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Marine Cranes
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Deck Equipment for Challenging Conditions

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As a manufacturer of material handling systems, ISKAR Ltd. and its core team, has been designing and supplying marine equipments since 1989. Our marine division is focused on tailor made cranes and standard products for hose handling, cargo, service and fishing boat cranes. The perfect coordinated team of ISKAR is capable of developing and delivering very competitive projects around world. Main areas cover pond docks, fishing boats, tug boats, cargo and tanker vessels, harbour terminal equipment, shipyard material handling systems and deck cranes. Illustrated in the following pages, you will find a wide selection of ISKAR productions. Standardized design allows us to deliver reliable systems in very optimized schedule with competitive prices. We are always read to solve our customers requirements on marine material handling systems.

ISKAR is capable of delivering stiff boom and knuckle jib slewing cranes, which guarantee trouble free operation in hostile marine environment.

Marine Cranes Delivery Programme

The type and capacity of a crane depends on customer specific requirements.

Well proven technology and products, combined with quality and reliability, makes us a preferred partner in the marine industry.
(T.Gunev, Founder)

ISKAR Ltd., with the head offices located in Istanbul / Turkey, uses in-house know-how and innovation on all of his products. As being an expert on basic and detailed engineering, manufacturing, assembly, start-up and after sales services for more than 30 years on the application of various material handling projects in and out of Turkey, ISKAR provides also dedicated solutions for customer specific requirements.

Deck Crane Hose Crane Cargo Crane

Knuckle Boom Crane Folding Crane Net Handling Crane

Dredger Crane Travelling Deck Crane Floating Dock Crane

Our STANDARD cranes cover wide range of application areas. INDUSTRY SPECIFIC products are designed and manufactured in order achieve trouble free performance in challenging conditions. SPECIAL cranes are tailor made machinery, engineered to satisfy customer specific problems and reply as unique material handling solutions.

Standard Production Deck Cranes

ISKAR has contributes to the efficiency of material handling operations with respect to customers needs. Our closeness to customers, local network and market position enable us to innovatively supply our engineering and standard production machinery. Standard production deck cranes cover several duties such as; Hose handling cranes Provision handling cranes Cargo cranes Combined lifesaving- and provision handling cranes Pedestal cranes


GeNeral PurPoSe ServCe Rigid crane, small dimensions, low deadweight, w.o. cabin.


CarGo DuTy High lifting capacity, improved efficiency on cargo loading and unloading, easy manipulation.


HoSe HaNDlNG Handling of hoses at oil cargo manifolds. Trouble free operation with optimal dimensions.

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Max. Outreach (m)

Hook Speed (m/s)

1 25 The type and details of a crane depends on customers requirements and can be satisfied with wide range of options provided by ISKAR STaNDarD FeaTureS Crane size, 15Tm 300 Tm Winch capacity 1 ton 50 ton, Surface coating for marine duty Stainless steel piping and shafts Chromatic fittings. Stepless control limit switch in top / bottom position of hook. Built in power pack with motor located in pedestal driving the pump in crane house Crane house used as oil tank. Design as per class rules. 2 3 1,5 40 2,5 5 3 70 4,7 5 4,5 100 6,3 10 5 160 10 15 5 220 10 15 10 300 15 18

10 12 15 15 12 8,4 20 18,3 14 18 12 13 24 18 12 21 22,5 22 26 21 20

35 40 30 35 40 63 30 82 45 44 40 40 45 60 30 60 40 25 65 35 40

10 10 20 80 5 30 20 10 10 20 12 60 20 10 15 60 20 20 24 20 25

Weight appx. (t) 4,5 5 5,5 6 5 6 7 10 7 9,5 9 13,5 14 14,5 12 20 16,5 24,8 31 25 24

Hook Travel (m)

Max. SWL (t)

Crane Size

Industry Specific Cranes for Fishing Boats

Knuckle-jib cranes are very advantagous due to their compact structure which minimizes the space occupied on the platform / deck of the ship. The operation of folding-jib system is very flexible and changeable. The hook can easily reach sea surface even the wire rope is not spooled off from the drum, which enhances the precision of material handling operation, especially for fishing boats. These machinery are widely employed fishing boats, research boats, engineering vessels and subsea operation vessels. The articulated jib, also named as knuckle jib or folding jib, can be presented positioned close to the load. This manevour minimizes the pendulum effect. Moreover, more space on deck will be available for vessels primary operations, since the parking space required for the crane is very limited. aPPlCaToN open sea Ship to ship Continuous operation BaSC FeaTureS Self contained power pack Simple mounting by only welding the pedestal and connecting cables No electric slipring Failsafe brakes on all movements Welded (jib) for low maintenance Maintenance-free jib bearings Maint. free cylinder bearings

Industry specific marine cranes

Max. Outreach (m)

Hook Speed (m/s)

The type and details of a crane depends on customers requirements and can be satisfied with wide range of options provided by ISKAR

F25 F40 F70 F100

2 2,15 1,5 3 3,5 5 3 5 7

10 8 18 15 10 15 18 15 15 17 10 21 17 17 15 30 36

35 30 30 70 30 25 30 30 30 30 50 50 50 40 50 45 62

40 20 40 45 50 20 30 60 40 20 20 60 20 60 30 40 75

oPToNal FeaTureS Constant tensioning system MoPS (manual overload protection system) aoPS (automatic overload protection system) radio or Cabin operation Diesel driven power pack leBuS grooved winch drum operation in low temperature. Stainless steel fittings. PlC safety system.

F160 F220 F300 F500 F900

10 12 10 12 12 15 20 15

Weight appx. (t) 4,5 4,3 7 6,5 5 8 13 9,5 14 12 14 23 20 25 25 45 65

Hook Travel (m)

Max. SWL (t)

Crane Size

ISKAR Special cranes range cover tailor made deck machinery for very unique and challenging applications

Special Cranes

Tailor Made Unique Solutions

ISKAR Ltd. guarantees the same level of quality on, design, manufacturing, traceability, and safety as well as certification and 3rd party control mechanisms. Narrow Span Travelling Dock Crane; Electro hydraulic or fully electric actuated travelling jib cranes for dock swith narrow rail span and berth extensions on sea.

Dredger Crane; an electro hydraulic slewing jib crane combined with a travelling gantry on dredger deck. unique travelling mechanism to withstand sea conditions and grab duty works of a dredger.

Fixed Type Floating Dock Crane; Fixed type electro hydraulic jib crane with extended jib length and apropriate capacity for floating dock implementation for new shipyards.


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