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2012 .SAP – Functional Specification Customer: Project ID: Module: Document Information Document Number Title Document Purpose Contact for Enquiries Document Change Control : Release 00 01 Descriptio n Created by Date Reviewed by Date Approved by Date 2|P a g e Sonata Software Limited April 24.

SAP – Functional Specification Functional specification Responsible For concept <Name of Business Owner> Section I: Justification Area ( Module): Brief description: Program type: (b) Detailed Functional Description Concept – Operational Requirements (describe in detail) • Process Logic : The detailed Process Logic is given in Annexure For Conversion Tables involved: Table Relation-ship SAP Input Screen (Data Mapping) Transactio n: Screen number       R/3 Screen field name Legacy field Remarks Forms Tables involved:             3|P a g e Sonata Software Limited April 24. 2012 .

customizing path and details about what must be done. Explain here the detail requirement for Laout viz. please include the copy here.t.SAP – Functional Specification       Design of desired form – Layout set: Specify the default layout set if available Specify page format Standard Form Model: Attach copy of existing form as sample.r. usage/ data volume/ Can it be standardise etc If this form is a copy of a standard form or if there is a model in the legacy system. Desired output: Give a pictorial view of the desired output Enhancement: Specify the available enhancement name. Include also the name of the standard form and path/transaction where it is in the SAP System. testing Test Case and Test Related Result specification Number: Test Cases (with expected results) Prepared on 4|Pa ge Sonata Software Limited April 24. 2012 . Please ensure all customization done w.

SAP – Functional Specification 5|Pa ge Sonata Software Limited April 24. 2012 .

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