Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) – Albert Ellis  REBT is based on the premise that whenever we become upset

, it’s not the events taking place in our lives that upset us; it is the beliefs that we hold that cause us to become depressed, anxious, enraged, etc.  According to Albert Ellis, the vast majority of us want to be happy. When this is blocked, we can respond in ways that are healthy and helpful, or we can react in ways that are unhealthy and unhelpful.  A general goal of REBT is to help clients minimize emotional disturbances, decrease self-defeating behaviors, and become happier.  If individuals can think rationally and have fewer irrational beliefs, Ellis believes they will live happier lives. A – ACTIVATING EVENT John asks Mary if she would go out with him and she replied that she is busy every Saturday night this year. B - BELIEFS (IRRATIONAL) John’s emotional system reacts immediately with negative self-talk: It is awful that she rejected me. I am worthless because of this. No desirable woman will ever accept me. I should have done a better job of getting her to accept me. I am such a loser. Irrational Beliefs  These are unrealistic, illogical and absolutist.  It is a person’s irrational beliefs that lead to great anxiety, depression, shame, anger, and guilt, not the event which he /she is experiencing. “Must”erbation  Albert Ellis’s phrase to characterize the behavior of clients who are inflexible and absolutistic in their thinking, maintaining that they must not fail or that they must have their way. Three Basic Musts

Three parts of Disputing 1. Discriminating – the therapist and client discriminate irrational from rational beliefs. he won’t try again. D – DISPUTING IRRATIONAL BELIEFS  The most difficult part of the therapy. anxious and depressed so he won’t risk asking anyone else out. 2. Others must treat me fairly and considerately! 3. Why is it awful that she rejected me? How am I worthless because she refused me? Where is the evidence that no desirable woman will ever accept me? Why should I have done a better job of getting her to accept me? Why am I a loser because she didn’t want to go out with me? E.1. I need and must have things that I want. EFFECTS OF DISPUTING (Cognitive) Rational Beliefs It is disappointing that she rejected me. 3. or else I am an inadequate person! 2. . knowing that insight does not automatically change people. or life is unbearable! Low Frustration Tolerance “Awful”izing – Example: “I’m the worst mother in the world!” C – CONSEQUENCES  what happens because of the irrational belief of the person John feels worthless. My life must be easy and pleasant. and working hard to effect change. Detecting – the client and therapist detect the irrational beliefs that underlie activating event. Accepting 1 and 2. I must perform well and win the approval of important people.

even when reality is highly unfortunate and unpleasant. REBT therapists strive to help their clients develop three types of acceptance: (1) unconditional self-acceptance. GOALS (Behavioral)  Desired behaviors Improve myself Keep pursuing Ask someone else out Acceptance  Emotionally healthy human beings develop an acceptance of reality. hope G. and (3) unconditional life-acceptance. . but there is no reason that I should have done a better job of getting her to accept me.Being rejected doesn’t mean I am worthless. FEELINGS (Emotional) Appropriate Feelings Sorrow. F. There is no evidence that no girl would ever accept me. (2) unconditional otheracceptance. I probably could have done a better job of getting her to accept me. disappointment. Rejection never makes me a loser. frustration. self-acceptance.

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