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ENGLISH EDUCATION CONCENTRATION AT HASANUDDIN UNIVERSITY There are some reasons why people choose English Education Concentration

of English Language Studies of Post Graduated Programme of Hasanuddin University. First, it has good quality of Academic Staff. Second, there are some subjects that are offered to fulfill the skill of the students in order to become a good teacher or lecturer in the future. Third, the quality of its graduation is very satisfied. In this paper, the writer is going to explain them in order to be a consideration of the people who wants to continue their education to the post-graduated level. First is academic staff. Academic staff in an education institution is a very important aspect. Usually the quality of graduation of any education institution around the world is depended by the quality of academic staff. The lecturers as a part of academic staff in Hasanuddin University have many experiences in teaching. Moreover, they are qualified people to teach in that job field because before being a lecturer on it, they have to pass some fit and proper test. In addition, they are also graduations of many famous universities from Indonesian and around the world, such as: RELC Singapore, University of Sydney, Victoria University of Wellington, Lancaster University, Monash University and so on. Of course, they have good grade on it. It proofs that the lecturers that teach in English Education Concentration of Hasanuddin University, especially in post-graduated programme have been trained well before teaching. As a result, the output of the program will create high quality teachers or lecturer. Second is about the curriculum at English Education Concentration of English Language Studies of Post Graduated Programme of Hasanuddin University, the knowledge that students get not only about educational knowledge but also linguistic knowledge. It causes the curriculum in concentration of English concentration consist of two parts, such as: general subject and skill subject. We learn general subject in the first semester, it consist of English phonetics and phonology, morph syntax and TG grammar, and also semantics and pragmatic. In English phonetics and phonology, we learn about how sounds are organized and used in natural languages. In morph syntax we study of how parts of a sentence relate to each other. While for specific subject consist of some educational subject, such as : TEFL methododlogy, language testing and evaluation, and so on. So at the end, the knowledge that we get it’s not only about educational knowledge but also linguistic knowledge.

It’s mean. . such as passing the exam. before graduate a university has to full of skill and science. how the program success in its vision and mission. Job competition necessitated them to prepare their science and skill.The process of selecting among the various works or job when someone who graduate a university. Imperfect competition has not to become a reason in working field. Quality will became a foundation to get a good job. The ability of students will not only see in their academic but also in the field can be measure as a sign how deep students get science and skill in the learning process. As students. Output of students measure signal a university. Its will being a successfully students when they were easy in getting a job and their science and skill can be applied in the field. specifically in English language Study program became a seriously problem. getting a high paying job after or in lens in recruitment of official and civil servant. Open a scientific program in a university and its output students will be thinking foundation. In the field is more important as graduates of a university.