White Wine

250ml Bottle


Marques Calado Macabeo £3.65 £5.00 £13.95 Spain Fresh,  floral  aromas  reminiscent  of  aromatic  herbs  such  as  anise  and   fennel,  the  smooth  and  velvety  palate  is  fruit  driven  with  citrus  and   tropical  flavours.     Bantry Bay Chenin Blanc £4.00 £5.50 £16.00 South Africa An  aromatic  wine  with  hints  of  tropical  and  citrus  fruit  on  the  nose   and  tastes  of  pinapple  and  pears  on  the  palate  backed  up  with  a  firm   acidity.     Pinot Grigio £4.50 £6.00 £17.50 Italy Alfredini Garg Light  in  colour,  refreshing,  and  with  aromas  of  limes,  grapefruits  and   lemons  making  this  well  balanced  wine  very  easy  to  drink.   Sauvignon Blanc £4.60 £6.50 £18.50 Chile Vina Carrasco Citrus and tropical fruit aroma, dry and crisp on the palate with a pleasing acidity   Five Foot Track £4.80 £7.00 £20.00   Australia Chardonnay   A  nose  of  citrus  fruits  and  ripe  apples,  with  underlying  notes  of   vanilla.  Crisp  lemon  and  lime  on  the  palate.     Gavi La Lancellotta £25.00 Italy A  light  wine,  with  steel  minerality,  apple,  peach  and  apricot  flavours   and  refreshing  grapefruit  and  lime  character.     Domaine Montr ose Viognier £26.00 France Lovely  nose  of  exotic  fruits,  mango  and  cut  hay.  Fresh  and  flavoured   with  great  balance.  Not  too  dry.   Fernlands Sauvignon Blanc £24.00 New Zealand Very  zesty  on  the  palate  with  lots  of  lime  and  a  nettly   herbaceousness,  this  is  an  aromatic  and  classic  New  Zealand   Sauvignon  Blanc  with  a  refreshing  dry  finish.     Chablis, Pprieure St Come £33.00 France Classic  Chablis  with  flinty  characteristics  underlying  full  flavoured   Chardonnay  fruit   Sancerre , Domaine Lucien Crochet £39.00 France The  grape  variety  used  is  Sauvignon  Blanc,  meaning  that  Sancerre  is   light  and  refreshing  with  grassy  and  gooseberry  aromas  and   flavours.  

Red Wine



Rosé Wine

175ml 250ml

Marques Calado Tempranill £3.65 £5.00 £13.95 Spain Classic  Tempranillo  notes  of  dark  cherry  and  blackcurrant  are  lifted   by  a  hint  of  dried  flowers  and  spice.  Superbly  balanced,  the  fruits  of   the  forest  flavours  are  perfectly  complemented    by  soft  tannins.   Vina Carrascon Merlot £4.60 £17.95 Chile Soft  and  mellow,  rich  of  dark  fruit.  Medium  bodied.   £6.30

Marques Calado Rose £4.50 £6.50 £19.00 Spain An  intense  pink  wine  with  plenty  of  juicy  berry  fruit.  Strawberry  and   raspberry  flavours  are  complemented  by  cream  texture  and  crisp,   refreshing  acidity.   Flor Del Fuego Rose £20.00   Chile Cabernet  Savignon  Rosado,  full  off  summer  berry  aromas.   Refreshingly  dry  and  with  a  zippy  acidity,  rounded  off  by  the  lashings   of  supple,  juicy  fruit.        P inot Grigio Torre Alta Rose £21.00 italy A  brilliant  example  of  Italian  rose,  with  delicate  red  fruit  flavors  and   excellent  crispiness.

Five Foot Track Shiraz £5.10 £7.50 £21.00 australia The  bouquet  hints  of    cassis  and  blueberry.  The  taste  is  of  dark  red   berry  fruit  with  complex  spiciness.  Medium  bodied..   Torre Aldea Rioja £6.00 £8.00 £23.00 Spain A  deep  bright  red  cherry  colour  with  persistant  aromas  of  ripe  fruit   and  berries.  Long  and  lingering  with  great  harmony  and  a  wonderful   aftertaste  .   Welmoed Heritage Pinotage £22.00 South Africa Medium  bodied  with  bright  plum  fruit  and  hints  of  summer  pudding.   Smooth,  well  structured  and  fruity.     Finca La Florencia Malbec £24.00 argentina Elegant  fruit  and  spicy  oak  give  lots  of  complexity.  Full  bodied  wine   and  ideal  match  for  grilled  steak.   Fleurie Chateau de Raousset £39.00 france Powerful  on  the  palate  leading  to  flavours  of  raspberries  and   cherries.  Light  bodied  wine..   Casale Di Valle Chianti £23.00 italy Deep  garnet  coloured  red  wine  that  taste  of  black  cherries  and  fresh   red  fruits  mingle  with  spicy  pepper  notes.    

Sparkling Wine
Italia Prosecco £6.95 £29.00 Italy Pale  green  with  lemon  hues.  Hints  of  apple  and  peach  on  the  nose.   Light  and   delicate  with  citrus  notes  ‐  this  wine  is  dry,  soft  and  creamy.  

Bottle Comte de Lamotte Brut £39.00 Pommery Brut Rosé £51.00 Pommery Blanc De Blancs Summertime £52.00 Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial Nv £45.00 Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut NV £55.00 Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label Nv £65.00 Pommery Brut Vintage 2000 £70.00 Laurent-Perrier Rose £90.00 Pommery Cuvée Louise 1999 £125.00 Cuvée Dom Perignon £160.00 Krug Grande Cuvée £180.00.

Glass £7.95

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