Pre Dawn Commotion

Pre-dawn Commotion That predawn hour of creative turmoil Thoughts colliding with blank walls blankness echoes

back the crumpled emptiness of my heart obliterated landmarks, erased scars And then there is a commotion the spell is broken the silence is shattered it is Adolph! Barking, snarling, scratching walls Aha! My good watch dog so we have a thief or a robber, may be how very interesting! I rush out for the action and find Adolphie going berserk Pushing the curtains back I am shell shocked I fall backwards Damn! No Damn!!! Oh Damn! Damn! Damn! Hysterical now I can't stop laughing and now Adolph is really angry

It is kalluwa, Adolph's rival the stray mongrel the unfriendly neighbour who competes by peeing where Adolphie lets out streams Turf rival, arch rival circles and circles atop the rooftop of my Honda Village (called so instead of Honda City since it is in a bad state) Smirking at Adolph, he dares You, domesticated toy GSD Come get me if you can! Look, look at me dance and prance over your master's car Hmm, Is this what you call a car? And what you can do about it! Ha! This is my extended turf! I can sit and pee wherever I please After I stopped laughing I take the matter in my hands Hmm, and yes nod affirmatively to Kalluwa Okay, I agree it’s about time I changed my Honda Village No, not civic but Volkswagen then try being a wagoner and I'll unleash Adolph to deal with you

I return to my crumpled bed Call Adolph over he still hasn't forgiven me!

© Shyam 27 August 2012

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