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BIDDER’S QUALIFICATION CRITERIA (BQC) TECHNICAL CRITERIA Bidder shall be a manufacturer of drawout type 415V switchboards. The manufacturer shall be an authorized Panel Builder/Channel Partner of the Air-Circuit Breaker and Switchgear manufacturer. The Bidder shall have designed, engineered, manufactured, tested and supplied, in the last ten years reckoned from the bid due date, at least one set of 415V PCC / PMCC (with the same make of circuit breaker as the one being offered) rated minimum 415V, 3000A, 50 kA for 1 sec. comprising not less than 10 panels. The same switchboard as in (iii) above must have been in service and operating satisfactorily for at least a period of one year as on bid due date. Equipment shall be supplied from the manufacturer’s unit which meets the criteria specified at (i), (ii) & (iii) above. Offered design of switchboard with circuit breaker must have been type tested as per IS/IEC from reputed testing laboratory such as CPRI or equivalent independent test laboratory. Bidder shall have following type test certificate for offered type of switchboard with circuit breaker :  Short time current withstand test  Temperature rise test FINANCIAL CRITERIA: Minimum Annual Turnover achieved by the bidder in any of the preceding Three (3) financial years shall be as under: Rs. 11.50 Crore (Rupees Eleven Crore Fifty Lakhs Only). The Net Worth of the Bidder during the last Financial Year shall be positive. The bidder should have minimum working capital as mentioned below during the last financial year. If the bidder’s working capital is inadequate, the bidder shall supplement this with a letter issued by his Banker have net worth not less the Rs. 1000 millions or US $ 22 million conforming the availability of line of credit to meet the specified working capital. Rs. 2.3 Crore (Two Crore Thirty Lakhs Only) PRE-BID MEETING : Pre-bid Meeting shall be held at Engineers India Limited, Engineers India Bhawan, 1, Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi – 110066. Bidders or their authorized representatives are requested to attend the Pre-Bid Meeting so that their queries, if any related to the Bidding Documents and Scope of Work can be addressed during the meeting. The bidders are requested to send clarifications, if any, by courier or by Fax/ e-mail to reach EIL well before the pre-bid meeting. The clarifications shall be provided during the pre-bid meeting. Non attendance of the pre-bid meeting shall not be a cause of disqualification of the bidder. GENERAL: Bidder to not that all items shall be ordered on single bidder, therefore bidders to quote for all the items. BCPL/EIL reserves the right to assess Bidder’s capability to execute the work using in house information and by taking into account various aspects such as performance during evaluation of bids. The Bidder must furnish documentary evidence such as Purchase Order, Completion / Satisfactory Operation Certificate & other necessary details / documents along with Audited Balance sheets or Audited Financial Statements including Profit & Loss Accounts, Auditor
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