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1. Write true ‘T’ or false ‘F’ according to the text. (6x5=30 pts.) Well, lots of teenagers are sad because they think they haven’t got true friends. I know it is difficult to find true friends today, but there are some rules. If you follow these rules, you can make true friends easily. First of all, be honest! True friends should be honest. They should always say what they really think. Second, be kind and helpful! You should always be kind to your friends and they will be kind to you. You should also give help and support to your friends when they need. Next, don’t leave! You shouldn’t leave your friends alone and go away with others. Then, have fun! You should go out and have fun with your friends. Good times make good memories. Finally, don’t be selfish! You should share important things with your friends and you should also listen to them.

a. b. c. d. e. f.

It is easy to find true friends today. True friends should be honest. You shouldn’t be kind and helpful to your friends. You shouldn’t be selfish. Good times make good memories. You shouldn’t listen to them.

(____) (____) (____) (____) (____) (____)

2. Put the correct features of ‘A Good Friend’ and ‘A Bad Frind’. (6x3=18 pts.) a. doesn’t keep your secret. b. doesn’t help you when you need help. c. is always kind to you d. says bad things about you. e. tries to make you happy. f. understands you.

A Good Friend…. 1.___________________________________ 2.___________________________________ 3___________________________________

A Bad Friend…. 1.____________________________________ 2.____________________________________ 3.____________________________________

a. a. shy c. interpersonal intelligence c. verbal intelligence c. I like being outside. interpersonal intelligence c. funny a. stingy d. a. (4x2=8 pts. artistic intelligence b. Answer the questions according to the multiple intelligences. honest b. I like sports. I like reading books and taking notes. kind a. reliable d. logical intelligence c. I like studying with my friends and I am a sociable person. a. verbal intelligence b. logical intelligence D. animals and plants. Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the box. short c. slim d. naturalistic intelligence F. 4. bodily kinesthetic intelligence b. pictures and videos. visual intelligence c. visual intelligence b. bodily kinesthetic intelligence . logical intelligence b. I like writing something. I like musical instruments and listening to music when I study. generous 5. (8x4=32 pts. do d. naturalistic intelligence b. c. b.) A. visual intelligence c. musical intelligence B. musical intelligence G. People ________________ to read and write in primary school.) 1. a. I like nature. playing games. spend c. Choose the different word. musical intelligence C. logical intelligence b. She doesn’t __________________ the name of the film. logical intelligence b.3. (3x4=12 pts. artistic intelligence c. I like looking at maps. I like mathematical problems. a. tall b. cheerful c.) a. study a. share b. learn 3. I like studying alone and I do my homeworks myself. fat a. intrapersonal intelligence E. a. a. running. visual intelligence c. know 2. I ___________________ my lessons every evening. interpersonal intelligence H. tell b.

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