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‫السلم عليكم‬

-:D.D. of red eye

‫للتسهيل خدهم من برة لجوةالعين‬
.Trichiasis,distichiasis,entropion,ectropion,blepha ritis
Conjunctival causes

,Ophthalmia neonatorum in infant

.conjuctivitis(allergic,Infective),subconjunctival hge.,conjunctival foreign body

-:Corneal causes
Corneal ulcer
.corneal foreign body,contact lens related problems,

Acute congestive Glaucoma

.‫السباب التى بالفونت البولد الكبير ما فيهاش فصال لو نسيت واحدة تنقص كتير‬

D.D. of loss of vision

Transient visual loss(vision returns normal within 24.
.hours,usually within 1 hour

-:Visual loss lasting longer than 24hours.

-:Sudden painless loss

), Central ret.Art.,central ret.v.occlusion.retinal detachment

).Gradual painless loss(over weeks,Months,or year
Cataract,open angle glaucoma ,refractive error,chronic retinal
disease(e.g Age related macular degeneration.,Diabetic
-:Painful loss
Acute angle closureglaucoma.optic neuritis(usually pain with
eye movement),uveitis,endophthalmitis

.Post-traumatic visual loss.

‫اللى يسألك جبت الكلم ده من فين قوله من كتاب‬

Wills eye manual

‫حيسكت على طول‬

pannus ‫الباثولوجي بتاع ال‬

pannus of Trachoma
infiltration is between Epithelium & Basement membrane
Vascularization is superficial to Basement membrane &is

Pannus of phlycten
infiltration is between Epithelium & Basement membrane
Vascularization is deep to Basement membrane

‫يحصل ايه باه‬

‫ أنتيجين أنتي بودي ريأكشن أو كومبلكس‬Ag -Ab
‫يروحوا رايحين على‬
Connective tissue of bulbar conjunctiva Via Blood vessels
surrounded by inflammatory reaction )cells)& the phlycten is then

‫هذا وبالله التوفيق‬

‫السلم عليكم‬

Effect of Diabetes on eye

‫سؤال امتحان‬


.Recurrent styes , xanthelasma & blepharitis*

Conjunctivitis & Keratitis*
Rubeosis iridis can occur as complication of proliferative DR*

Spontaneous Hyphema may occur**

Bleeding also occurs during cataract surgery & iridectomy***
Diabetic iritis****

Retina -4
DR= diabetic retinopathy*
Lipemia retinalis due to high blood level in uncontrolled**
cases.Fundus appears pale &retinal vessels are milky

Vitrous Hge-5
Due to DR

Lens -6
True diabetic cataract below 30 years
Pre-senile cataract above 40 years

changes in refraction**
Hyperglycemia ==index myopia-
Hypoglycemia ==index hypermetropia-

IOP -7
)Secondary glaucoma )neovascular or Hge*
Hypotony in diabetic coma**

optic nerve-8
Retrobulbar neuritis
Acute papillitis

Paralytic squint -9
Lateral rectus is the commenest

Post operative complication-10

Delayed wound Healing-


vitamin A deficienc y & its ef fect on

ey e
:Night blindness
The child cannot see in the dim light or
twilight. Nightblindness is also found in
pregnant women in some instances, especially
during the last trimester of pregnancy when
.the vitamin A needs are increased
:Bitot Spots
These are foamy and whitish cheese-like
tissue spots that develop around the eye ball,
causing severe dryness in the eyes. These
.spots do not affect eye sight in the day light
Once the dry eyes set in, the eye becomes
very sensitive and begins to scratch and scar.
The eyelids become swollen and sticky. This
eventually leads to blindness. Once blindness
.occurs, it cannot be reversed
:Other symptoms of deficiency
When the body lacks vitamin A, the systems
that resist infection and disease do not work
very well. That is why children with Vitamin A
deficiency fall sick more often, take much
longer to recover and are more likely to die.
Problems with bones and teeth can also occur
‫والملف ده كمان جامد فيه كل حاجه بالصور‬

‫شكر خاص ل د شرين علي الفرقة الخامسة طب الزقازيق ‪ ...‬و د عباس‬

‫فاروق الفرقة الخامسة طب السكندرية‪...‬ربنا يجعله في ميزان‬