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 am   currently   a   student   in   highschool   hoping   to   achieve   skills   in   the   performing   arts.   I   have   been   in   a   few   drama   productions,  but  this  year  I  am  in  the  all-­‐time   famous  Midsummer  Night’s  Dream  by  William   Shakespeare.   With   some   luck   I   might   be   able   to   use   these   skills   to   enter   a   performing   arts   college  in  USA.     College   I   have   never   really   been   a   person   to   love   academics  such  as  math  or  science.  My  dream   is   to   go   to   a   performing   arts   university   in   America.   The   states   I’m   looking   at   right   now   are   Chicago   and   Boston.   In   my   opinion   New   York   an   Los   Angeles   are   too   crowded,   competitive,   and   overrated   for   me   to   start   a   practical  college  career  in  the  States.       First  Jobs   I   hopefully   want   to   work   in   the   theater   business.   I   want   to   be   a   professional   actor   in   modern   performing   arts.   I   also   want   to   explore   the   history,   dynamics,   and   culture   of   the  acting  world.         Development  in  Jobs  &  Positions   I   am   looking   for   colleges   that   will   give   me   many   audition   opportunities   that   will   lead   to      

future   paying,   acting   jobs.   As   an   actor   I   want   to   pursue  the  stage,  not  the  screen.  I  also  want  to   write   own   material   in   order   to   be   original   and   put  in  my  own  character.       Capstone  of  Character  


Xirst  jobs  

developement   in  jobs  &   positions  

capston  of   character  

My   burning   desire   is   to   be   inspired   by   so   many   other   actors.   Their   influence   will   make   me   an   improved   actor.   I   want   to   retire   and   reminisce  about  my  Broadway  days.  

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  High  School  Degree   College  Degree  in   Theater   Amateur  Actor   Broadway   Screen  Writer   Producer/Director  


Qualities  to  Prosper    Passion    Discipline    Happiness