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Engineers For A Cause is committed for quality and services; we aim on best quality on lowest possible prices.

We practice all engineering and management fundamentals to keep this commitment to Society. Our main objective is to serve underprivileged people for their betterment in all aspects. We work for ecosystem not only for conservation but for replenishment and restoration. We work on limited margins and minimum layer of suppliers. Surplus generated is reinvested in charity, making us a non-profit organisation. Key features to our approach are cradle to cradle design, not only replenishment but restore ecosystem, local participation, outside (our) management, use of local raw materials and highly sustainable model of working etc. We are looking for charity & welfare projects from UN, Governments, Corporate, NGOs, Organisations and Individuals for field execution.

Inviting all likeminded people (engineers & non-engineers) to join our society as members and extend their support for betterment of Humanity, Underprivileged People & Ecosystem...

Engineers For A Cause

Engineers For A Cause
(EFAC Multipurpose Service Co-op. Society Limited)

Flat – 6, Building No. – 7, Economy Sector – 2, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Matheran Road, At Village – NERE, PIN – 410206, Taluka – Panvel, District – Raigarh, Maharashtra, India Society Registration Number – Dated – 5th Aug. 2013

We accept work, not donation...

Providing low cost engineering solutions to charitable and welfare projects for underprivileged people and ecosystem...
This concept of working was developed by handful of engineers, experienced and skilled, to serve humanity with products and services which are affordable and can be implemented on mass scale...

Contact Persons:
Mr. Dinkar More: +91 9833793650) Mr. Gajendra Mahajan: +91 9324010882

Contact us for your requirements of regular and customised projects, CSR Programmes & individual capacity plans...

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We do charity in our own style but not for free...

Our Society is initially providing innovative engineering solutions, products and technology for following

income of farmers on affordable

on affordable prices with suitable repayment options... Our target is to make half a million rural & remote locations energy independent on global basis by the year 2035. Other fields’ solutions are also available on demand, practically from all branches of engineering covered...

Low Cost Housing

prices with options... Housing techniques and solutions provided, now underprivileged people can think to have their own house with all amenities at affordable prices with suitable repayment options... Our target is to build 2million houses by the year 2025 across the globe.



Future planning is going on to introduce new solutions for Rural & Remote Public Transport System Desert control and cultivation techniques Higher efficiency products for all walks of life Recycling techniques Demarked replenish-able & Reserved Forest & other Ecosystems with surveillance Engineers For A Cause is putting its intellectual & physical resources on Research and Development for devising these low cost solutions. We work only for engineering solutions for present day & future problems.

Our target is to support 60million tiny field farmers by the year 2031 across the globe.

Low Cost Energy


Low Cost Equipments

We aimed to provide all solutions on affordable prices with classic designs and products engineered for economy and performance. Available

Farm Equipments designed and manufactured for tiny size agricultural farms, encouraging mechanisation for better yield and