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  Financial  Kim  

10/9/12  5:14  PM  
College/ University   Years  


am a freshman, currently enrolled in a prestigious international school in Seoul, Korea. My current objective is to obtain a stable position as a financial analyst, and to satisfy and please companies by making accurate predictions based on various aspects of those companies. My goal is to satisfy companies by earning them profit by my accurate investments. I would like to observe diverse trends in the equity and bonds market, and make successful investments. College/University Years I am striving to go to a prestigious college in America, by majoring in business/finance. To obtain a stable job position after completion of college, I would prefer to go to an Ivy League school, or a well-known business/law school. In order to learn valuable information on investment managing, finance, and economics in college, I would like to major in personal finance or economics. First Professions Following graduation from college, I would like to enroll in a business/law grad school, and earn an MBA (master’s degree in business administration) while serving as an intern or full-time employer in a law or business firm. I would also have liked to participate and be a part of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program. As a junior analyst in a business firm, I would become more proficient in my job by learning from senior analysts, and develop more technological and social skills.
18 21 22 26 34 36   45 High School Degree College Degree in Finance Intern in big business company Earn MBA, become a financial analyst of firm. Chief Financial Analyst of firm Official analyst of big company. Chief Financial Officer of big company

First   Professions  

Advancement   in  Jobs/ Positions  

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Advancement in Jobs/Positions I am planning on advancing and being promoted to a senior analyst by impressing senior management by creating impressive presentations and portfolios, while building on my resume by earning Bachelor or Master’s degrees in economics and finance. I plan on increasing my annual income by becoming a financial analys t for various, well known companies. If I have gained a name for myself in the job market, then I might form my own business firm, and hire junior analysts who show promise and potential. Career Highlight My ideal position as a financial analyst is being the chief analyst for various, big companies around the world. I would be the negotiator between companies looking for new, lucrative investments to make. I would have a name as an accurate analyst of stock trends, and would be continuously hired by big companies such as Apple, AIG, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Bloomberg. At this point of time, I will have earned enough financial assets and profit to sufficiently support my family. Qualities  to  Prosper   Perseverance   Eloquence   Creativity