change affected in some parts or specific provisions of the Constitution without considering th re-writing or substantial changing in the Constitution viewed in its entirety

a body assembled for the express purpose of framing a Constitution, or revising the existing Co amendments to it for the approval of the electorate in an election direct approval by the people of the amendment to, or revision of, the Constitution final act to make any change in the Constitution valid as part thereof upholds the principle that sovereignty resides in the people

METHODS where Amendment or Revision may be proposed a vote of 3/4 of all its Members Congress (as a constituent assembly)


members of the constituent assembly are themselves citizens, but not n country for which they are creating a constitution

Constituent Assembly often used as synonymous with Constitutional Convention

Constituent Assembly - body composed for the purpose of drafting or ad a vote of 2/3 of all its Members or by a majority vote of all its Members submit to the electorate the question of calling such convention

Constitutional Convention By the people (through initiative)

petition of at least 12% of total number of registered voters

every legislative district must be represented at least 3% of the registere amendment through initiative is not made within 5 years foll Constitution not oftener than once every five (5) years thereafter **ELEMENTS PRESENT people must author and thus sign the entire proposed amendments and can sign on their behalf full text of the proposal must be embodied in the petition, either written attached to it intiative signer must be informed, at the time of signing, of the nature an proposed ***any amendment or revision of the Constitution (for all three methods above) shall be valid the cast in a plebescite

tion without considering the whole document n. of the tion he purpose of drafting or adopting a constitution ity vote of all its Members ng such convention gistered voters at least 3% of the registered voters thereof ot made within 5 years following the ratification of this 5) years thereafter proposed amendments and no agent or representative the petition. or formulating the Constitution NT mselves citizens. or revising the existing Constitution. either written on the face thereof or of signing. but not necessarily the rulers. of the nature and effect of that which is ethods above) shall be valid when ratified by a majority of .

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