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AS/400 Useful Commands

The AS/400 Cheat Sheet lists commands useful for performing basic operational tasks on the AS/400. The command parameters can be viewed by utilizing the AS/400's online help. How do I...?

Prompt a command <command> <F4 key> Find all commands beginning with a prefix <prefix>* Display help for a command ? <command> Run a program interactively CALL <program> Change my password CHGPWD Copy a file CPYF Create a control language program CRTCLPGM Duplicate an object CRTDUPOBJ Delete a file DLTF Display current job DSPJOB Display job log DSPJOBLOG View file information DSPFD View list of file fields DSPFFD View current library list DSPLIBL Display AS/400 history log DSPLOG Display message DSPMSG Display system operator message log DSPMSG QSYSOPR View object information DSPOBJD View object authority DSPOBJAUT Quickly view file contents DSPPFM View tape contents DSPTAP Change library list EDTLIBL Kill a running job ENDJOB Go to a menu GO <menu> Find various AS/400 information GO INFO Find programming tools GO PROGRAM Grant a user authority to an object GRTOBJAUT Power off the system PWRDWNSYS Remove objects from the system RMVOBJ Rename objects on the system RNMOBJ Restore objects from tape RSTOBJ Restore libaries from tape RSTLIB Submit a job for processing SBMJOB Logoff the AS/400 SIGNOFF Start AS/400 file query tool STRQRY Edit a source member STRSEU Send a message SNDMSG Send a break message SNDBRKMSG

Save objects to tape SAVOBJ Save libraries SAVLIB Logoff the system SIGNOFF Check active jobs WRKACTJOB Examine device status WRKCFGSTS Examine hard disk status WRKDSKSTS Manage the AS/400 job scheduler WRKJOBSCDE Manage job queues WRKJOBQ Locate an object on the system WRKOBJ Identify who is using an object WRKOBJLCK Check printer output queues WRKOUTQ Examine submitted jobs WRKSBMJOB Locate printer output WRKSPLF Examine system status WRKSYSSTS Display system settings WRKSYSVAL Look at another user's jobs WRKUSRJOB <userid> Manage user profiles WRKUSRPRF Display Help F1 Return to previous menu F3 Prompt for command parameters F4 Retrieve the last command F9 Display command keywords when prompting command F11 Cancel current command prompt F12 Display system request menu SYSREQ+ENTER If you have ideas for improvements, send Marty an email at The latest copy of the AS/400 Cheat Sheet can be downloaded from