Leprosy Mission Assessment Task

In class we have been studying the story of Jesus and the 10 Lepers. While Leprosy is no longer a disease that affects Ireland, there are others in our world who still live with the disease and its effects. The Leprosy Mission continues to follow Jesus’ teaching to reach out and heal the sick in our world today.

Task 1
You are to produce a Newsletter for Leprosy Mission supporters in Northern Ireland. The Newsletter should include the following:
• • • • •

Parts of the World Affected by Leprosy Causes of Leprosy How the Leprosy Mission seeks to help those with Leprosy How the reader can help the Leprosy Mission Why Christians should get involved

Task 2
Having produced your newsletter you should have learnt quite a bit about Leprosy and the Leprosy Mission. Your next task is to produce a T-Shirt to promote the work of the Leprosy Mission in Northern Ireland. The winning design will be made up into an actual T-Shirt. It must have: • Name of Organisation • Some form of Contact details for the Organisation (Web address etc.) • At least 1 fact about Leprosy • A clever idea that would encourage people to support the Leprosy Mission


You will be given information in class about Leprosy and the Leprosy Mission. In addition you can follow the links on the Yr 9 Miracles webpage. The Webtools section of the website has a link to MyBrochure Maker a powerful online Newsletter maker. (Please sign up using the Free Educational option) You may use Word or Publisher if you wish. For those of you who are feeling a bit more creative – You could try making an interactive advert using Bannersnack or SimpleBooklets – Both tools are free and you will not need/be able to print. In this case you will have to give your teacher a copy of the

URL. Please note that you still need to include the information as requested. The Webtools section also has a link to an on-line T-Shirt maker which you can use to design your T-Shirt. If you prefer, a paper template is also available.

Mark Scheme/Success Criteria
Poor 1 mark Good 2marks Excellent 3Marks


Scrappy/untidy appearance with little care taken. Careless spelling errors, poor use of commas and full stops. Little thought given to the layout of the Newsletter. Information is not clearly presented. Absence of suitable pictures /graphics. The Newsletter contains 1-2 of the required elements. Not all the information is accurate. T- Shirt is incomplete, scrappy. Not all the required information is included. No


Some evidence of effort taken in presentation. A few spelling errors. Commas and full stops mostly used correctly. The Newsletter is mostly well laid out and the information is clearly presented. Some pictures/ graphics are unsuitable or poorly used. The Newsletter includes 3-4 of the required elements. Most of the information is accurate. T-Shirt is well designed. All the required information is included and the message is clear.

Clearly a great deal of effort to produce neat/tidy work. No spelling errors and accurate use of commas and full stops. The Newsletter is exceptionally well laid out and attractive. Good use of relevant/suitable graphics or pictures.


The poster includes all 5 required elements as well as additional information. All the information is accurate. Excellent design. Required information is included and the message is presented in a


clear message.

clever, creative manner.

An extra 3 marks will be available to your teacher to reward outstanding work

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