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Portfolio Management Services (PMS)






commodity. Khan as a NonExecutive Chairman along with governing board with Mr. PWM specializes in Shariah wealth Management Advisory & Research with clear focus on Shariah Compliant or Islamic Investments. We have not only been ranked as the 4th largest broking firm in India* but also have been nominated 3r by UTI MF and CNBC TV 18 Financial Awards 2010 in the Best Financial Advisor-Retail category. Distribution of third party products etcs. Bonanza's Journey through the years has been very eventful in nature.Introduction to Bonanza Group Bonanza a leading Financial Services and Broking House working diligently since 1994 can be described in a single word as a "Financial Powerhouse" with acknowledged industry leadership in execution and clearing services on Exchange Trade Derivatives and cash market products. Introduction to Pragmatic Wealth Management Pvt. M. Keeping in par with the modern tech-savvy world. Strategic tie-ups with latest technology partners has earned Bonanza membership of various principal stock and Commodity Exchanges making Bonanza stand apart from its competitors and a preferred services provider in the industry for valuebased services.Y. Ltd. It is headed by Dr. It provides an extensive smorgasboard of services in equity. Pragmatic Wealth Management (PWM). Imtiaz Merchant as a Managing Director. Bonanza has spread its trustworthy tentacles all over the country with more than 1632 outlets spread across 535 cities. it also enable its clients to invest online as well as offline. currency derivative. Wealth management. Bonanza Pragmatic Shariah Fund (BPS-Fund) We have observed that the Indian equity market offers incredible . is one of the pioneers in Shariah Financial Services equipped with strong capital market experts having technical expertise as well. return expectations and risk tolerance. We suggest appropriate products to the clients based on factors like their investment spheres. Bonanza makes an integrated and innovative use of technology. Portfolio Management Services (PMS) Bonanza Portfolio Limited is registered with SEBI as a provider of Portfolio Management Services and our team of portfolio managers design portfolio to suit every client’s needs.

(PWM).Mal) who would like to invest their savings in Shariah manner rather than depositing their savings in the bank. Stock Selection: The stocks invested in equity will be selected from Shariah compliant companies comprising Large. In view of this. The market capitalization of these Shariah complaint companies is well over 55 % of market capitalization of the NSE and BSE. At present. Liquor. Tobacco. The fund will be investing in . Mid and small size companies. Capital Goods & Industrials. with its enormous potential for growth. Power & Utility. Construction & Reality. Entertainment. Bonanza. NBFCs and Securities trading business etc. Oil & Gas. Information Technology. Fund Advisors: Imtiaz Merchant Minimum Investment: ` 25 lacs Sectors: Shariah PMS will invest in the following sectors: Automobiles. It excludes investments in the industries like Banking. can compete favorably with global portfolio managers and attract high net worth individual investors. Ltd. IIFB comprises reputed and learned Islamic scholars. The Indian equity market. it offers the best alternative. we decided to launch a Shariah Fund as “Bonanza-Pragmatic Shariah Fund” (BPS – Fund) as a joint initiative of Bonanza Portfolio Ltd (BPL) and Pragmatic Wealth Management P. Fund Objective: Name of the fund. Shariah Certification: Shariah Certificate to The PMS Fund will be issued by a Shariah Board “Islamic Investment & Finance Board (IIFB)” based on the report submitted by Pragmatic Wealth Management P.Pragmatic Shariah Fund The objective of the strategy is to secure long term gains from the investments in the combination of large and mid size companies which are Shariah compliant. The Shariah Board will also conduct a periodic review of all the portfolios of individual clients and will issue the Shariah Certificates.avenue for Shariah compliant investments. perhaps the only alternative to the Indian Muslim investors (Rabbul . Healthcare. Ltd. Consumer Goods & Services. Metal & Mines.

we all know that everyone of us is interested to have healthy. Pork and non. WHAT IS SHARIAH COMPLAINT INVESTMENT? Shariah Laws aim to set ethical standard to promote welfare and protection of investors there for Shariah has prohibited investment in the industry manufacturing wine. b)Cash plus interest bearing securities of the companies should not exceed 33 percent of its twelve months average market capitalization.Islamically permissible stocks with minimum market capitalization of 1000 crores. 2)Restriction on Business Activity: Investment shall not be done in stocks of the companies whose business activity is prohibited like the Conventional interest based banks. cinema. Alcoholic beverages like wine and liquor. Nifty. (We provide this value added to our client ) . Entertainment includes film production companies. Performance Bench Mark: The Shariah PMS will benchmark against Sensex. clean and transparent life that is why Shariah fund are for your services. pork. 3)Restriction Based on Financial ratios: a)Interest bearing debt of the companies should not exceed 33 percent of its twelve months average market capitalization. cinema. 4)Purification of Impure Income: The profit thus derived from Shariah PMS in needs be purified (purged) and given as charity. NBFC. Securities trading in derivatives and intraday trading in stocks are strictly not permitted. Insurance companies. Short selling is completely prohibited. tobacco and its related products etc and services sectors like Interest based banks. tobacco and its related products. Cable TV. c)Trade receivable and other deb tors of the companies should not exceed 33 percent of its twelve months average market capitalization. Insurance. entertainment. securities trading companies.Halal food products companies. Stocks will be sold upon having its complete possession. music etc. Looking into the need to invest in equity markets. NBFC. Shariah scholars have imposed certain restriction and stipulated conditions if these are met then one can invest in equity markets the permissible (Halal) way 1) Restriction Based on the Type of Securities: Investment is done in Shariah compliant stocks. S&P Shariah index. d)Interest Income plus any impure income of the companies to its company's total income should not exceed 5 percent. music etc.

Mr. high quality entrepreneurs. It is impossible to produce a superior performance. moreover India. He has put in years of extensive effort into understanding the principles of Islamic Finance and has been in constant discussions with and Islamic Finance scholars and experts. is a Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University. Imtiaz Merchant – Fund Manager Mr. India is not only one of the fastest growing economies in the world that offers an excellent investment opportunity on a massive scale. being world's largest democracy. If performance as a parameter is considered. it is observed that Shariah complaint investment being low in debt and having sound fundamental principles tend to perform better. hence large non. Merchant's major endeavor is to continue to develop and market the Islamic investment products that help Shariah Compliant investors who deserve to invest their savings ethically. and holds a PG diploma in Marketing Management. vigilant & vibrant regulators gives a clear advantage. young population. Having in-depth knowledge on the subject of Shariah Investment he has a privilege to create Shariah Compliant Stock Universe. He is the Fund Manager for Bonanza –Pragmatic Shariah Fund. . efficiently and profitably.muslim investors should take the benefit of this socially responsible and above par performing Islamic investments. He is well-versed with the Islamic Finance Market and the Shariah Compliance norms for investments. unless you do something different from the majority. In all he has constructed 14 Shariah indices and they are backtracked since 2006. India offers a huge opportunity for Islamic equity investment. He has successfully created Islamic index namely Islami Tijara Equity index (ITE index). He has significant expertise in Fundamental as well as Technical analysis with more than 12 years of experience of equity markets.SCOPE FOR ISLAMIC INVESTMENTS With sound economic base and with hundreds of companies complying with Shariah norms. Imtiaz Merchant.

63. Goregaon (E). Nair www. Mumbai .Plot No. Dr. Mumbai Central (E) Mumbai 400011 Tel.islamitijara.: +91-22-23001290 / 23007290 E-mail: contact@islamitijara. Agripada. Behind The 102. M-2. Walbhat Road. Tel: +91-22-67605 500/600 Toll Free: . First Floor. 022-39704040 E-mail: contact@bonanzaonline.bonanzaonline. Topaz Society. Cama Industrial Estate.