Travelling in Hanoi

1. General note: -Get a map when you arrive at the airport, some areas are very suitable to be explored by foot, like the area around Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of Restored Sword) and Ho Tay (West Lake). -Vietnam is famous for its street food, so if you come at some restaurants that don’t look so classy or hygienic, don’t worry so much, the hygiene is acceptable and the food actually tastes better than pricey but middle range restaurant. My Singaporean friends did comment the the Pho (noodle) on the street taste really good compare to the one served in restaurant. -For long distance, I recommend going by taxi. One of the taxi brand I trusted is Thanh Nga Taxi, their car is small but it is ok to travel within the city. The staffs are nice and they don’t play trick on the fare meter. However, I’m not sure if they don’t cheat against tourists. The taxi number is: 04-3-8-215-215 -Btw, buying a prepaid SIM card in Vietnam is really cheap and easy, it only costs around 3 SGD (50.000 VND), which is enough for at least one week – The one at the airport only comes at higher nominal value (>150k), so I suggest going back to the city to buy a new SIM card, you can get one near the Hanoi Post Office near Hoan Kiem Lake. With a SIM card it is easier to call taxi and call back to the hostel for any help. -Keep your wallet and phones close to you, especially if you decide to visit Dong Xuan market. If you want to leave the wallets and phones on the eating tables, please keep close eyes to them. 2. Place to stay: I’d recommend staying near the old quarter area, since it is easier for you to walk around the area (most of the attractions are in the old quarter area I think) and come back on foot. Here are some of the hostels I found online, I think around 18 SGD for single room is reasonable. Also, the cab fare from the airport to old quarter area will be around $25-$30. 3. Things to do/Place to visit: The places just randomly pop up in my head, so there’s no right sequence to explore them. Keep in mind however, the Old Quarter (a) includes the Hoan Kiem lake and near to the Water Puppet

There’s a lot of souvenirs. http://hanoiarthotel. I’m not sure if they provide the guide for free  (f) Ho Chi Minh mausoleum .org/wiki/West_Lake_(Hanoi) (e) Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam (the first university in Vietnam) http://en._Hanoi You probably need a guide to explain things inside this Temple.html (c) Water puppet theatre (in the Old Quarter area) http://www. Temple of Literature (e) and Hoa Lo Prison (g) are not near to any place above.Theatre (c). you can go to the rooftop and watch the whole area around Hoan Kiem Lake (the centre lake in Hanoi) Avalon Cafe Lounge .html (d) West Lake (got some really good food around the lake) (a) Old Quarter: it’s the network of streets built when the French occupied etc around the You can probably spend an afternoon walking around here.tripadvisor.73 Cầu Gỗ Hà Nội (b) One Pillar Pagoda. food. The One Pillar Pagoda (b) is near to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (f) and near to the West Lake (d).wikipedia. Hoàn Kiếm district.html -There’s one coffee bar which I like near this area is Avalon café.

Hai Bà Trưng District. .http://www. The food stall is a bit hard to find. Hà Nội or -Pho Thin http://www. pretty scary.tripadvisor. -Pho Thin (a different one at Hoan Kiem Lake) (you can probably walk around Hoan Kiem Lake and stumble upon this shop) I highly recommend this one.html (g) Hoa Lo Prison http://www.html I’ve been here once when I was small. One of the best pho I had in Hanoi. Food: -DON’T TRY “PHO 24” – It’s not that it’s an old food stall by the boulevard near the Hoan Kiem This list here is based on my taste. 4. Now it is turned into a tourist attraction or -Pho Vuong (Square noodle) Address: 44 Ngô Thì Nhậm Street. I must say that some of Vietnamese foods will not be tasty to foreigners. It was a French prision that held the captivated Viet so I’m not 100% sure you will like the food >:) (a) Pho (Vietnamese Noodle) -Address: 49 Bat Dan Old Quarter but it is around the red dot I marked on the google map below.

Hanoi. Also. but it seems that the quality has decreased since that time.Hà Nội -28 Quang Trung. Vietnam I tried here (c) Bean curd (really different from the one in Singapore) -55 Tô Hiến Thành street.html 18 Phan Boi Chau | Hoan Kiem. the food is a bit pricey. However. it was really good.5 Huznh Thúc Kháng . you can try many Vietnamese dishes in this restaurant. Hà Nội -2 Trần Thánh Tông . long time ago.tripadvisor.(b) Quan An Ngon restaurant: http://www. It is like you can try many unique Vietnamese dishes in one place. Hai Bà Trưng -Số 3 .

while being light and contain little fat.Hà Nội (near Trúc Bạch lake) (Truc Bach lake is next to West Lake =)) ) (e) Bun cha: I don’t really like this restaurant but you can definitely give it a One address I found online is “29 Ngũ Xã street.tripadvisor. .html (f) Xôi Yến (Glutinous Rice) 35 Nguyễn Hữu Huân street That’s all I can think of now.(d) Fresh spring rolls (Phở cuốn) I don’t really remember the address for this dish. but it’s really tasty. Have a nice time in Hanoi. Ba Đình district . http://www.

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