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The following references are recommended (by the COADE staff) as excellent sources of technical information, related to the application of COADE engineering software products. Click the mouse on the link associated with the items below to obtain more information on the reference and the opportunity to purchase through

Offshore Engineering References | Piping & Pipe Stress References | Pressure Vessel Design & Analysis | Tank References | General Engineering References

Offshore Engineering References

Floating Structures: A Guide for Design and Analysis
by: :The Centre for Marine and Petroleum Technology ISBN: : 1870553357

A new text covering all aspects of offshore engineering. These texts (2 volumes) cover the basics as well as more advanced topics.

Handbook of Ocean and Underwater Engineering
by: :John Myers, Carl Holm, and R. McAllister ISBN: : 0070442452

The classic text on ocean engineering. This is another text that covers a broad range of topics, from basic to more advanced.

Hydrodynamics Around Cylindrical Structures
by: :B. Mutlu Sumer and Jorgen Fredsoe ISBN: : 9810230567

The comprehensive text covering the hydrodynamic forces on cylindrical structures.

Introduction to Ocean Engineering
by: :Hilbert Schenck, Jr. ISBN: : 0070552401

A basic text covering the topics of offshore and ocean engineering.

Ocean Engineering Wave Mechanics
by: :Michael McCormick ISBN: : 0471581771

A numerically intensive text discussing the details of wave mechanics and various wave theories.

Mechanics of Wave Forces on Offshore Structures
by: :Turgut Sarpkaya / Michael Isaacson ISBN: : 0442254024

An excellent text covering the theory of hydrodynamic loading.

Sea Loads on Ships and Offshore Structures
by: :O. M. Faltinsen ISBN: : 0521458706

An advanced numerical text discussing wave mechanics and wave induced loads.

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Piping & Pipe Stress References

Design of Piping Systems
by: :M. W. Kellogg Co. ISBN: : 0471467952

Though somewhat dated, a great book on the basics of piping systems and their design. This text includes many "hand methods," very useful for verifying today's computer-generated results.

CASTI Guidebook to ASME B31.3 Proces Piping
by: :Glynn E. Woods and Roy B. Baguley ISBN: : 1894038541

A comprehensive book on the application of B31.3. Topics include pressure design of piping components, flexibility analysis, limitations, materials, fabrication, inspection, category M service, and high pressure systems. The book is well written and easy to read.

(Thomas J. Van Laan is Chief Software Architect, Intergraph CAS)

Piping and Pipe Support Systems
by: :Paul R. Smith & Thomas J. Van Laan ISBN: : 0070589313

An excellent text targeted toward the design of piping systems and the proper implementation of the B31 piping codes. Topics discussed include codes & standards, pipe stress requirements, design loads, supports, and computation methods.

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roofs. fluid mechanics. and examples. Back to Top General Engineering References Formulas for Stress and Strain by: :Roark & Young ISBN: : 0070725411 The classic reference on stress and strain behavior. flexibility. Moss ISBN: : 0750677406 A basic text showing the major equations used.) Process Equipment Design by: :Brownell & Young ISBN: : 0471113190 An excellent text covering all aspects of pressure vessel design. and temperature effects. sketches. corrosion. Topics also include fracture. high pressure vessels.3 . and examples. R. Pressure Vessel Handbook. Nayyar ISBN: : 0070468818 A comprehensive text covering all aspects of piping. discontinuity stresses. and shells.3. This text includes tables and forumula for the behavior of beams. design/construction December 2003. Pressure Vessel Design Handbook by: :Henry Bednar ISBN: : 08946403X A more advanced vessel text with derivations of equations from basic theory. supports. seismic concerns. foundations. fire protection. Harvey ISBN: : 0412986515 A comprehensive text on the stresses in pressure vessels. elastic stability. PROCESS PIPING: The Complete Guide to ASME B31. Theory and Design of Pressure Vessels by: :John F.shtml Piping Handbook by: :Mohinder L. corrosion. emissions. Back to Top Pressure Vessel Design & Analysis Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code by: :K. and piping applications. Structural Analysis and Design of Process Equipment by: :Jawad & Farr ISBN: : 0471624713 A comprehensive text convering the theory behind the design of pressure vessels and tanks. and settlement. Includes many tables. sketches. materials. Pressure Vessel Design Manual by: :Dennis R. Topics include materials. This text includes discussion of computerized pipe stress analysis as well as many other topics. 12th Edition by: :Eugene F. An excellent reference for those unfamiliar with certain aspects of tanks. Myers ISBN: : 007044272X A comprehensive text discussing all aspects of aboveground storage tanks. columns.coade.2nd Edition by: :Charles Becht IV ISBN: : 0791802175 A comprehensive text covering the content and application of B31.Support Reference http://www. inspections. 2 of 3 07/02/2012 13:21 . Other items addressed are torsion. and buckling. (3rd Edition. Back to Top Tank References Aboveground Storage Tanks by: :Philip E. Rao ISBN: : 0791801640 A comprehensive two volume set discussing a multitude of topics related to pressure vessels and piping. Also includes chapters on aboveground storage tanks. Megyesy A basic text showing the major equations used. Topics include codes & standards. Includes many tables. and multilayer vessels.

shtml Fluid Transients in Systems by: :E Benjamin Wylie. Response Spectrum Method in Seismic Analysis by: :Ajabar K. wind characteristics. Topics include storms. this is the book to use. with the corresponding input for SAP2000. Theory and solutions presented. Gupta ISBN: : 0849386284 An excellent text discussing the theory and application of the response spectrum method. While this complicates an analytical evaluation of piping (and plant) safety. So analysis is not the only answer. A great deal of discussion focuses on the mathematics of this solution technique. if not before. Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical Facilities by: :American Society of Civil Engineers ISBN: : 0784402647 This book provides background and guidance on seismic design and evaluation of petrochemical facilities. then certainly after reading this book. and various building codes & standards. and dynamic analysis discussions. this book makes it clear that certain piping models should include the stiffness and mass of the supporting structure.coade. probability. In describing what is required for a valid seismic analysis of piping. This text also includes discussions on computerized solutions. Anyone expecting or cleaning up after an earthquake should be familiar with the subject matter contained here. If you want to get into the numerical details. Biggs ISBN: : 0070052557 Perhaps the best introductory discussion on the dynamic behavior of structures. Fertis ISBN: : 0849390028 An excellent text for advanced mechanics. Structural Dynamics : Theory and Computation by: :Mario Paz ISBN: : 0412074613 A good book on the subject of structural dynamics. ISBN: : 0139344233 A good text covering the basics of fluid flow and transients. dynamic response. Back to Top Company Info | Products and Solutions | News | Events | Dealers | Site Map | About Us | Contact Us | Privacy | Home | © Copyright 2010 Intergraph Corporation Powered by Nodus Solutions 3 of 3 07/02/2012 13:21 . including differential equations. Includes elastic. Introduction to Structural Dynamics by: :John M.Support Reference http://www. the book provides a detailed inspection procedure to ensure safe design. Wind Engineering : A Handbook for Structural Engineers by: :Henry Liu ISBN: : 0139602798 A comprehensive coverage of wind and its effects on structures. NonLinear Mechanics by: :Demeter G. Many examples are provided. Integrated Matrix Analysis of Structure by: :Mario Paz and William Leigh ISBN: : 0792373081 This text explains structural analysis using matrix techniques.