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of tiJe lPIJfllpplues
.flllnn il n
N () T I Cj E
J>feust: iule !WI inc tlwl the ( 'oul"t c:ll /June issued u Nesofutiun
duit:d ( )( 'TOUEH 2, 2012, 11 /,ich 1euds usjuflolt'S ·
"G.R. No. 203299 (Louis '·Barok" C. Biraogo vs. National Bureatt
of lnvesligalio11 and Philippilte National Police); G.n. No. 20:1:106 (Alai>
ng Matnatw.dtayag I AI .AM], lltdwman llg 1\lanwmayan Inc.,
.Jerry S. Yap, Berteni "Toto" Causing, Hcrnani <l. Cuare, Percy Ltpid, Tracy
Cabrera, Roualdo E. l{cnta, P. Sabarre Jr. and Dervin Castro, et al.
vs. Office uf the President, represeuted by Presideul Beuigt1o Simeon
Aqui11o HI, Se11ale of the Philippines and llouse uf Representatives); G.U.
No. 20:J:1:-J5 (Jose .Jesus l\11. ])isini, .Jr., Rowena S. Disi11i, Liauue lvy P.
Medina, .Janette Toral and Ernesto Sonido, .ll'. vs. Secretary of .Jllslice,
Secretary of I11teriur a11d Local CovemnJetlt, Executive Director of
lnfonllation and Co!lllllUJlicalions Techuology Office, Chief of the
Natio11al Police c.t11d Director of lite National Bureau of
Investigatiou); n.R. No. 2o:-J359 (Senator Teufisto DL c;uiugona Ill vs.
Executive Secretary, Secretary of Justice, Secretary of Interior a11d Local
c;oVCi'llll1CIIt, Chief of National Pulice <IIHI I )ireclor of National Bttreau of
luvesligaliott); G.R. No. 20:-J:J7B (Alexa11der Adouis, Ellen Tordesillas,
Ma. Cisela Ordenes- CascolaJI, I 1. Harry 1.. Roque, .Jr., Rotllel I{. Bagares
and ( ;ilbert T. Andres vs. The Executive Secretary, The Department of
Budget attd lVlatiagellient, Tlte Deparltnelll of .Justice, The Departllleut of
Lhe f11terior <lltd Local Coverlllllcnl, The National Bureau of Investigation,
Tlte l'ltilippiiiC Natio11al Police and The Information and Collllllllllications
Technology Ollice-DepariBiell t of Science and Technology); G .lL No.
20:l:l91 (lion. Raymond V. P;datino, lIon. Antonio Tinio, Vcticer !VIari
Crisust omo of ANAKBA YAN, M a. Katherine of L he Pltili ppiue
( 'ollegian, Isabelle Therese Baguisi of the Nat io11al llnion of Students of the
Philippines, el al. vs. lion. Paquitu N. Ochoa, .Jr., in !tis capacity as
Executive Secretary and alter-ego of President Be11iguu Simeon Aquino III,
aiHliion. Leila De Li111a, in her capacity as Secretary of .Justice); (}.R. No.
208407 (Bagong Alyansang lVI akabayau Sene I ary General Renal o M.
Reyes .Jr., National Artisl Bienvenido L. l.uJnbera, Chairperson of
Concerned Artists of the Philippines, Elmer C. Labog, Chairperson of
Kilusang Mayo llno, Christina E. Palabay, Secretary General of Karapalan,
Ferdinand R. Cai te, Chairperson of COlJ lU\C E, .Joel B. Maghmsod, Vice
President of Anakpawis Party--List, Lma R. Linaban, Secretary General
Gabriela \:\Tomen's Party, Atlolfo Ares P. Gutierrez and .Julius (;arcia
Matibag vs. llis Fxcelletlcy Benigno Simeon Aquino Ill, President of the
Notice of ){csoltttiuu
- 2 0. R. N u. 2 0 3 2 9 l), c t al.
( >ctubcr 9, 20 1.!.
Republic of the Philippines, lion. Paquito N. Ochoa, .Jr., Executive
Secretary, Senate of the Philippines, represented by Senate President Juan
Ponce Enrile, House of !{eprese!llatives, represented by Speaker Feliciano
Belntonte .Jr., !loti. Leila J)e Li1lla, Se<:retary of .Justice, Louis Napoleotl C.
Casa!lllHe, Executive Director of the Information and CoiillllLIIlications
Technology Office, Nonnalus Caesar lC Rojas, Director of the National
Bureau of Investigation, Dj(;en. Nicanor A. Bartolollle, Chief of tlte
Philippine National Pulice, and lion. Ma11llel A. Roxas ll, Secretary of
Interior and Local Goventlttenl); G.R. No. 20;j440 (Melenciu S. Sta.
J\!laria, Sedfrey M. Candelaria, Atuparita Sta. Maria, l{ay Paolo .J. Santiago,
<; i ll>c rt V. Semi> ra 110 and l{ya 11 .I crenliah D. ( 2LI<lll, a II of the At en eo Iltiillati
l{ights <:enter vs. lion. Paquito N. Ochoa, .Jr., in his capacity <ts Executive
Secretary, I I on. I .eila I )e l.itna, it I her capacity as Secretary of .Just ice, llotl.
M<tlluel ){oxas, i11 his eapacity as Secretary of Juterior and I .ocal
Chief of the Philippine National Police, Director of the
National Bureau of lnvestigatioll attd All of the Executive Deparltllellt ol
Coverlltllent); G.n. No. 203453 (National lJnion of .Journalists of tl1e
Pltilippi11es, Philippine Press f11stitute, Ce1ller for Media UreedoJn and
){espousil>ility, Rowena Carranza Paraan, Melinda Qui11los De .Jesus,
.Joseph Alwyti Alburo, Ariel Sel>ellino a11d Petitioners in the e-Petition
I!! lp:/ hnvw W !'l[1 vs. Exec ttl i ve Secretary, Secretary of
.Justice, Secretary of ft1lerior a11d Local Govermllent, Secretary uf Budget
and !\·Ianagettlent, I )ireclor < ;eneral of tile Pllilippinc National Police,
I >ireclor Ceneral of Pltilippine National Police, l )ireclor of National Bmeau
of fnvestig<llion, Cyben:rinw fttvesLigatiotl and Coordinating Center, and
All Agencies aud lnslnttllentalities of Covernlllellt and All Persotts Acting
u11der Tltei r Ins I r11 ct iu Its, () rders, Di reel ion in l{ela Lion I u I he
of l{epublic Act No. l0l75); G.R. No. 20;:1454 (Paul
Cortteli11s T. Castillo and f{yall 1>. Andres \'S. Secretary of lttterior a11d Local
<;ovcnttllenl); G.H.. No. 20::1469 (Antlw11y la11 l\-1. Cruz, JVLm:elo R.
Landidw, lkttjattlitl Noel A. Espina, l\larck l{ouald C. H.itltorin, .Julius D.
Eocas, < )Jiver Hicltard V. I<ol>illo, Aaron Erick A. I .ozada, ( ;eranl Adriatt P.
Magnaye, Jose l{eginald A. ){autos, !VIa. l{osario T . .l11an, Brendalytl P.
l{;tmircz, Maureen A. flennitanio, Kristine .JoyS. Rementilla, Marice! 0.
(;ray, .Julius I va11 U. Cahigon, Ben ralph S. Yu, Cchtt Bloggers Society, fttc.
President l{uben B. Licera, Jr., and Piuoy Expat/OFvV Blog Awards, Inc.
Coordinator Pedro K Rahom vs. llis Excellency Benigno S. Aq11ino III, in
his capacity as President of the of the Philippines, Senate of the
l'ltilippines, represented by lloit. .Juan Ponce Enrile, in ltis capacity as
SeiJale President, !louse of Eepresentalives, represented by Feliciano
HelnJollte, .Jr., i11 his capacity as Speaker of the House of Representatives,
I I on. Paquito N. Ochoa, .Jr., in his capacity as Executive Secretary, Ilon.
Leila M. De Lima, in Iter capacity as Secretary of Justice, lion. Louis
Napoleon C. Casatttbre, in his capacity as Executive Director, National
Bureau of Investigation and P/DGEN. Nieanor A. Bartolome, in his
capacity as t'hief, Philippine National Police); G.R. No. 20::1501
(Philippine Bar Association, Inc. vs. llis Excellency Benigno S. Aquino Ill,
i11 his official capacity as Presidettl of Lite J{epublic of the Philippines, lion.
Paquito N. Ochoa, .Jr., in his official capacity as Executive Secretary, lion.
Leila 1\'1. I >e Lillla, itl Iter official capacity as Secretary of Justice, Louis
Napoleott C. ( in I tis official capacity as Executive Director,
lnforlllation and CotlllllltllicatioiiS Teduwlogy Office, Non11atus Caesar R.
Notice oll{esolutioll - 3 - < i.IC Nu. ct al.
( kluber lJ, 2012
J{ojas, in his official capucily as Director of the Natioual Btm:au ol
lllvestigatiorl, a11d niredor Ceneral Nicauor A. Bartolome, in his official
capacity as ( :!Jief of the Philippine Nalional Police); G.n. No. 20;1509
(Bayan Muna l{epresenlative Neri J. Colntenarcs vs. Executive Secretary
Paquilo N. Ochoa, .Jr.); G.R. No. tNalio11al L'ress Club of tl1e
Philippines Inc., represented by Benny D. Antiporda, in his capacity as
Preside11t and in !lis perso11al capacity vs. Office of the Presidertt, President
Henigno Si rneo11 Aquino Ill, l>eparlment of .Jus lice, Department of Interior
and Local Covertllllelll, Philippine National Police, National Bureau ul
l11vestigation, Depart111e11t of Budget and Ma11agemcnt and All Other
Covenl!llCilt lllstrtl11lelltalities vVho !lave llands itl the Passage and/or
Implementation of l{epul>lic Ad IOl'JS); and G.IL No. 20:J518 (Philippi11e
Internet Freedon1 Alliance, composed of Dakila-Philippinc Collective for
Modern lleroislll, represented by I ,eni Velasco, Partido Lakas 11g l\1asa,
represented by Cesar S. Meleticio, Fra11l:is Euston Acero, IVlarloll
Anthony i{otnasatlta ToiiSOII, Teodoru A. Casit1o, Noemi Lardizaball>adu,
l111elda 1\lorales, .J<t111es Mallhew B. lVIiralll)f, .Juan C.M. Ragrllgio, lVIaria
J<atilll<l A. \'ii!LJJ<t, !Vledardo J\:1. l\lanrique, .Jr., LattiTtl Dado, Marco Villoria
Tobias S111uayao, I rene Chia, Erastus Noel T. I )elizo, Crist ina Sara lJ E.
Osorio, Factolerin, f'-laotni L. Tup<ts, Kenneth Ke11g, aud Ana
Alexa11dra C. Castro vs. Tl1e Executive Secretary, The Secretary of .Justice,
The Secretary of lllteriur iJIJ(l Local c:ovenlnletll, Tile Secretary of Science
and Tecllltology, Tlte Executive Director of the lllfonuatioll Technology
Office, The Director of the Natiottal Bureau of Investigation, Tlte Chief,
Philippine National Police, The !lead of the DOJ Office of CybercriuJe, and
The Otl1er Members of tl1e Cybercrin•e lnveslig<tlion and Coordinating
Ce11tcr).- Acting 011 the petitions itl the above-entitled cases, tire Court
l{esolved, will](jut giving due course to the petition, lo
(a) CONSOLlDATE the petitions;
tb) REQUIRE the respondents and the Office of the
Solicitor Ueneral I o CO lVI M ENT 011 the peti I ions within len
(10) days fm111 110tice l1ereof;
(c) SET the cases for ORAL ARGUMENTS on
.January IS, Tuesday, at :!.:oo p.m. al the New Session
Ilall, New Supreme Court Building, Padre Faura St., Ermila,
Manila; a11d
OIU)ER, effective imttlediately all(! for a period of one
hundred I we11ty ( 120) days, enjoining the respondents frotn
impletnenling and/or e11forcing Republic Ad No. 10175
(Cybercrime Preve11lioJJ Ad of :2012)."
Very Indy yums,

( 'lulur ('utili
lotJis "8a10l<" c Biraoau (x)
Petitioner in c;R fiJo 203299
c/o OIJI Beve1ly Villa!Je l fi!Cklill) Cot poraliOII
I·Jo. 1 31 Banay Banay Stl eet,
Ci:lbuyao, lagt111a
Allys. !:3erteni Cataluna Causin!J, Cililo P SaiJdrre, Jr,
& Dervin V. Castro (x)
Counsel for Pelilioners ill C;R f'JO. 203306
Unit 1, 2368 JB Roxas St, cor t eon GtJinlu St,
Malate, Ma11ila
Attys. Jose Jesus 1\11. Disi11i, JJ , Rowena S Disi11i,
& Lia1111e Ivy PasctJa rvleuina (x)
DISif\11 & DISif\lllAW OFFICE
Counsel fur PetitioneJ s in <; R f\Jo. 203335
320 Pllilippine Social Science Center
CollHnOtlwealtlt Avenue
Dilirllall, QtJeZUII City
Allys. Alex 0. Avisado, Jr , M. Cajuco111,
R(lllald Michel Ullana, Maria C1istina B. Gwcia
Rarnirez & nose Anne P Rosales (x)
Counsel for Petitione1 in G.R. f'lo. 203359
Floor IIPL B11ildina
No. 60 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Allys. II. !larry L. Roque, Jr., Rornel Regalado
Bagares & Gilllerl Teruel Andres (x)
Counsel for Petitioners in GR No. 203378
1904 Ante! 2000 Corporate Center
121 Valero SL, Salcedo Village, fvlakati City
Allys. Julius Garcia Mali!wg, Callos lsagani l. Zawte,
Greuorio Y Fabros & Maria Cristina P. YarniJOt (x)
Counsel for Petitioners in G.R. 203,107
rloor, Erytluina Buildina
No. 1 Maaralin COl. Matatag Sts.
Central District, Quezon City
Atlys Melencio Sta. Maria, Sedfrey M. Candelalia,
Am pat ito de los Santos Sta. Maria, Gilbert V
Ser111Jrano, JerentialrD. Quan, Maria Patlicia
R. Cetvantes, Ray Paolo J. Santiaao and
Nina Patricia D. Sison Arroyo (x)
Counsel for Petitioners itl c; R No. 203440
Ateneo !Iuman Riullts Center
C)/F Ateneo P10fessiunals ScllOols Building
20 Rockwell Urive, Center
Makati City
.R No 203299, et al.
October 2, 2012
Atty. liJeodoro 0. Te (x)
Cow tsel for all Petitioners in G R. No. 203453
Free I eual Assistance Group !FLAG]
Roor11 201, Malcolrn II all, University of tl1e
Dllir1tan, Qt 1ezon City
Allys Paul Comelius T. Castillo and Ryan D
Andres (x)
PetilicHieiS ill G.R. No. 203454
' Hoor, Tuscan Buildina, 114 VA Rufino St.
. Makati City
Ally. l<:1istoplter Jarnes E. F'uris1111a (x)
Counsel for Petitioners in G.R. No. 203469
6/F LTA Btlllclin(J, 118 Perea Street
I egaspi Village, Makati City
Allys. Rico A. Lilnpingco, Artlllll Anti tony S. Alice!, and
Micltelle AnneS Lapuz (x)
Counsel for Petiticmer in G.R 1\ln. 203501
Solis Medina Limpinuco and Fajardo Law Offices
l J 06 East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange
Cenlie, Excl1ange Road, Ortiuas Conunercial
Centet, Pasig City
Ally Edsel F. lupaz (x)
CotiiiSel for Petitioner in G. R f\Jo. 203509
41 N. Romualdez Sli eet, BF llomes SuiJdivision
1120 Quezon City
Atty. Micl1ael J. Mella (x)
Counsel for Petitioner in G.R. No. 203515
Santillan Felix Magllanua anll Mella Law Office
Unit 1106, Prestige Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road
Ortigas Center, Pasia City
Ally. Renecio S. Espi1itu, Jr. (x)
Cotlltsel 101 Petitioners in G.R. No. 203518
Guevarra Mendoza and Espiritu Law Offices
Suite 602 Plaza Hotel
21 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasia City
Ally. Jarnes Mark l euy L. 1-<idon (reg)
Cot111sel for Petitioners in G.R. No.20339l
89 I\ 7 St , l<alllias, Qtrezon City
Ally. I< elvin Lester f<. Lee (x)
Counsel for Petitioners in G .R. No. 203518
San Juan Tayag Lee a11d Vergara Law Office
Unit 805 Xavierville Square, Xavierville Avenue
Qtiezon City
ll1e Solicitor General (x)
134 Alllorsolo St, Legaspi Village
1229 Makati City
Secretary I ella M. de lillld (x)
Departrrrerrt of Jt rstice
DCJ.J, Padre Fatlla, Marilld
Secrelary Manuel A. l<oxas Ill (x)
Uepailllttlll of II tlelior elf td t ocul
Gover 1111 Jell I
A. Fra11cisco Condullllllitllll II
I::IJSA, flilrllldll, tjlltL'tlll City
Ui1. f
11LdiiOI !::li:UtuiUJIIe (x)
PNP f\Jatlurral Pulice
PNP Naliollallleadqualler s
Ca111p Gerwral CJaJile, QtJeLOil Crty
IJir ector r 4ur lltdll IS Cdesar FC (x)
eau of 111vestigatio11
NBI!::luildiii(J, Tctlt Aventle
Err11ita, Mrtflila
Executive UirectOJ louis C. CasarniHe (x)
lnforlllation and COilllllllllicatiuns r eclu10louy Oflice
Buildinu, C P C)a1cia Avenue
Dilirnan, QtreL'Oit City
f lis ExcelleJtcy Btlli[Jitll Si11Jeo11 C. Aqllino Ill (x)
Office ut tile P1 esident
Malacafiany, Manila
Se1wte of lite Pltilrppines (x)
c/o Senate President JtJaJt Purtee buile
CJSIS Bldu, F<eclamation Area, Pasay City
llottse ut !Itt: RepJeseJrtatrves (x)
c/o Speaker Felicidlto BelnroJtle, J1
I louse ot F<ep1esentatives, BalasaJt C(JJtrplex
Batasan llills, Qttewn City
C].R. No. et i:il.
Uir euur f Jonnallrs Caesar R l<ojas (x)
of lnvestigaticJII
Buildi11y, 1 aft AverHre
E r11 lila,
OctotJer 2, 2012
l::xemtive SecJetdly f-laquito Uclwa, J1. (x)
Pr e11 rier I louse, Malacananu
JP I amel St, Sa11 Miu11el , Ma11ila
Secretdly F-lurencru 8. AlJad (x)
De par tlllellt ot Bud yet a11d Marwuernent
MctlacalletiiU, f'vla11ila
SecJetary Malio Mo11tejo (x)
Depallnlellt of Seier tee and Teclu10logy
DOS! Bllildiltg, Ge11. Sa111os AveJHJe
l::lictlldlt, I aguiu City
PuiJiic lr1for r11alion Office (x)
Stfllltltte Culllt
G.H. No. 203299, et al.