Library Assignment Sheet Fall 2012 English 1102 Name_____________________________ IMPORTANT!

This library sheet is meant to help you in your research for your paper by familiarizing you with a few of the useful resources in the library. So many times I've had students, a day or two before the paper is due, who claim to be completely lost about how to research sources. When I mention this library assignment, invariably they admit to not having started it yet!! Completing this assignment after you try to complete your research adds a LOT of time to your task and defeats the purpose of the assignment. NOTE: If you copy and paste just the questions into a new document, the numbers disappear for some reason if you simply click on the name of the document on emma. Please click download and print before copying and pasting any text from this document; this method allows the numbers to remain. If you would prefer to write on this sheet, you’ll need to save the doc in order to edit it (i.e. provide more space between the questions to write your answers) When you've filled out your answers, you can print. Alternately, if you wish to write answers on a separate sheet, you may. I didn’t leave spaces in order to save more paper when you print if you just want a reference copy. And a reference copy will always remain on emma. While I’m hoping that all these directions work smoothly, sometimes the best-laid plans go awry. If you can’t get one of the activities to work, please let me know through email. However, all of the information that I’m asking you to find IS available. The only problem might be in the actual process of retrieving the information, but when I last checked, all links were working. If you run into snags, spend a few minutes (5-10) looking for the info, but if you can’t find it, email me. You are welcome to go to the library with a classmate, but each of you should do your own work, independently of one another. Due date: bring to class on Tuesday, Oct 9. The purpose of this exercise is to give you a feel for a FEW of the many resources the UGA Main Library has to offer. You should note that the university has two other huge libraries on campus: science and law. You will be using only the Main Library for this worksheet, but should the need arise, you are welcome to use the others (and any off campus libraries) for your actual research paper. NOTE: if you are NOT at the library, you might need a password. The password for this semester is __dreamer_____ . ONE MORE NOTE: Write in pen or type answers if you wish. However, if your handwriting is not legible, you won’t get credit. If you have poor handwriting, TYPE. Please do not write in tiny scrunched up letters that require a magnifying glass to read. Thanks! 1. First, head to the main reference room, first floor (straight back after you come in the front doors, past the circulation desk and elevators). Seat

You should then be in the "GIL@uga libraries catalog. popular resources. Click on the title. and please be certain to put the book back where it belongs. Name two ways these types of materials differ. e. type “Death of a Salesman. b. as others will be completing this assignment as well.” Then click on “Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection.” b.” a.” Look at some of the help that is available on this page. 3. design.” Type in “American Dream. Who is the editor of this collection? How many pages are in the book? What is its call number? On what floor will you be able to find this book? Who is its publisher? In what city was the book published? In what year was the book published? Is the book available to be checked out? How can you tell? All of the above information can be gathered from the computer screen. d. a. c. Now find the book on the shelves.yourself at a computer to your right as you walk in the reference room. etc).” Find a work entitled “Social Mobility and the American Dream: What College Students Believe. Be specific. bring down “Databases by Subject” menu and choose “psychology. The first screen you see should be the UGA Libraries home screen.” (Might not be on first page). Name the two ways that college students view mobility/moving up in the world Now click on “HTML Full Text. which of the three required sources would it be? (Book. DO NOT check it out. Under the “Articles & Databases” tab. Periodical. Now go back to the library home screen (where you started) and click on “Services” then “for Undergraduates” then “Research. If you were to quote this source in your paper. exit the current page. i. Click on this link to see an abstract. Internet) . g. j. articles. Internet) does the screen show as available? Now scroll down the list of resources and find a book entitled Closers: Great American Writers on the Art of Selling. f. Back to main page. then click on “What is a scholarly source?” under Scholarly Sources. Describe briefly what the book’s cover looks like (color.” In the search box. If not. 2. You’ll see a chart contrasting scholarly vs. Click on the "Books & More" tab at the top of the box in the middle of the screen. How many resources on the play (total: books. h.

" Type in the name of the JOURNAL from question 5b. d. b. On home page. On what page of the journal does this article begin? Click on “Find it at UGA” at the bottom. What is the call number of the journal? On what floor would you find this journal? What is the name of the name of the college that publishes the journal? What information will you need to print or write down in order to more easily find this journal on the shelves? (You might want to locate the call number on the shelf and see what you need to find this exact article when you get to the shelf!) 5. Click on journal's link. When is your birthday? . citing journals.” a. b.” a. g. c. Click on M. e. Type in “Death of a Salesman” in the search box.” then find and click on “The Depiction and Characterization of Women in Sports Films. c. would you be able to find the hard copy of the article listed above in the library? Why or why not? 7. This source lists all sources published on literature topics. Now go to the basement* (see footnote) periodical area. On the left.” then “at basic search. Click on: “Gender Watch. and then scroll down to MLA International Bibliography. f. c. h. a. d. please. f. On which floor can this journal be found? What is the call number? In what year were print copies canceled and replaced with online issues? Based on this information. Click GIL Universal Catalog under "Popular Links. click on “articles and databases” and find “Women’s and Gender Studies” on the drop down menu. click on “Journal Articles. Who is the author of the article? What is the name of the journal in which the article is published? In what month and year was the article published? In what volume number does this article appear? What does the “2” mean in parentheses beside “Source”? (Refer to St. if you are not sure).” then search for an article titled “Like a Diamond Shining in the Dark: Ben’s Role in Death of a Salesman. You are to find a copy of The New York Times on the day you were born. i. Back to home page to click on Galileo@UGA. b. What is the name of the journal from which this article is taken? What is the date of the article? What is the volume number of the journal? Who is the author of the article? On what page of the physical journal does this article begin? 6. d. type “sports films. Name two of the films discussed in the article. j.4. Martin’s Handbook. a. Home page. e.

The drawers are marked by dates and the actual film is in boxes in about two week increments. at least. Take the small box to a microfilm machine (NOT microfiche!) Follow the directions for loading the film spindle on the reel. NOTE: this book comes and goes for no explicable reason! If it’s not available. the advertisements. Now find one Broadway show. In the periodicals department. You should reward yourself with a candy bar. 9. On what floor will you find the libraries collection of movies/DVD/etc? b. based on the articles.Now go to the snack area in the front of the library. to the right as you come . or movie that was showing on your birthday. Name a couple of the headlines on the day of your birth. What is the name? 8. One won’t hurt you! You’ve earned it! You’ve sorta found your way around the library! 12. The NYT usually doesn’t have one big banner headline. ask the staff where you can get a list of available films owned by the library). Go to the reference room on the first floor and walk along the shelves to get an idea of the scope of materials that are housed here. What is the ad selling? How much is the item advertised? d. a.N5N6 in the microfilm section. You will be locating the media department where you are able to check out films and watch them here if you like. What is your favorite movie? c. Is this movie available in the library? (Check the big book on the counter. this area will be to your right. Find one book that interests you and write its call number and title.The call number you will need is AN35. a. to be turned in for a quiz grade. have moved to the first floor.Bring this completed worksheet to class by Tuesday. Oct 9. * Some periodicals. (HELPFUL HINT: Make sure that the light is working on the machine BEFORE settling in and threading your film!) b. you should take a stroll through the newspapers/magazines section to get a sense of the scope and number of materials that are available. c. Now scroll down through the newspaper to find an ad with a price listed in it. and the level of language? Be specific. before going through the security gate. At what type of audience or discipline does it appear to be aimed. What is the name of the magazine? b. 11. musical. 10. As you’re leaving. Find a magazine that you have never heard of that begins with the first letter of your last name.

but the room is not large enough to accommodate everything formerly in the basement. I have been in the new periodicals room.through the security gates. The map of the library still shows periodical material to be in the basement. . so you might have to ask where the archived newspapers are.

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