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[lie territories of the barangays to be accommodatecJ/clusrered in one RC mc~stbe accessible, compact, contiguoc~s and adjacent to each other; 1-he total number of registered voters' in the barangays to be cluste~-edas of July 16, 2012 Election Registration Boarcl (ERB) tleariny shall be sufficient enough; and The existence of RID0 or family feuds and other secul-ity issues.

FOI. p~rrposes the conduct of general registration, notices of the name, location of
of and at-ea of j~.~risdiction KCs shall be posted a t the,bulletin boarcls of the OEO and city/mttnicipal I.lall, copy fclrnished the local representatives of political parties and citizens arm not later than October 18, 2012.
Sec. 3, A~rgnre~itatiori Election Officers/lnterviewers and VRM Operators.


Tile Resitlent/Actiny Election Officer and Election Assistant shall be aclgmented by employees fi-om tlie Main Office who .shall be designated as AL.I~I-nentation Election Officers (AEOs)/Interviewers and VRM Operators. The AEOs shall be authorized as Acting Electioo Officer for purposes of receiving ancl processing applicaticjns for registration in I the RC wl~ere they will be assigned. .

Sec. 4. Duties and Functions of the Resident EO, AEO ar.iil VRM Operator 'The following are tlie cluties and functions of the EO, AEO and VRM Operator:
A. I?esick~~t/Actinu Election Officer /EC)):

'I. Entertains applications for registration of Barangay where the OEO is located and transfer of registration recorcls from other cities/municipalities; 2. Exercises over-all administrative supervision of the RCs; 3. Coortlinates and sub'mits r:eports/updates to thi3 Supervising Team; and 4. Perto~.~ns otlier fi~nctiorls SLICI~ provided under these Rules or as may be directed by the Commission.

b. Angi~gnbtion Election Officer (AEO):

I. Performs the duties and functions of the EO as herein provided;
2. Adniinisters oaths; 3. I-ists down all applicants who appear to be minors/ut-~derage; 4. Acldresses concerns/issues in his place of assigl-~mentand reporls all incidents and problems encounterecl during tlie I-egistrationto the EO or the Supervising Team; 5. Con~pilesand submits to the E the accomplishetl application O forms; b. Suljmit:~ back-up files ancl ihe list of minors/~rncIel-age the to Supervisory Team ; and 7. Pel-forms scrcll other registratiorl related functions as may be ciirected by the Cotnrnission or the CIC or the Mo~)itoring Tea111 . . I..eatler.


;! ;

1.. Encodes

demographic and captures biornetrics data applicants; 2. Mal:es daily back-up; and . 3. \)el-forrnsthe duties and fcrnctions as herein provided.


Sec. 5. Date, tit~le and venue of filing, hearing and approval/disapprovaI of application f o i registration ancl transfer. .of registration record. - Application for I-e9istralic)n shall be personally filed at the OEO or iq the designated RC, from 8:00 o'clocl: a.1.11,to S:OO o'clock p.m., and heard by the Election Registration Board (ERB) in iiccorclance with the following schedule:
to file applicatioii for registration/ tiansfer Last Day to file opposition to registration Hearing and Approval/ Disapproval of applicatioii for

Last Day to Post

O z t ~ b e22. to 26, ~ 2012 ..- - . . -.



November 19, 2012

hlovemper 21,2012

Novernl~er to 29, 26

Aplrlication for transfer of registration record fro111other zity/ni~rnicipality slrall I e pelasonallyfiled at tlre OEO only. No application for transfer of registration r r-ecorcl troll1 other city/rnunicipality shall be entertained by the AEO/lnterviewer at the RC. Shotrltl an applicant for transfer appear before the AEO/Interviewer, he shall be adviseil l o 1)roceed to the OEO to file said application.

I n rlo case shall registration be conducted without the use of VRM. In the event the VRM rnalfcrnctions or any of the peripherals becomes defective, I-egistrationshall be s~~spended until such time that the same is repaired or replaced. Irnniediately upon repail- or r.eplacement of the VRM witliin the registration period herein provided, the EO/AEO sllall rlotify the affected applica~~ts reappear at the OEO or RC for the to completiol-I of the processing of the applications. Failure on their part to reappear tlespite notice, sha'll render their applications as defective for being incomplete. This shall cover cases when data are corrupted during registration period.
fec. 6. Ilei-sons allaweci inside tlre RC - Only the following persons shall be allowetl insitJe the t7Cs:
a) Etl/EA/AEO and VRM Operators;

I-))Applicants; and c) i:)tllel-persons who may be specifically authorized by the Co~.irrnission.
Set. 7. Psrsoc~s not allowed to enter tlre RC. - Unless specifically authorized

I.))/ the Co~nmission,it is c~nlawfi~l the following to enter any KC or stay within a for iaclitrs of ten (10) nleters, 1-1- ereo of:
a) Any officer or nie'mber of tha Armed Forces of thz Philippines (AF13) or the Philippine National Police (PNP); b) Any peace officer or,any arrned person belonging to any extralegal police agency, special farces, reaction forces, strike forces, Civilian Armed Force Geographical Units (CAFGI-I), barangay

tanods or other similar forces or para-military forces, including special forces, sec~lrity guards, special policemen; c) All other kinds of armed or unarmed extra-legal police forces; and cl) Any barangay official, whether elected or appointed.
I lowever, ttie EO/AEO may, if it deems necessary, order the dstail of a policeman

any peace officer for his protection or for the protection of the registration cloct~r-ilel-rts paraphernalia. Said policeman or peace officer shall stay outside the RC and near enough to be easily called by the EO/AEO at qnytime. In no case shall the said policeman or peace officer hold any conversation with any applicant or disturb or prevent or in any manner obstruct the free access of the applicants to the RC.

SEC.8. W ~ I O may register. - Any Filipino citizen residing in [he ml-~nicipality of S~~ltan t\laga nil- la pot-o may register as a voter provided that he/she is:
a) ,4t least eighteen (18) years of age on or before May 13, 2013

Elections; I) A resident of the Philippines for at least one (1)year and in the place , wherein Ile proposes to vote, for at least six (6) months imniediately . . lireceding the May 13, 2013 Elections; and i) blot c~thelwise disqualified by law.
SEC. 9. Wlio are disqr~alifiedto register. - The following are disqualified from registerilhj 6s a voter:
3 . Any person who has been sentenced by final judgment lo suffer

imljriso~-~n~eni: not less than one (1.) year, such disat~ilitynot for Iiaving been removed by plenary pardon or amnesty;

2. Any pel-son who has been adjudged by final judgment by a con.ljxta-~t court or tribunal of having committed any crime involvirig clisloyalty to the cluly-constituted government, such as, I-eljellion, insclrr.ection, viqlation .of the firearms laws, 01.any crime against I-lationalsecurity unless'restored to his full civil and political rights i r ~ at:corclance with law; and

3. Insane or. incompetent person as'declared by competent autliol-ity t~nlesssi~bsequentlydeclared by proper authority that s ~ ~ cperson li is n~ longer insane or incompetent.
Any person disqualified to register under paragraphs (1) al.rd (2) above shall

alltot-i.iatic:ally 1-eacc1~1ire right to vote i1pol.1 the expiration of five (5) years after service of senlet-~ce.

Sec. 10, Procedure for filing of applications far registration - The applicant sl~all pel-sotlallyappear before the EO/AEO, state his name and exact address, specifying tlle house ~-litmber, name of the street, area, district, pi~rok sitio and barangay wheie or Ile resicles, or a I~riefdescription of his residence, and present any of the following id~ntification doc~~lnents bear applicant's photograph and signature: that

:I. Curl-ent eniployee's identification card (ID), with the signature of the e m p l o y e r or a u t h o r i z e d representative; 2. Postal ID; 3. Stc~clent'sD or library card, signed by the. school authority; I

Serrior Citizen's ID;

5. Driver's license; 6. I\IBI/PNP clearance; 7. Passport; 8. SSS/GSIS ID; 9. T~itegratecl of the Philippine (IBP) ID; Bar , 10. I-icense issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) and; I :L. Any other valid ID.

In the absence of any of the abovementioned identification documents, the applica~~t niay be iclentifiecl under oath by any of his relatives witl-rin the fourth civil degree of consang1.1inityor affinity or: by any person living within the same household. No --- -. ---such itdative or person living 'within'the same household shall lxallowed to identify -more than tliree --..- --- --applicants. I
- A -


(lomrnirnity Tax Certificates (cedcrla) or certifications/ identification cards issued Ily I.)ar.aslgayofficials shall not be honored as valid identification doci~rnents. a) If .[lie applicant fails to establish his identity by any of the aforerrle~~tioned methods/documents, he shall not tje issued an application form, nor shall his pre-accomplished application form be acce1:)ted. b) i t ths idel-rtity of the applicant is established, the EO/AEO using the PI-yject of Precinct (POP), shall verify whether or not the address given I)y tl.re applicant is in oneof the barangays assigned to tlie OEO/RC.

II: tlie applicant is not a resident of the barangay assigned to the OED/RC, the EO/AEO shall instruct the applicant to proceed to the OEO or RC designated for the barangay where the applicant resides, as the case may be.
I f t l ~ eapplicant resides in one of the 'I3arangay/s assig~~ecl the to OEO/RC, the EO/AEO shall: :I.. Inform the applicant of the qualifications and disqualifications for registration; 2. Determine the precinct where the amljcant belongs by
referring t o tlie POPs. The applicant shall be assicy~edto the precinct camprisina his residence. For this purpose. the EEMD shall provide the AEO assianed in the RC with tlie said POPs;

3. Indicate the precinct assignment of the applicant at the upper right portion of the application form; and . I . Iss~.~e (1)set of application form, Annex "A" (CEF - l A ) to tlie one applicant.



C) Upon receipt of the application form, the Qpplicant shall personally acconiplisl~ tlie same in his own handwriting ancl submit the

accomplist-led application forni to tlie EO/AEO. Titles sclch as DATU, SIJLTAN, HADJI, BAI arid other such titles shall not b e allowtid.

il) For* an illegitimate person whose certificate of live bil.th cloes not inclcrda a middle name, tl!e character "-" (underscore) shall be used or tl-~t? n-tidclle name during the encoding of the data of the applicant.
e ) In case the applicant does not know his date of birth with certainty,

ant1 the EO/AEO can reasonably ascertain that the applicant is of voting his age throc~gli physical features, and other,relevant indicators, sucli as year in college, number of children, the EO/AEO shall ask the applicant to supply a date of birth to the best of his knowleclge. l h e EO/AEO shall therr write the words "Section 10 (e) case" on top of the date of I~irtli. addi-tion, the EO/AEO shall list down the names of applicants In wllo silppliecl their date of birth in accordance with this p~.ovision.

i f Ilowever; the EO/AEO cannot ascertain the applicant's age and the applicant does not supply, his birth date, the,application form shall be ~leelned il-~ioniplete shallnot Ie atcepted. and ,

t) It: the applicant has a duly accomplished application foi-IT),it shall be
signed and thumbmarked in the presence of the EO/AEO. 111 tlie event that the applicant has already affixed his signature and imprinted his t.h~~niI>marl< in the accomplished application form, the applicant shall confirm before the EO/AEO that the same is his sig~iati~re and tl~t.111111ma1-k.

g) The EO/AEO shall ensure that the applicatioh form has been filled up
correctly, con~pletelyand legibly, write down the Application Form I\lumbe~; return tlie forms to the applicant; and direct him to tlie VRM Operator-. The Application Form Number shall consist of four parts, as
F i i s t Part Second Part Thircl Part



Fot.~rtli Part


Two (2) digit Province code Two (2) digit municipal code Two (2) digit Station (VRM) Numbers. The station iiurnber of the VRM assig~iecl tlie in OEO will be "30". The succeeding VRMs shall consecutively number beginning with "31" and so forth. seven (7) digits control code which shall start with the number "0000001"in the application for registration.

11) The VRM Operator, using the Voter Registration System (VKS) shall:

3.. Select File - > Registration 2. Type the Application Number and press Enter button 3. Select Registration from thedrop down menu.



4. Encocle demographics information and capture the biol.netrics data

of the applicant 5. Save the record
Attachecl are the screen shots of the registration procedure hereto tlesignatsd as Annex "El".



-ihereaftel- the VRM Operator shall affix his initial below tlie space providerl for the Election Officer's name and' direct the applicant to subrnil: I-tis application to the EOIAEO. q i) I.ll.)onreceipt of the applicatio~i, EO/AEO shall: tlie
7 . ai.lminister the oath;

i f applicant refuses to take the oath the application shall not be accepterl and cleemed not filed.

1. affix his signature in the appropriats space of the forlrl; 3. I-etain the three (3) copies; . . 4, c ~ l the bottom portion of ane copy of the application for111arid t give it to the applicant to serve as Acknowledgment Receipt and /,toof of filing of his application; and 5. Stain the nails of both thtrml) of the applicant with inclelible ink.


At the close of each registration day, the EOIAEO shall: :I.. Instrcrct the VRM Operator to backup compact disc by following the procedul-esbelow: '1..1 Il~sel't blank CD 1.2 Clicl: 'fools > Save to CD 1 . 3 Click Initialize button 3.4 CI.lecl: the checl<boxbeside filename 1.5 .Click Burn button 1.6 Click on 0 <button 1 1.7 Wait for the message "Successfully save data to disli" 1.8 C'liclc 0 1 0 ( button 1 1 2. Cor~lpilethe accomplished forms per barangay ant1 I>y precinct, arrange the application forms alphabetically by surnanle and store thel-n, together- with the .other forms and supplies in a safe and secure place in the OEOIRC. 3. Prepare a list of those who were registered for the day and a brief narrative regarding the occurrence of any untoward i1.1cident dtlring tlte day and the action taken thereon, if any, to be subn~itted the to EO ancl Monitoring Team, respectively, on the day follo\wing the five (5) day registration period.
' '

I:) Or-I the clay following the end of the filing period and 11ot later than October 28, 2012 tlie EO/AEO shall:
I. Save all the MDB files to the compact discs by following the

13-oced~ below: ires


1.1. 'Irijert blanlc CD 1.2 Clicl: Pools > Save to CD 1..3 Click Initialize button .' 1.4 Check all the checkboxes beside filenames . . 1..5 Click Burn button 1.6 Clicl: on OK button 1..7 Wait for the message "Successfully save data to disk" 1.8 Click on Ok button

2. Sublnit tlie backup discs to the lvlonitori~g Team. 3. Trar-lsrnit all tlie accomplished application forms and other forms to the OEO.
I) l l ~ e VRM, peripherals and generator set shall be brought from the RC to OEC) in the city/municipality.

11. Accornplislrnient of application forms of illiterate or persons wit11 disability. - As used in this Section, person with disability shall refer to a person who I cannot l)y Il~rnself accomplish an application for registration.
Any illiterate or person with disability shall be assisted by tlie EO/AEO in the preparation of his application form, or by any member of an accredited Citizen's arm, or a relative wikl.\in the f o ~ ~ r civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, or if he has none tli present, by any person of his confidence who belongs to the same household.
11i 110 case shall an assistor assist more than three (3) times except the EO/AEO. All assistc11-s must be of voting age.

'I'lle EO/AEO sliall place the illiterate or person with disability under oath, after wllich the assistor sl-)allask the illiterate or person with disability relevant questions and record the answers given in order to accomplish properly the application form.

( h c e the application form is accomplished, it shall be given to the EO/AEO who
shall read the accol-nplished form aloud to the illiterate or person wit11 disability and ask h i n ~ Ilie infor-matiori given are true and correct. if . .

-~IIL' applicant shall, in the presence of the EO/AEO affix his thumbmark or some
ollier ct~ston-lary ~iial-I:on the duly acconiplished form. I h e Assistor shall then accomplisl~ three (3) copies the Gel-tification/Attestation, in tlesiyrlated liereto as Annex "C", which shall be attached to the accomplished application forn.~.

SEC. 1.2. Ertpress Lane for Eltlerly, Persons with Disability, and Pregnant

The EO/AEO shall provicle during the registration pel-iod express lane and give priority/l:,referential treatment t o elderly, persons with disabilities, and pregnant applicants. SEC. 13. Pt-ocedt~re for filing of application for transft.r o registratioti f recortls froris another city and mi~nicipality. The personal filing of application for transfer of any cegistered voter who has transferred residence to the municipality of



S~lltali Naga Dirnaporo, at least six (6) montlls shall be made only in the OEO of his new resiclsnie. Tliz EO shall verify from the National List of Registered Voters (NLRV) if the applicant's narne i s included in said list. If the applicant's name is not included in the hII.RV, tt.12 EO sliall verify if the'applicant's name is included i ~ )National List of Deactivated Voters (NLDV). a) If applicarrt's name is included in the NLRV or in the Nl.DV@

The EO sl~all give the applicant three (3) copies'of the prescribacl application form hereto attachecl as Annex "D" (CEF-1B- Application for Transfer/Application for Transfer with Reactivation). The applicant shall thereafter accomplish said application form to separately in tllree (3) copies si~bject Section 10 hereof. .

It is importat-lt that the EO shall cl-reck the box corresponding to the appropriate type of application. In the assignment of precinct number and Application Form I\lcrrnber, tl-~e shall follow the procedure provided in Section 10 (11) hereof. EO


I Jsing the VRS, the VRM Operator sliall:

1 . Sel~ct - > Registration File
2. Type tlre Application Number and press Enter button
3. Select Transfer from other city/municipality from the drop clown menu

4. Encode den~ographicsinformation and capture the biometr-ics data of
tl.re applicant 5. Save the record P.ktaclied are the screen shots of 'the procedure for transfer from other city/mitnic:ipiility hereto designated as Annex "E". I-le shall then affix his initial beiow t h e spa'e I>al-l2of the application form. provided for the

Eons signatures in

-l'llc. application for transfer of registration records to another city/municipality sl-)allbe s~~bjecc the requirenients of notice and hearing and action of the ERB. to

Orlie the application is approved, a Notice of Approval shall be sent to the EO of origin I ~.egisteredmail. Only a Notice of Approval, duly signed by the EO as , \ : Cl'iairmal-I of the ERB, reflecting the name, birth date, place of birth, ctlrrent address, old l:)rhcinit assirjnment/barangay/city of the applicant-transferee shall be sent, without need of the copy af the approved application for transfer.
IJI:)L>I-~ of the said Notice, the rxeipt

E O of origin shall:

1. tleltite the nanle of the voter-from the list of voters; 2 . I-emovethe Voter's Registration Record (VRR) from the corresponding

precinct ljook of voters; and 3. send the said VRR to the EO of the applicant's new residence. The actions laken by the EO of origin shall not require an ERB approval.




ifapplicant's name is not included in the N L R V or in t h e WI-DV

Th;: EO shall first require the.applicant to show proof of his registration. In this aspect, sl~owing a COMELEC ID or a Certification from the EO of former place of of registration will stiffice as evidence of previous registration. Upon such showing of proof, the EO shall issue an application for transfer form. A facsimile/photocopy of the pi-oof sliall be attached to the application.
In the absence of proof that '.the applicant is,a registered voter, the EO shall advise tlle applicant to file an application for registration. The EO shall thereafter issue the prescribed application form (CEF-1A - Application for Registration) to the applicant, wllo sliall accon~plish said form in accordance with Section 10 hereof. In addition, the EO shall issire to tlie applicant a Certification (sample form attached as Annex "F") stating that the applicant intended to apply for transfer but he was instead advised to apply tor original registration, for want of proof that he is a registered voter of another city/mc~nicipality.

I-lie EO and VRM Operator shall then perfJrm the' procedures stated in Section 10 liereof. . .
~ E C :14. Cl~allenge right to register. - Any person applying for registration . of inay b* iliallenged in writing and under oath before the ERH by any voter or I-epresentative of a registered political party in accordance with the schedule provided in Section 5 hereof. Tlie challenge shall be attached to the application form together with the pcoo.f of notice of hearing to the applicant.

SEC. 4.5. Airtlrcrrity of EO to adn~inister oath and issue strmrusorls. - The EO is

authorized tts adninister oath, issue subpoena duces tecum and swear in witnesses for purposes of registration. No fee shall be charged for the administration of the oath. But expenses incidental to the issuance of summons shall he paid in advance by the fees a~.id party in whose bet~a1.f same was issued. the
SEC. '16. Cou~solidation MDB Files - After the conduct of registration, the of AEO rllall 111.ii.qthe VriM to the OEO for consolidation of the MDB files. For this purpose,

tlle I'rll will provicle the application and technical procedure for the consolidation.
S e i . 27. Cleansirlg of double/multiple records tlrrotrgll the Automated Finger-plaintltlentification System (AFIS) - the consolidated MDB files shall be sub~nittedto tlie IT11 for fingerprint matching and identification of docrble/multiple recor-cls, in accorclance with the following procedure:

I.. l t l e IPD shall generate and print AFIS identified doirble/rnc~ltiplerecords; 2. Based on the AFIS results, ITD and Election and Barangay Affairs Department
(EBAD) sl~all undertake the deletion of the records from the Central Database, of those identified double/multiple records within the same barangay, within SI\1D and those wlio applied for registration with existi~igrecords in other city/~~~t.tnicipality; 3. -ihe deletion shall be conducted within the vicinity ot the ITD where the Central Database is located in order to preserve the integrity of the process and avoid premature dissemination of records deleted 01. status of deletion or



leakage of registration records. The said process shall be under the strict control and supervision of the Acting Director I V of I I D and Director IV of EBAD; 4. Orrce the process of deletion is-completed, selected EBAD and ITD personnel sl-rall proceed to the OEO of Sultan Naga Dimaporo to effect the installation of -the cleansed database so that the central Database ancl Local Database will be synchronized.

Sec. 18. Generation/Printing of List of Applicants. After deletion of double/rr~~.lltiple records, the ITD shall generate and print the List of Applicants which sl.~all tr-arisr-i~ittecl the OEO. I)e to
SEC. 19. Pasting of Notice o hearing of applications. - Upon receipt of tlie f

List of Applicants, the EO shall immediately set them for hearing, tlie notice together with sail1 lists shall be posted in the rnunicipal bulletin board and in his office in accorclance with the schedule provided in Section 5 hereof, furnishing copies thereof to tl12 lieacls or representatives of registered political parties ancl othel- accredited groups 01- organization in SND. Names and addresses of the a~plicants shall be attached to the / notice. Each applicant will be notified :of the date of the ERR hearing of his/her application hy indicating the same on the Acknowledgement Receipt, with information that he/she need not appear unless required by the Board t o do so. On tlie date of the hearing, Ihe EO shall receive such evidence for or against the applicant.

SEC. O . Approval or disapproval of applications. - The ERB shall hear all the 2 applicatioi~s and, I>y majority vote, approve or disapprove the same in accordance with the sclieclule provided in Section 5 hereof. Should one day be insufficient for the all accepted applications, the ERB shall meet daily u ~ i t i all applications l processing shall have been processed, but not beyond four (4) days, and sul:),jeit to the following guidelines:


. .-


.. -




h l t ~ k l r e r f Applications o
.. -

Number of day(s)

- --

. .. -. -



Less 2000 2001 LID to 4.000 4,001 up to 6,000 -6001and above
-. -


Two 12) Three (3) Four (4) -.

If the E17B disapproves tlie application, the applicant shall 1:)s furnished with a certificate of disapproval stating the ground@)therefor. Afle~.meeting, the ERB shall prepare in six (6) copies tlie Minutes of the Proceeclincjs which il-lcl~rde, among others, the following:
1. blunlber of all applications submitted to the Board for colisideration; 2. List of applicants whose application for registration/transfer from other


city/mclnicipality was approved or disapproved by the Board indicating the application number opposite their names.
. ( i1:

Tlle EO shall, within five (5) days from the last day of hearing of the ERB, distrib~.rte copies of the Minutes to the following:
1. Two (2) copies to the Office of the Provincial Election Supervisor (OPES), which shall retain one copy and send the other copy to the Registration Division, EBAP; . 2 One (1) copy each to the representatives of the Dominant Majority Party ancl the Dominant Minority Party; 3 . One ( I ) copy shall be posted in the Bulletin Board of his Office; and 4. Retain copy for his file. q

Failure to coinply with the requirements of the two (2) preceding paragraphs shall Ibe grotrnd tor disciplinary action ancl withholding of benefits granted by the (lommission.
SEC. 33.. P~~hlication Action on Application. - Immediately within five (5) of (lays f r o ~ approval or disapproval of applications, the ERB shall post notices in the ~i I-,~.~lletii.\ boarcls of the ~nunicipal and in.the OEO, stating the names and addresses of hall the al?plicanis, the dates of the applications and fhe acdons taken thereon. The EO shall serve a copy of the notice either personally or by registered mail or special delivery, to the local I-ieaclsor representatives of registered political parties in St\1D.

SEC. 22. St~I~n-rission SNPDAT, POP, Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) ant1 of Apyro\red Applicatiolrs - Not later than December 7, 2012, the EO shall submit the SNPDA'T of the approved applications, QOR, approved applications (copy for the Nntional Certtl-ol File) and POP to the ITD and EBAD, respectively.
Sfc. 23. Petition for Inclusion of Voters in tlie List. - Any person whose application for registration has been disapproved by the ERB or whose name has been stricken out fiom the list may file with the court a petition to include his name in the permanent list of voters in his precinct at any time but not later than January 28, 2013. It skiall be s~.rpportecl a certificate of disapproval of his application and proof of service by . of notice of his petition upon the ERB.

I f the decision is for the inclusion of the voters' name in the permanent list of voters, il-ie ERB shall place the application for registration previously disapproved in the corresponding book of voters and indicate in the application for registration the date of 1:he ordel- of incli~siorr and the coi~rt which issued the same.
SEC. 24. Petition for Exclusion of Voters from the List. - Any registered voter, representative of a political party or the EO, may file with the court a sworn petition for .(heexclusion of a voter from the permanent list of voters giving the name, address and the precinct of the challenged voter at any time but not later than February 1 203.3. The , petition sl~all accornpanied by proof of notice to the ERB and to the challenged. be

If tlle decision is for the exclusion of the voter's name from the list, the ERB shall
upon receipt of tl-le final decision and remove the voter's registration record from the correspondincj boot: of voters, en'ter the order of exclusion therein and place the recoi-d iii tlie inactive file.

Sec. 25 Applicability of other resoli~tionr of the Commission. - The provisions of kes. No. 9249 (RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR TI-IE RESUMPTION OF THE S\'SIEM OF COhITINUING REGISTRATION OF VOTERS AND VALIDATION OF REGISTRATION RECORDS IN THE NON-ARMM AREAS promulgated on February 22, 2011) and o t h e ~Resolutions of the Commission insofar as appl~cableand when not inconsibtent herewith, shall apply.
Sec. 26. Effactivity. - This Resolution shall take effect in~lnediatelyafter its p~rblication.The Education and Information Department (EID) is hereby directed to in cause Ihe wiclest clissernination of this Resolution and its p~~blication two (2) newspapers of general circulation in the philippine; and two (2) nswspapers of local . . circiila.tionwithin the ARMM areas.
Sec. 27. Dissemination. - The Executive Director, Office of the Dep~rty Executive Ili~-ecto~. Operations, EBAD and ITD are hereby directed t o implement this Resolcrtion tor and to ft.irnisI.l copies of this Resolution to the Regional Election Director of Region X, and the I'ES of I-anao Del Norte.

Conini ssioner