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Preparing for Trip to USA

oCTOber 2012


Greetings from Cebu. May the Lord continue to bless each of you in all your endeavors, keep you healthy and standing firm in your faith.

Baby Dedication
Sheilani and I have been and still are preparing for our trip to the States (in Faith) as she still has to interview with the U.S. Embassy in Manila on October 1st. By the time you get this newsletter we will know how she did. We hope to be there by the first week of November or sooner. We will be staying with Maria and Maurice Carretta (same place as last time), when we get there we will let everyone know how to contact us. My wife hopes to meet all of you and I look forward to seeing all of my friends again. We have to keep in mind this is a Medical trip and not furlough, so our priority will be on medical
On September 16th  we dedicated another baby, Princess JCIMS Amamio. The middle name is not uncommon here as many want their child to have a name that reminds them of their dedication to Jesus. JCIMS means “Jesus Christ is my Savior”. The Lola (grandmother) is an active member of our church as is the Father and mother and aunts and uncles. Congratulations Juvy James and Diane Amamio.



Introducing “The Pastors Cup and Pen”, a Blog Site from Pastor Tom A few months ago I began writing notes on various topics that were informative, combative and/or just plain thought from my feeble mind. Go to The Pastors Cup and to check it out. Send me any comments. I will be adding more in the next few weeks. cebu2y


Pastors and Workers Conference 2012
On October 16-18 we will have our 6th Annual Pastors and Workers Conference for the Visayas-Mindanao area of the Philippines in Cebu. The theme this year is “The Life of Christ” with 7 sessions and 3 workshops. We will be sponsoring 11 participants this year. We usually sponsor 15-20 per year but budget restrictions limit us this year. The sessions are: The Life of Love, The Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness and How it Affects me Today, The Life of Sufferings, The Leadership of Christ, Selecting Leaders and Elders, Anticipating and Preparing for the Return of Christ, and Reflecting Christ in Our Character. The 3 workshops are: Raising up a Child and Disciplining in a Godly Way, Selecting Church Workers and assigning them their Duties, and The Leaders Responsibilities and Respect for Authority. Each person will choose 2 of the workshops to attend. I am blessed this year to teach the 2nd session, The Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness and How it Affects Me Today and I will lead the 3rd workshop, The Leaders Responsibilities and Respect for Authority. This will be the first year that I will not be the Master of Ceremonies. I asked to step down to allow someone else I feel is very talented to have a chance. I think he will be twice as good as me.

Previous conference

Last year’s conference

Last year’s conference

Possible New Feeding   We are still considering a new feeding which originally was a request from a High School principle to feed 100 malnourished kids every Saturday at the school. We were ready to commit but she has now asked us for a cooking pot and utensils and then the Mom’s will cook but, she also wants to change the number to over 400 kids. Our leadership will decide, if we can do this financially and manpower wise as we are already stretched with the 1400+ kids we now feed. Pray for resources and workers. It is exciting to see so many kids singing action songs and memorizing verses as well as listening to a study once a week.

Prayer Requests

A Special Need

Pray for:  • Wisdom and discernment in all things.  • For finances  • Controlled growth as the Lord leads  • Health for the church and the family  • Spiritual growth  • New home for the church  • Children’s ministries  • 6 feeding ministries for over 1,300  children  • Possible new feeding ministry  • Salvation for the lost  • My personal time with the Lord  • Our Marriage  • Continued recovery from heart attack  • Salvation for Austin (my Grandson)  • Salvation for Krysta (my daughter)  • Additional supporters 

Many of you have responded to our special need request as we were asked by CC Downey to raise our airfare and medical expenses while in the states with CCD being gracious enough to match a portion of what we raised. The response has been overwhelming and we thank all of you who have responded and any who are yet planning to respond. You have blessed us way beyond our expectations. Oh me of little faith. So Thank you, thank you and thank you.

To support this ministry in the Philippines, send your donations to:
Calvary Chapel of Downey, 12808 Woodruff Avenue, Downey, CA 90242 ATTN: Missions Support for Tom Maxwell If your donation is for a specific purpose in Cebu, please designate the purpose, ie: sponsorship for HS/Elementary, etc. All donations are tax deductible Contact us at look at our web page, @ Call us from the USA @ 011-63-32-268-6280 or text us @ +639164233620. Please return this coupon with your donation and thanks for being our partner in fulfilling God’s purpose in Cebu. (Please send support to reach CC Downey by the 10th of the month.) Thank


Tom and Sheilani cebu2y