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1: ANALOGUE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS DOUBLE SIDE BAND SUPPRESSED CARRIER (DSB-SC) Question 1 A double side suppressed carrier signal demodulator. The spectrum of the message is passed through a coherent is shown on the figure below.

Determine and sketch the spectra i) R (f), ii) V (f) and iii) V0 (f).


Assuming that


Assuming that AcAc' = 2, we have:

iii) The term

will be eliminated by the LPF,

Question 2 Consider the scheme shown in Figure below.

Let us find the output y (t) when, a) x (t) = [1 + gm m (t)]cos(c t ). gm m(t ) < 1 and m(t ) is band-limited to W Hz and the LPF has a bandwidth of 2W. Assume that fc >> 2W. b) x (t) is a DSB-SC signal; that is x (t ) = m(t ) cos(ct)


DOUBLE SIDE BAND LARGE CARRIER (DSB-LC) Question 3 An audio signal given by 15sin2 (2000) t amplitude modulates a sinusoidal carrier wave 60sin2 (100000) t where the amplitudes and frequencies are expressed in Volts and Hertz respectively. Determine: i) Modulation index. ii) Write down the equation of the modulated wave showing clearly the sidebands. iii) Sketch the AM wave in both frequency and time domain Ans: i) Modulation index m = Vm/Vc = 15/60 = 0.4 ii) Vmod = VC (1 + mSinmt) Sinct = 60 (1+0.4 sin2 (2000) t) sin2 (100000) t Vmod = VC Sinct + mVc Sinmt.Sinct SinA.SinB = 1/2[Cos (AB) Cos (A+B)] Vmod = VC Sin 2fct + mVc/2 Cos 2 (fcfm) t mVc/2 Cos 2 (fc+fm)t Carrier LSB USB

Vmod = 60 Sin2 (100000) t + 12 Cos 2 (98000) t 12 Cos 2 (102000) t iii) Frequency domain representation

Time domain representation Vmax = Vc+Vm = 60 + 15 = 75 Vmin = Vc Vm = 60 15 = 45

Question 4 A 400 Watts carrier is modulated to a depth of 75%. Calculate the total power in the modulated wave. Ans: Pc = 400W; m% = 75%m=0.75

Question 5 A broadcast radio transmitter radiates 10Kw when the modulation percentage is 60. How much of this is the carrier power? Ans: PT = 10KW; m% = 60%m = 0.6

Pc = 8.47KW

Question 6 The antenna current of an AM transmitter is 8A when only the carrier is sent, but is increases to 8.93A; when the carrier is modulated by a single sine wave. Find the percentage modulation. Determine the antenna current when the percentage modulation changes to 0.8

Ans: Ic = 8A; IT = 8.93 A

m% = 70% b) m = 0.8

Question 7 A certain transmitter radiates 9Kw with the carrier unmodulated and 10.25Kw when the carrier is modulated sinusoidally. a) Calculate the modulation index. b) If another sine wave, corresponding to 40% modulation is transmitted simultaneously, determine the total radiated power. Question 8 The antenna current of an AM broadcast transmitter modulated to a depth of 40 % by an audio sine wave is 11A. It increases to 12A as a result of simultaneous modulation by another audio sine wave. What is the modulation index due to this second wave?