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Royal Institute of British Architects Work Stages Stage A Inception Purpose of work and decisions to be reached To prepare general

outline of requirements and plan future action. To provide the client with an appraisal and recommendation in order that he may determine the form in which the project is to proceed, ensuring that it is feasible, functionally, technically and financially. Tasks to be done Set up client organisation for briefing. Consider requirements, appoint architect Carry out studies of user requirements, site conditions, planning, design and cost etc as necessary to reach decisions. CDM Regulations Appoint Project Manager Establish if CDM Regulations apply. Determine the stage to appoint principal contractor / specialist contractors Client to appoint CDM Coordinator, Client to appoint Designer , Notification to HSE F10(rev) People directly involved All client interests, architect. Briefing Commonly used terminology

B Feasibility

Clients' representatives, architects, engineers and QS according to nature of project

Stage C begins when the architect's brief has been determined in sufficient detail. C Outline Proposals To determine general approach to layout, design and construction in order to obtain authoritative approval of the client on the outline proposals and accompanying report. To complete the brief and decide on particular proposals, including planning arrangement appearance, constructional method, outline specification, and cost, and to obtain all approvals. Develop the brief further. Carry out studies on user requirements, technical problems, planning, design and costs, as necessary to reach decisions. Final development of the brief, full design of the project by architect, preliminary design by engineers, preparation of cost plan and full explanatory report. Submission of proposals for all approvals. All client interests, architects, engineers, QS and specialists as required. Sketch plans All client interests, architects, engineers, QS and specialists and all statutory and other approving authorities.

D Scheme Design

Brief should not be modified after this point. Full design of every part and component of the building by collaboration of all concerned. Complete cost checking of designs. Any further change in location, size, shape, or cost after this time will result in abortive work. F Preparation of final production To prepare production information and make Production information ie drawings, schedules and final detailed decisions to carry out work. Information specifications. G To prepare and complete all information and Preparation of Bills of Quantities and Bills of arrangements for obtaining tender. tender documents. Quantities Action as recommended in relevant H Action as recommended in relevant NJCC Code NJCC Code of Procedure for Selective Tender Action of Procedure for Selective Tendering. Tendering. To enable the contractor to programme the J work in accordance with contract conditions; Action in accordance with RIBA Plan of Project brief site inspectorate; and make arrangements Work. Planning to commence work on site. K To follow plans through to practical completion Action in accordance with RIBA Plan of Operations on of the building. Work Site To hand over the building to the client for L occupation, remedy any defects, settle the final Action in accordance with RIBA Plan of Completion account, and complete all work in accordance Work. with the contract. Analysis of job records. Inspections of M To analyse the management, construction and completed building. Studies of building Feedback performance of the project. in use. E Detail Design To obtain final decision on every matter related to design, specification, construction and cost. Architects, QS, engineers and specialists, contractor (if appointed). Pre-construction information pack to principal contractor Architects, engineers and specialists, contractor (if appointed). Architects, QS, contractor (if appointed). Architects, QS, engineers, contractor, client. Construction phase plan Site operations Contractor, sub-contractors Architects, engineers, contractor, sub-contractors, QS, client. Handover of the Health & Safety File Architects, engineers, contractor, QS, client. Architects, engineers, QS, contractor, client. Feedback Working drawings