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For Your Information:

1) Keep your eyes open and watch display boards that will help and
guide you. Don’t hesitate to take the help of airport official or
2) You are allowed to carry only 20kg big suitcase and one 8 kg cabin
bag. Suitcase will get checked in and cabin bag you can carry along
with you in the plane.
3) Keep carefully your passport, visa and ticket in your handbag.

Delhi – Bombay: via Jet Airways

Reach Domestic airport terminal 1 ½ hr before the departure time.

Go to Indian Airlines counter and show your ticket, they will remove
one leaf from your ticket and will give you a boarding pass, which
mentions your flight number, seat number, boarding and departure time
and gate number. Here at the counter they will ask you for the luggage
to be checked in. Here tell them that you have baby of 11months old and
need baby seat, so that you will get seat in first row which is

Now you have the boarding pass and with that proceed towards security
check (ask anyone, where to go for security check) or for boarding.
Once you are thru with security check then you cannot come out to meet
anyone as you are at the boarding area. You keep listening the public
announcement and just 30 min before the boarding time come near to the
gate number given at boarding pass or sometime they announce the gate
number for such flight. So don’t take a chance and keep on asking.

Don’t worry/hesitate, Indian Airlines hostess/airport’s officials are

there in the airport so you can avail their hospitality if you have any
problem and stuck somewhere.

So nothing much in this flight just take your dinner (they will
provide) and have good nap. Enjoy Bangalore - Bombay yatra. Journey
time for this is 90 minutes.

When u pack your luggage make sure u have at least 1-2 set of dresses
in your cabin baggage along with milk powder/nestum etc required for
Baby to eat. (i.e. the baggage that u are carrying along that is not
checked in) because usually checked in baggage arrive at Gaborone 1 day
late.... (Luckily mine reached on same day... hopefully urs also)
don’t worry it will reach here for sure in a day or max 2)

Bombay – Johansburg: Via South African Airlines

At Bombay u need to catch the bus to international airport from the

domestic airport where u will be landing. (Don’t worry u are not going
out to catch the local bus) The airport authority provides this
facility for international passenger itself from the airport premises.

Get the checked in luggage (suitcase) (the luggage which was checked in
at bangalore airport) from the belt and get into the queue for the bus
to international airport. Here they may ask you to show your passport
and ticket. This queue, you will find just near to luggage belt. Watch
the display board.
Don’t carry scissors or blade or any liquid (water bottle, milk, paste
etc) in the hand baggage. In the flight (from Bombay to Johanesberg)
they will give you paste and tooth brush which you can use in the early
morning. To prepare milk/nestum for Baby you can ask water from air
hostel they will give you any number of bottles.

As soon as u reach the international airport, on bus just ask someone

there for the gate, which has the South African airlines check in
counter. You will be doing your immigration there in Bombay.

Again same process, show your ticket at South African airlines counter,
you will have to show your passport and they will take again a leaf and
will give you a boarding pass. They will ask you the luggage to be
checked in. The luggage you will give here for checked in that you will
receive only at Gaborone(Botswana).

Now you proceed towards security check but before that you will have to
fill one immigration form there, which you will get with your boarding
pass. Fill this form and submit it there with immigration officer, they
will ask you to show your visa and they may ask you the purpose of your
visit. And simply reply, “To join my husband for vacation and tell them
that your original visa will be on arrival at Botswana”.

And proceed towards the gate number mentioned in your boarding pass.
You will find time here so go for some coffee and tea.

Go through the security check and reach at the gate before the boarding
time. Board into Boeing and they serve drinks, juice whatever you want…
have your juice and dinner again and go for sleep. And enjoy 9 hrs ki
Bombay to j’burg ki yatra………

In this flight, you can enjoy the music also whatever you want hindi as
well English.

J'Burg – Gaborone: Time to fly in a miniature Boeing 747 ... good


Ask anyone for international departure once you land into j’burg, (Here
you don’t have to come out of the airport, ask someone airport staff
that you need to go Gaborone, Botswana. So that you can take a
different route inside airport) get your boarding pass from south
African counter/BP Airways counters as per your ticket and go through
security check and reach at the gate number mention in your boarding

The arrival time at j’burg is 7.35 am ……please adjust your watch

according to local time; here you will be 3 ½ hrs behind the India
time. 7.35 am in j’burg means India main tab 11.05 am hoga.

Your flight form J’burg to gaborone is at 11.15, so you will have good
enough time to spend at j’burg airport.

Hey, Probably they may ask you to board in any flight before 11.15 if
any seat is available there, because there are 2-3 flights before 11.15
from j’burg to gaborone.
If you happen to board in the flight before the schedule time (11.15)
then how I will come to know…. so you must have some dollar at least so
you can call me from gaborone airport.

You can convert your rupees to local currency of Botswana, which is

PULA. Or You can use the your cell to call me as it’ll be in roaming.

If you reach Gaborone before the schedule time(12.20)than just change

your currency from dollar to pula at gaborone airport, this facility is
available at airport where can convert your currency and make a call at
12345678(XXXXXX)/ 12345678 (YYYYYYY), I will be there within 5-10 mins.
It is near to our home. Don’t worry, this is cool/small airport not
like our Bombay/Bangalore, everyone is helpful there.

Gaborone Airport:

Once u reach show the immigration guys your photocopy of the visa, they
will ask you for original copy then say that visa is outside with your
original copy and then they will give u a gate pass so that u can
collect the visa from me, I will be outside in the lobby with your
original visa. You have to fill my address (given below) in immigration
form at gaborone, Botswana.


In case of emergency you can contact on the following numbers:

My number : (0267) 12345678

XXXXXXXXX : (0267) 12345678

And Address is:

Plot XXX
House No: XX
Main Mall

Points to be noted (don’t forget):

1. Keep two pairs of clothes for you and baby in cabin baggage along
with food stuff for baby. Diapers to change (if required) during
your journey.
2. Keep your passport (both old and New) and passport and show
always new passport to officials (if they ask show the old one
also). Your tickets and visa copy in handbag. Keep a copy the
above (passport, visa Xerox copy in cabin bag also)
3. Make sure that you collect your checked bag at Mumbai domestic
airport before leaving to International airport
4. No need to look for your chek-in baggage (suitcase) in
Johanesberg airpot as you will get this in Gaborone directly.
Your hand bag, cabin bag and baby will be with you always.
5. Keep all your sweaters, clothes in check-in baggage (suitcase)
6. You can have upto 25Kg in Check-in baggage and 8Kg cabin bag.
7. Recharge your mobile (Bangalore Hutch sim) with 300 so that you
can call me from any airport.

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