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Garry Prima Suryalaga 1001577

1. Definiton of bussiness letters: business letter is a letter written in formal language, usually used when writing from one business organization to another, or for correspondence between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. The overall style of letter will depend on the relationship between the parties concerned. 2. Types of bussines letter: a. Acknowledgement Letter : This type of letter is written when you want to acknowledge some one for his help or support when you were in trouble. The letter can be used to just say thanks for something you have received from some one, which is of great help to you. b. Apology Letter : An apology letter is written for a failure in delivering the desired results If the person has taken up a task and he fails to meet the target then he apologizes and asks for an opportunity to improve in this type of letter. c. Appreciation Letter : An appreciation letter is written to appreciate some one's work in the organization. This type of letter is written by a superior to his junior. An organization can also write an appreciation letter to other organization, thanking the client for doing business with them. d. Complaint Letter : A complaint letter is written to show one that an error has occurred and that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. The letter can be used as a document that was used for warning the reader. e. Inquiry Letter : The letter of inquiry is written to inquire about a product or service. If you have ordered a product and yet not received it then you can write a letter to inquire when you will be receiving it. f. Order Letter : This letter is as the name suggests is used for ordering products. This letter can be used as a legal document to show the transaction between the customer and vendor. g. Letter of Recommendation : This type of letter is written to recommend a person for a job position. The letter states the positive aspects of the applicant's personality and how he/she would be an asset for the organization. Letter of recommendation is even used for promoting a person in the organization. 3. Formats of business letters Return Address Line 1 1 Return Address Line 2 Date (Month Day, Year) 2 Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. Full name of recipient. 3 Title/Position of Recipient. Company Name Address Line 1

.. ... . .. .... .. .. ... ... ........ . .e... . ..... . .. . .......... ...../Mrs. .. ... ....... . .. ....... . .. .. ... "Director of Human Resources"... . Last Name: 4 Subject: Title of Subject 5 Body Paragraph 1 . . ... ... . i..... .... .. .... .. .. ... ......... .../Mr..... ...... .... Inside Address 3 The address of the person you are writing to along with the name of the recipient... . ... . ...........6 Closing (Sincerely.... ..... .... . .. . .. . .... but try to put in a title. .. Skip a line between the date and the salutation.. ... .. . ..... . . ... . .. ... . .... .../Mr.. .. ...... ...e..Garry Prima Suryalaga 1001577 Address Line 2 Dear Ms....... . if you are not sure who the letter should be addressed to either leave it blank.... .. ......... .... .. .. .... 2003. ... ...... ...... ... .... 7 Signature 8 Your Name (Printed) 9 Your Title Enclosures (2) 10 Typist Initials. . .. .. . . .) Date 2 Put the date on which the letter was written in the format Month Day Year i. Salutation 4 Dear Ms.. .. . .. Last Name:...... . .. .. . .. .. . ... ...... .. . ... . .. .... .. . . Skip a line between your address and the date.. .. .. .. ... ... . .... ....). .. . ...... . Dear Director of Department Name: or To Whom It May .... .... . .. their title and company name.. . .. (Not needed if the letter is printed on paper with the company letterhead already on it. . . .. . .. 11 Your Address 1 The return address of the sender of the letter so the recipient can easily find out where to send a reply to........ .. .... .. .. ... . Body Paragraph 3 .... .. . ..... ... . . Body Paragraph 2 ... .. .. .... ./Mrs... . . August 30.. .. . Skip a line between the date and the inside address (some people skip 3 or 4 lines after the date)..

usually ends with Sincerely. Note that there is a comma after the end of the closing and only the first word in the closing is capitalized. Skip a line between the salutation and the subject line or body. Note that there is a colon after the salutation. Skip a line between the end of the body and the closing. the paragraphs should be single spaced with a skipped line between each paragraph. so that there is room for the signature." If there is more than one you would type. Examples of business letter . Subject Line (optional) 5 Makes it easier for the recipient to find out what the letter is about. Closing 7 Let's the reader know that you are finished with your letter. Body 6 The body is where you write the content of the letter. usually signed in black or blue ink with a pen. "Enclosures (#)" with the # being the number of other documents enclosed that doesn't include the letter itself. and so on. Signature 8 Your signature will go in this section. 4. Enclosure 10 If letter contains other document other than the letter itself your letter will include the word "Enclosure.Garry Prima Suryalaga 1001577 Concern: if recipient's name is unknown. Skip a line between the printed name and the enclosure. Printed Name 9 The printed version of your name. Skip 3-4 lines between the closing and the printed name. Sincerely yours. AG/ gs or AG:gs. Thank you. and if desired you can put your title or position on the line underneath it. Reference Initials 11 If someone other than yourself typed the letter you will include your initials in capital letters followed by the typist's initials in lower case in the following format. Skip a line between the subject line and the body.

I just returned from vacation this week and found your file in my inbasket.Apology (letter of apology. 16 Birmingham. I have directed our Installation Group to contact you by the end of this week to set up a time convenient to you when they could go to your house and install your new router and make the necessary adjustments to your software. Therefore. your account will not be billed until October of this year. Rebecca Quinlan 2595 Dewhurst Circle Unit No.Garry Prima Suryalaga 1001577 Sample Business Letter . and as a testament to our appreciation of you as our customer. AL 35233 Dear Ms. we are going to provide you with your first three months of high speed service free of charge. Because of this serious oversight. . Consequently. The only possible explanation I can give is that we have recently had a number of key staff changes which might have resulted in your letter being overlooked. 2003 Ms. Quinlan: The purpose of this is to convey to you my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced last month with respect to the installation of your Internet high speed service. As soon as I reviewed your case it was clear that somehow your May 12th request for a change in service had somehow slipped through the cracks. customer service error) June 20.

We confirm acceptance on said order subject only to the following exceptions: (Describe) _ . Customer Solutions Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Order ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER Date: _ To: _ (Customer) We are in receipt of your order as contained in the attached purchase order form.Garry Prima Suryalaga 1001577 Ms. We continue to be committed to providing you and all of our customers with the highest standards of service in the industry. Paulo Colanzi Manager. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me at 7549785. Yours in service. let me assure you that what happened in your case is not typical of Cable Net's level of customer service. Quinlan.

_______________________________ . we shall assume you agree to same unless objection is received within ten days of receipt of this notice. Thank you for your patronage.Garry Prima Suryalaga 1001577 On exceptions noted. Very truly.

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