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• Exclusive partnership with Thailand’s leading mobile operator set to revolutionise listening habits of Thai music lovers

Bangkok, 15thAugust 2012-Leading music subscription serviceDeezeris today bringing unlimited music to Asia, with a major launch in Thailand in partnership with dtac, the leading mobile operator with a superior nationwide 3G network. The service is also being launched this week in Malaysia and Singapore as a standalone service. The arrival of Deezer in the region is set to change the way people listen to music. With more than 18 million tracks available at the click of a button and across all devices including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry as well as tablets and laptops, music is accessible to music fans in Thailand in more ways than ever before. The new partnership with dtac, one of Thailand’s leading telecommunications operators, builds on Deezer’s successful business model that sees it select the best partners in each market to ensure strong local distribution and a successful marketing approach. The dtac/Deezer joint service is set to revolutionize Thai music industry by giving consumers easier and more affordable access to music. Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer, said: “We are thrilled to finally launch Deezer in Thailand as our first foray into Asia. There is a real passion for music here and we have no doubt that a service like ours, which has a strong focus on local content and premium editorial recommendation, will resonate with music fans. We are pleased to have dtac on board as we have found in other markets that telecommunications partnerships like the one we are announcing today provide a powerful way of helping people explore this revolutionary new means of listening to, discovering and sharing music.” Pakorn Pannachet, Senior Vice President – Market Division, Total Access Communication PLC. (dtac) said that “The partnership with Deezer marks the first global music streaming service ever in Thailand and Asia. This phenomenal service is our strategic move and a strong commitment to bring the best global content to our customers. Deezer’s full integration with Facebook fits Thai’s customers perfectly and through its extensive 18-million-song archive of music, dtac can hugely expand its portfolio of offerings to a wide range of consumers, while getting closer to the goal of being Thailand’s best 3G mobile data operator. Similarly, dtac’s strong subscriber base and 3G nationwide network supports Deezer in getting ahead of the game for its Thailand roll-out.” Deezer enters a regional marketplace currently dominated by the sale of ringback tones. Its webbased technology has enabled it to be a mass-market solution with far greater ease of access, and a particularly important service for fighting piracy and illegal distribution of music. A key recent challenge for music creators in Asia has been the growth of illegal download activity. For bands, artists and labels alike, Deezer will become a powerful platform that will help artists get paid fairly for their creative work. The dtac/ Deezer Premium + service will be available with dtac’s billing, and included in selected unlimited data plans/tariffs by October. Deezer will also be available as a web-based standalone

service, making it easier for people to listen to the music they love from any device, wherever they are. The launch in Thailand and Malaysia and Singapore consolidates Deezer’s position as the one truly global subscription service with a presence now in 91 territories worldwide.The rollout in Asia will continue with Singapore the next market expected to launch in the coming weeks. - End -

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Caption: VJ Nicky, famous music enthusiast and industry insider eagerly awaits dtac Deezer, the world's best music streaming.

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For further information or to get comment from Deezer, please contact: Maetavarin Maneekulpan/ TantidaTammakhupat Total Quality PR (TQPR) Thailand Co. Ltd., Tel: 02-260-5820 ext. 115/ 120 E-mail: or email

About Deezer Deezer is a market leader in music streaming worldwide with 23 million users across 88 territories, 1.5 million Deezer subscribers, more than 800,000 Facebook fans and 350,000 Twitter followers.Deezer's users can enjoy discovering new music every day as well as unlimited streaming and downloads of a catalogue of 18 million tracks. Deezer's music services do not rely on software downloads and are available on PC/Mac, all smartphones and many connected devices. In September 2011, Deezer announced a partnership with Facebook, an important international step that allowed Deezer to integrate its services into the world's largest social network. On December 8th 2011, Deezer began its worldwide roll-out except in Japan and the US.

About dtac Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac) is a leading mobile network operator in Thailand, currently serving over 23.6million subscribers. It was founded in August 1989, and, for the last ten years, has accumulatively invested over 130billion baht in Thailand to strengthen its business by continuously upgrading its technology and improving the quality of its service. For more information about dtac (The Stock Exchange of Thailand symbol: DTAC), please visit Discover Deezer

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