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HCL Corporate selling and feedback and market share of HCL and compared to other IT companies.

The business of HCL and the company through its researchers wants to know the potential in order to expand and retain its market share.

RESEARCH DESIGN  Determined the Information Sources: The researcher gathered data through secondary sources.  PRIMARY DATA is collected through questionnaire, search and research through place where today's computer has been mostly used.  SECONDARY DATA is being search sites like magazines, newspapers, journals, websites and the data has been collected through other approaches.

DATA COLLECTION The researcher collected information through the official websites, magazines and journals.

DEVELOPED THE RESEARCH FRAME: This included deciding upon various aspects for the project on which the entire research is based. The research frame included:

NATURE OF STUDY The project on which the researcher worked is descriptive and inferential in nature.

Secondary sources being interaction with various IT people of the selected and has been chosen for the research by the researcher. . It counts to 55. That is the HCL companies and corporate selling and feed of HCL in comparison between other IT sectors. SAMPLE SIZE Sample size for the research is fixed. The Questionnaire was prepared by the researcher and Schedule was provided by the company in which the researcher did its research report. Secondary sources being the internet as the medium and the official sites of the companies of IT sectors and corporate selling and feedback of HCL.DATA SOURCE: The researcher took the help of both primary as well as secondary sources. INSTRUMENT USED The researcher for the research used a Questionnaire cum Schedule for market research for both the segments horizontal and vertical.

. Hence can be concluded that more people want branded products as they are not ready to compromise with the quality and services being provided. What type of computers do you use? a.)Branded b.)Assembled Branded Assembled 37 18 hospitals using branded Using branded computers computers Using assembled hospitals using computers assembled computers It was observed that almost 67% of the people use branded computers or other gadgets for their business purpose.DATA ANALYSIS & GRAPHICAL DATA INTERPRETATIOIN SAMPLE SIZE : 55 1.

What is the number of installed desktops? .) HP b.) HCL c. What brand computers do you use? a.2. Major part under the pie-chart goes to HCL.)Others Brand used HP HCL Acer Others Total Nos. 7 14 13 21 HP HCL acer others This observation showed that HCL is among the top used brands. 3.) ACER d. So HCL should continue making efforts to attract new market and sustain the existing market.

4.) 75-200 e.) 15-50 c. What is the number of used servers? a. 19 21 11 3 1 <15 15-50 50-75 75-200 200-500 Most of the surveyed and found the use of computers within the 15-55 range. Thus we targeted mainly on SME (small and medium enterprise).) <15 b. So it can be inferred that the main target market is which lies in the middle range.) 200-500 Installed desktops < 15 15-50 50-75 75-200 200-500 Total Nos. 1 .a.) 50-75 d.

10 11 21 13 1 2 3 to 5 >5 From this observation.b. it was concluded that number of servers were directly proportional to the number of desktops used.) 1-5 b.) 5-15 . What is the number of installed laptops? a. 5 Servers used 1 2 3-5 >5 Total Nos. 2 c. 5. 3-5 d.

What is the brand used for laptops? a.) Lennovo . 6.) >30 Number of laptops 1-5 5-15 15-30 >30 Total Nos.) Toshiba c. This area can be focused.) HCL b.) 15-30 d.c. 20 22 8 5 1 to 5 5 to 15 15 to 30 >30 It was observed that maximum computers and laptop users ranging between 5-25.

Do you have AMC? a. 7. Hospitals place having AMC Hospitals place not having AMC 30 25 . 11 19 13 12 Observation showed that Toshiba was the major brand used in laptops. are also used. HCL has also a good market share.) Yes b. Various other brands like HP and Samsung etc.) No Total Nos.) Others Laptops brand HCL Toshiba Lennovo Others Total Nos.d.

.hospitals having AMC hospitals not having AMC According to above graphical data interpretation. This area can also be considered. that is the most important places where computer has been used and it has been observation and showed that less than 60% hospitals have their AMCs.

9.)Regional office of the company b.Are you facing any problem with current used product line? .) Any other local player Type of AMC company Authorized regional office Local players Total Nos. 10. 24 6 regional office of the company any local player That the above graph shows that the use of AMCs in regional office and local players prefers authorized regional offices to select for the service rather than going for a local player. What type of company is having the AMC? a.

a. .)No c.)Not yet Total Nos. Facing problem Not facing problem Not faced problems yet 15 18 22 hospitals facing problem Facing problems Not facing problems hospitals not facing problem Not yet encountered not yet encountered That the above graph shows that the above observation showed that major number of users are either not facing any problem or they have not being encountered with any.)Yes b.

I have realized this fact after completion of my summer training project. The training has given to me the chance to apply my theoretical knowledge that I have acquired in my classroom to the real business world. After completion of my summer training project I have gained several experiences in the field or sales marketing. I have tried my level best to find out the most relevant information for the organization to complete the assignment that was given to me. I have completed my summer training project in which are involved in its successful completion. which will be of no value. which fluctuate in different situation and time. . Every product produced within an industry has to be marketed other wise it will remain as unsold stock. It gives enough knowledge about the computers market and the distribution process undertaken by an organization. This summer training project has enabled my capability in order to manage business effectively and in my career in future. In spite of few limitations and hindrance in the summer training project I found that the work was a challenge and fruitful. Despite of various difficulties and limitations faced during my summer training project on the topic “ Corporate Selling and Feedback ”. This summer training project has given me the opportunity to have first experience in the corporate world. Theoretical knowledge of a person remains dormant until it is used and tested in the practical life. I have got the opportunity to meet various people.Marketing is a very crucial activity in every business organization.

Pan India support & service infrastructure. Fast paced and flexible work culture which provides its employees autonomy to accomplish the task without much pressure from the higher authorities.” The mass markets handled through a chain of dealers. Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology. to mention a few : a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Global Presence:  Its collaborations and joint ventures with international companies such as Perot System. employees are motivated to give their best to the organization. Its pool of competencies : Hardware. Thus. Toshiba. Networking. Nokia. It has very strong distribution network. Oracle and Microsoft. The core strength of HCL is the talent and innovativeness of its people which enables it to provide the “right solution at the right time. and partnership with world leaders like Ericsson.STRENGTHS: HCL’s strengths are many. enable it to bring the best technology available world wide to its consumers. Long standing relationship with customers. WEAKNESSES: a) b) After sales service.  24 locations in 16 countries. Training. Less promotional campaigns. Telecom and System Integration. Best-value-for-money offerings. resellers and retailers which helps bring technology usage closer to the individual. . Software.

In order to retain its position as India’s No.W.O. 1 IT conglomerate. Increasing consumer awareness about IT and its use. Technological shift as a result of research & development. it has to come out with the state of art as well as futuristic technologies to its consumers well before time.OPPORTUNITIES: a) b) c) d) e) IT industry booming at a rate of 45% every year.e. Tie ups with various MNCs enable to extract their core competencies. IBM. Daily new technologies are emerging.T. Compaq giving direct competition. THREATS: a) b) c) d) Local assemblers are biggest menace for the company. Tremendous untapped potential of IT products in India. analysis in words that prosperity lies ahead for HCL. . Increasing competition. Govt. Concluding the S. Entry of MNCs i. instability has a long term repercussions affecting company’s policies & its growth.

Carnival.       . They Should pay proper attention towards checking of various components of PC before end user delivery. Need to expend customer care center as the consumer base of HCL Infosystem is increasing with tremendously fast pace. Company should tie up with some event management company to organize various promotional activities like canopy. Company should take some positive action against it. Company should make policy for fixed end user price for all dealers so that fair game will be played & dealer would not to compromise on their margin. HCL is having large number of channel partners but it is not supporting & taking care all of them equally which results in increasing discontentment among new channel partners because its not possible for company to support all of them equally. Proper attention should be paid for advertisement planning otherwise it may lead to problem for dealer as well as for company. Otherwise it tends towards defame of brand name in comparison to rivals. Company executive should visit dealers on regular basis.