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Street Crime and It's Roots

Sunday, 28 March 2010 21:26

The incoming age bracket from puberty to 25 have both a need and a right to know the truth. The Minister of Justice, - Company Parliament of New Zealand – has been advised that to reduce street crime, sentences should perhaps be increased by 30%, from two years jail to three years for violence with a knife.

Considering he has a city full of paid advisers behind him, a few behavioural Professors, gets paid $500,000, superannuation plus expenses and he’s currently ranked the fourth most robotically compliant person in the chain of command to lead New Zealand into a fully fledged Police State when enough uninformed citizens demand greater Police protection, then his answer will probably get him a ‘browny’ point in this pyramidal social structure of governance.

Stepping back from the illusion and understanding what is really going on will perhaps lend more hope to incoming generations. The real gangsters are at the top of the tree, out of sight, with their heads in the clouds. The root system is the NETWORK of the last TEN generations of a selfishly dedicated few trying to control the planet. To achieve this they have had to dumb down entire societies to enable the elimination of those societies without the people in them being bright enough to realise what is going on.

If the incoming generations continue to rely on the current 40 – 50 year old conditioned bureaucrats and politicians to lead stable, efficient, free societies, then the incoming generations are doomed.

However, if the incoming generations follow the research links on this site and others and read the books, then the full picture will come into view. They will be better prepared to provide for their own offspring when the time is right, provided they have not been unknowingly sterilised by genetically modified foods, vaccinations, or doped drinking water in the meantime.


Street Crime and It's Roots
Sunday, 28 March 2010 21:26

So how far down the road to self destruction are we at the moment?

We are already at least one generation into the plan to depopulate the planet by 80%. That means, “get rid of everybody who is not a descendant of the Rothschild bloodline.” The target is to be achieved by 2030 – one generation away from now.

How has the perceived “elite” planned to covertly achieve such a success? 1. We get rid of the bees so the world will starve in four years according to Einstein. Well, half of the bees have been killed off already by pesticides. 2. We vaccinate all the young folk at birth or soon after and sterilise them while giving anti-flu injections. No doctor or nurse knows for sure what is in the vials of serum, and because of compartments in the pyramid social structure, they are never likely to be honestly told everything. Sterilisation halts population growth, and we know that works because an entire tribe of previously vaccinated North American Indians started discovering about 1990 that they were all sterile. Their bloodline will be extinct as soon as the current women die off. 3. We covertly encourage illness at the same time as we weaken the human’s immune system but we make massive profits from pharmaceuticals and we do our best to prevent people from understanding that cancer is merely a healthy cell which has adapted to a plant cell in order to survive in an environment of compost. We encourage illness that by buying the co-operation of senior executives in the food industry. Well we’ve done that so now we can get on with genetically modifying cereal crops like wheat, oats, barley, corn, rice, and get on with contaminating the food chain. Well we’ve pretty much done that now so we can get on with nanotechnology research so we can have loyal unquestioning slaves. 4. We controlled prescription drugs, medical curriculum’s and most products used in natural therapies. Yeap, we’ve got that under control and Codex Alimentarius is pretty much on schedule. 5. But we have to keep dumbing society down so they don’t realise what we are doing or there will be hell to pay. Don’t worry soldier, we are moving foreign forces from country to country now under the Nato and UN umbrellas so we don’t have loyalty problems and military revolts if and when a few patriots do wake up. 6. We can forgive well intentioned bureaucrats and politicians for not being aware of the tactics because we have kept them uninformed by our policies of compartmentalisation, pyramid social structure, and most importantly, we’ve kept them busy pushing paper around, adhering to party politics and the party vote. Now and again we throw in a diversion and use the media to keep everybody focused on the slander or whatever tool we choose to use, but we dare not be honest about our own rorts, torts, and criminal activity so we are using Rodney Hide through his minder Roger Douglas to make a law indemnifying all government employees against prosecution for any breaches of current laws. 7. We keep low income areas inundated with alcohol, drugs, poor standards of education and little or no healthy recreational activities. That keeps the masses focused on hardship


Street Crime and It's Roots
Sunday, 28 March 2010 21:26

mishaps, keeps business going for the Courts and our lawyers, and keeps the people from coming together in a united force. 8. We need to keep the drugs and booze business going so we need big business to work with us to protect our co-operative brothers so we use the military forces to escort our drug supply lines while we prosecute those who don’t pay the commission-protection fees or try to build their own empires. 9. But of course we must keep all the above from being known publicly so we must control all media and talk back hosts so we need our financial hatchet men, the jackals, the intimidators, and the fear mongerers. 10. Most of all we must discourage ‘truthers’, and ‘free thinkers.’ We must never relinquish our secret control of churches. We must keep individual spirits suppressed at least, and where possible we must totally destroy the human spirit. 11. We just hope that our children and grandchildren never find out that we sold our souls for our own selfish gain then stood back and watched with our lips sealed while the planet was hijacked. We dare not mention that the future of our offspring is never to be as free as our own lives have been. We just haven’t figured out yet how to take our material wealth and our secrets with us into the spiritual dimension when our physical vehicles finally conk out. 12. Meantime we’ll secretly continue to encourage street crime but we’ll convey to the public that we really do care for their safety. 13. We dare not let our electors know that a Holographic Social Structure would solve all of Earth’s problems which we have been part of deliberately creating for the planet hijackers. We dare not bring life on Earth into line with peace-loving lifestyles on other planets. If we were to let the public know these facts we would lose our status which has been promised to us by the hijackers and the public would realise just how much of life in the real world has been withheld from all of us and we shall have neither any standing in the eyes of the hijackers nor in the eyes of the public. We shall be doomed and our offspring shall not want to know us.


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