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Dear Students,

Here is a list of sites that will provide you gateway to all subjects that
you need for your research.
Wishing you all the best
Yours sincerely,

Subject List
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Featured in the BBC Web Wise guide to the Internet, and many other online and print publications.

Hosted by Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

ADAM: art, design, architecture, AERADE: aerospace
AccessToLaw: law
architecture and media engineering, and defence studies
forestry, AHDS: arts and Biogate: biological Biz/ed: business and
environment, humanities sciences economics
food science,

BUBL: library and ELDIS: development
ChemDex: chemistry reform and
information science & the environment

FMO (Forced
GEM (Gateway to Geo-Information
Migration Online):
Educational Gateway: geography, Go-Geo!: geo-spatial
forced migration,
Materials): educational geology, the data & resources
refugees, displaced
resources environment
History: historical Internet Directory for
language-learning & InfoLaw: law
studies Botany: botany

Intute: Arts & Intute: Health & Life Intute: Science &
Intute: Social Sciences
Humanities Sciences Technology

The Math Forum

Links for Chemists: MCS: media and
LAWLINKS: law Internet Mathematics
chemistry communication studies
Library: mathematics

Moving Images Music (BUBL Link): PADI: Preserving Philosophy Around

Gateway: Moving music Access to Digital The Web: philosophy
images & sound in Information studies
Higher & Further

Portal to Legal
PhysicsWeb PORT: maritime Psych Web:
Resources in the UK
Resources: physics studies psychology
and Ireland: law

Reproductive Health Sapling: architecture,

Gateway: reproductive RUDI: urban design planning and SciCentral: science
health landscape

TechXtra: engineering,
maths & computing
World Wide Arts
articles, books, news,
Resources: the arts
jobs, reports, eprints,

Multi-Subject Gateways
DMOZ: The Open Education: Academic Info: all BUBL Link: all
Directory Project: all
all subjects subjects subjects

DutchESS: all INFOMINE: all

Intute: all subjects Renardus: all subjects
subjects subjects

Scout Report Archives: WWW Virtual

all subjects Library: all subjects

Note: Sites that are no longer maintained but still contain useful information are
indicated by the following symbol :

In ancient times, the Library of Alexandria was seen as a universal store of human
knowledge. As the Library grew in size, however, it became increasingly difficult to locate
relevant material. The poet Callimachus solved the problem by compiling a catalogue called
The Pinakes. On a far smaller scale, these Web pages hope to provide a similar function for
Internet resources, by linking to the major subject gateways.

Designed by Dave Bond and Roddy MacLeod

For new Internet resources of interest to academics, visit the Internet Resources

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