalstatements into Causal Normal Form. Rotations are performed about the fixed axes of Fframe.O/0.8}T. or 3) and what is the angle of rotation? i. [. 4.[P]M={0.90°. c)Explain steps in designing reactive behavioraFsystem. Q: 2 a) Yaw90°. Q: 7 a) Derive the GeneraHion-Co-ordinate transformation matrixT1c k-l. i. Explain task set properties of environment. (2) Solve any four questions. State difference between them.e. and e c) What is proximity sensor? ExplainSONAR sensor. Q: 4 a) ExplainDirect Kinematics of 4-axis SCARA Robot. Therefore if butler was guilty then he got the cream. If maid milked the cow then butler got the cream. 2. [p]F~. If maid stole the jewelry then butler was not gUilty. c) Explain steps in problem formulation with example. 2. : (1) Question No.roll 90°.that the conclusion (step 4}is validusiOgresolution. b) What is Configuration Space? Draw the Configuration space induced by the translation of the concave mobile part Aon the fixed obstacle B. Find coordinatesofqw. Degree of Freedom and Accuracy. d) ExplainHeuristic function with example. - _I A Q: 5 a} ExplainScrew Transformation ~\. c) What is Uncertainty? Explain Bayesian network with example. b) Explain Goal based agent and Utility based Agent with diagram. Pitch '. [20] b) Given thatcoordinate transformation matrix is a rotation matrix and represents fundamental rotation. [10] [10] [10] . 1is compulsory. Either maid stole jewelry or she milk the cow 3. b) Explain A* searc~ with example. A:ctu~tori and sensOr. [4] [8] [8] [4] [8] [8] [10] [10l b) Explain Learning Agent with diagram.e.S.68c-fY>PN S €JYf) rc-yyr-CfZ00 d~AT MP-5596 ~obo+lcs (3" Hours) N.?:1 B b) Define rational agent. [4] [8] [8] Environment.Total Marks : "100 Q: 1 a) Define Reach & stroke. Prove. Also explain inductive learning. [10] . what is the axis of rotation (1. Q: 6 a) Draw and explain WUMPUSWORLD Envircmmentwith theJr·Performance measure.t. b) Consider following facts 1.r.

l} .correlation between given signals x(n) = {1.1} If' yen) = {4. Justify/ contradict following statements: a) If the energy of the signal is fmite its power is zero b) Laplacian is better than gradient for detection of edges c) Walsh transform is nothing but sequency ordered Hadamard transform matrix d) All Image compression techniques are invertible Find the following sequences are periodic or not. Attempt any four questions out .1 Question No. If yes fmd the fundamental time period.3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.1} Using 4~oint FFT algorithm. calculate 2-D DFT of .2.0. Q. 4. 2.1.of remaining six questions.O.(n) Determine auto-correlation of the following signal x(n) = {1.2.5n Sil17 u. Answer to the questions should be grouped andwrlttentogether. 5. x(1t) non] = [. a < 1 Show that)'(n) l-a Find cross.N. 3. Assume any suitable data wherever required but justify the same. 5 5 5 5 i) xl(n) = ef~r ii) xz(n) = 3 si\1 (i) n Obtain linear convolution of two discrete time signals as below x (n) = U (n) = -:1-an+2 hen) = an u (n).: 1.1 is compulsory.3.B.

8.bit 4x4 size image perform following operations. i) Region growing ii) Region splitting iii) Thresholding Q. For the 3. of 790 1023 850 656 329 245 122 81 pixels .2.6 a) b) What are the different types of redundancies in digital image? Explain in detail.7 2 3 3 4 3 5 2 6 0 7 1 7 10 10 10 10 Write notes on (any four): i) Discrete Cosine transform ii) Wiener fIlter iii) Difference between Low-pass filter and Median filter iv) Hough transform v) vi) Homomorphic filter 4.2. 1. rl = 2 and r2 = 5 iii) Bit plane slicing for MSB and LSB planes iv) Negation 4 1 5 2 Q. 1. What is image segmentation? Explain the following methods of image segmentation.2} Perform histogram equalization and draw new equalized histogram of thull" owmg Image dta e 0 a Gray 7 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Level No. compute Hadamard transform for x(n) = { 1. m connectivity of image pixels . i) Thresholding T = 4 ii) Intensity level slicing with background.4.Write 8x8 Hadamard transform matrix and its signal flow graph.3. Using the Butterfly diagram.

Explain Error back propagation training algorithm with the help ofa flowchart.4 I S- A2 A3 ~ 0. [A] High speed rail monitoring devices sometimes make use ofsensitivc sensors to measure the deflection of the earth when a rail car passes.4 1 AI WI 1 W2 0.1 Using these two relations. where W is the weight in units of 100. Explain Genetic algorithm with the help of example. Question No. suppose a relation hetwecn these two parameters has been determined as follows: AI 10 R= A2 = [1. Q2.3 D4 0 I is compulsory Attempt any Four out of remaining Assume suitahle data if necessary and justify the assumptions Figures to the right indicate full marks rCJ A neuron with 4 inputs has the weight vector w = [1 2 3 4t . These deflections are measurcd with respect to some distance from the rail car and. 2]. that is. 2. 3.3 0" 1 0---1 0. I. tind the relation RT oS = T a)Using max-min composition b) Using max-product composition [8] Q3 [A] [B] What is learning? Compare different learning roles. If the input veCtor is X == [5 6 7 then find the output of the neuron. 05 Sr . Suppose the fuzzy relation of W to A is given hy ° Now let ° universe of rail car weights be W a A4 A3 D2 0.000 pounds. 4] where A is the angle in mieroradians.(REVISED COURSE) (3 Hours) N.1 0.7 _0. The activation function is linear.1__ --I D. 2. 2. 7J where D is distance in feet. Let a universe of deflection be A = [I.5 0. I{) 10 10 .2 1 0. 3.ured in rnicroradians.2 1 0. the activation function is given by f(net) = 2 ••.R. 4. hence are actually very small angles meac.1 0.3 0. and let a universe of distances be D == [). D3 0. 5.

dt).WI by backtracking the training. obtained for steps 4. [0 -1 2 -1]\ d2 = 1 X3 = [-2 0 -3 -1]'.] Kohoncn's self organizing network Le. The output is the amount of break power used. d3 =-1 The final weights obtained using the perceptron rule are W4 = [326 1]' Knowing that correction has been performed in each step for c=l.] RBF network . d3) 10 Q6 lA] Design a fuzzy logic controller for a train approaching or leaving a station. (X3.5. d2).6 of training by reusing the sequence (Xt. Use four descriptors for each variable use Mamdani Fuzzy model. (X2.W("W.di) as given below : XI = [1 -2 3 -1]\ dl = -1 X2 . (b) W~.] TSP using simulated Annealing [B.. determine the following weights : (a) W3.] Character Recognition using neural network [D. lbe 20 inputs are the distance from the station and speed of the train. Write short notcs on any two of the following LA.".W2.LB] A single neuron network using f(net) = sgn(nct) has been trained using the pairs of (Xj.

7.S. . Discuss various strategies for Web Auction. (a) Explain the concept of Web Mashup in detail.. (c) Cloud Computing (d) Web 2·0. Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions.l~~~I~ (REVISED COURSE) E. Write short note (any two) :(a) SOA (b) XML . Explain SET protocol in detail. Assume suitable data. 6. Explain various session tracking techniques with suitable examples. Explain in detail the concept of Mobile Agent. 5. 10 10 1. 10 10 10 10 10 3. (a) Explain the concept of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). (b) Write detailed note on'Ecases'. 4.1 is compulsory. Explain any three marketing strategies in detail. (a) (b) (a) (b) Explain any two types of Business Models used In E-Business. if necessary.-c~ M"ff)~ ~teN'~ ~ MP-5599 N. Explain the important factors to be considered in server side programming. (a) (b) Explain various E-commerce strategies for Virtual Communities. 10 Define market segmentation. : (1) (2) (3) (4) Question NO. (b) What are the success factors for implementation (a) (b) of E-business strategies. All questions carry equal marks. 2.Be C"Mfrl '$eJf1~V' t ~.