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Page 1 1000 Headlines - Richmond VA - 2012 Jan 01 to Oct 09 Headline Loupassi bill would equalize RMA board makeup

Jewell, Trammell accuse mayor Legitimate questions aren't petty or personal 13th Street Tunnel Hey, Dr. Brandon, check this out School officials cheer Patrick Henry's imminent move Richmond might build road that would allow canal traffic Guardian Angels expand focus Occupy Richmond drafts strategy for new year Bloody Christmas - Three homicides rock Church Hill Getting to know Ronald Stallings City Plans Makeover of Brookland Park Boulevard Years Gone By - life being cut short in Richmond Richmond council will consider Jackson Ward project Shockoe Bottom continues next phase of revitalization project City Council death threats prompt big security changes Open Source discusses Richmond Riverfront plan FBI takes over Richmond deputy's inmate-assault case NAACP raises more concerns over Richmond Juvenile Detention Center Guardian Angels at Art Walk Richmond Juvenile Detention Center Under Investigation RMA board debate divisive Pullback on public art Body found in canal was Matthew Williams; foul play not suspected Richmond set to start studies of City Stadium property Jackson Ward vote postponed Juvenile center contract OK'd Richmond’s true map State puts Richmond's juvenile detention center on probation Violent offenses at decade low in Richmond; major crimes slightly up Mayor Issues Statement on Juvenile Detention Center's Probation City Council bullets over Broad Street, with special guest star Ken Cuccinelli Richmond violent crime down Richmond Juvenile Detention Center has been placed on state probation update Lawsuit over parade permit denial tossed Rattle and Run Downtown’s bucket drummers come under fire for alleged noise ordinance Juvenile Center on Probation Seeking a Crime Count Mom Son told to 'drink own spit' at Richmond Juvenile Detention Center School bus lawsuit filed in Richmond City plans to fight RMA bill Learning to survive a weather emergency Richmond region homicides in 2011 Richmond not counting as homicides two bodies found in New York Richmond, Chesterfield can't agree on who should count homicide victim Richmond-region homicides dip in 2011 Homicides and Commercial Robberies ?Lead Decline in Violent Crimes for 2011l Date saved 01/01/2012 01/01/2012 01/02/2012 01/03/2012 01/03/2012 01/04/2012 01/04/2012 01/04/2012 01/04/2012 01/04/2012 01/04/2012 01/04/2012 01/04/2012 01/05/2012 01/05/2012 01/05/2012 01/05/2012 01/06/2012 01/07/2012 01/07/2012 01/07/2012 01/09/2012 01/09/2012 01/09/2012 01/09/2012 01/10/2012 01/10/2012 01/10/2012 01/10/2012 01/10/2012 01/10/2012 01/11/2012 01/11/2012 01/11/2012 01/12/2012 01/12/2012 01/12/2012 01/12/2012 01/13/2012 01/13/2012 01/14/2012 01/15/2012 01/15/2012 01/15/2012 01/15/2012 01/15/2012 01/16/2012

Page 2 Occupy the Dream' rally held at Kanawha Plaza Occupy the Dream' protesters gather at Kanawha Plaza2 Richmond eateries are sued over city taxes City Envy Richmond's Parking Meters Worst Traffic Light in Richmond City orders action on illegal clearing Mayor Jones Announces Transition in Leadership at Richmond Juvenile Detention Center Richmond schools face cuts Richmond mayor fires head of juvenile detention center Large fight disrupts classes at Armstrong High; three arrested City Fires Head of Juvenile Center Flying Low - Did Richmond break its promise Authors Back Out, Leaving CenterStage Story Un-Rewritten Could Public Boozing Boost Tourism Jewell to hold Occupy Richmond Community Forum Richmond mayor fires juvenile detention superintendent. Who is she Grassroots effort aims to allow open cups of alcohol in Richmond Mayor Jones and City Officials Break Ground on New Justice Center Council may vote to allow real estate tax exemption for non-profits Richmond finally breaks ground on a new jail Councilman sponsors forum on freedom of speech Bike skills park coming to Belle Isle Richmond making fixes to juvenile detention center Gas-line replacement crowding Capitol traffic Councilman Social Services Director Lied Council members question detention center plan 10 Fastest-Growing (and Fastest-Declining) Cities in the World Richmond ranks as 'One of the ten least dynamic cities' Anticipating the local 2012 elections Preview of the 2012 local elections Bike Skills Course Planned for Belle Isle Richmond Neighborhoods Shockoe Bottom Anchors Aweigh City Wants Sailboats in Byrd Park City audit reveals millions in discrepancies Scathing audit on Richmond City assets Dozer at work on Dogwood Dell Trails Outlook Hazy Dwight’s Demerits Powerless Auditor says Richmond overstated value of government buildings and land RMA equal representation plan shelved at General Assembly RMA representation bill carried over for further study Mayor Blasts Councilman Staunton's late-night downtown venues might be hearing from the city soon. Henrico's enterprise zones spur improvements large and small Free Speach Zone Offense Richmond City Council GRTC and Transit Study Task Force to hold second meeting Transparency Open up Ex-Richmond official Harry Black now finance director for Baltimore mayor 01/16/2012 01/17/2012 01/17/2012 01/17/2012 01/17/2012 01/17/2012 01/17/2012 01/18/2012 01/18/2012 01/18/2012 01/18/2012 01/18/2012 01/18/2012 01/18/2012 01/19/2012 01/19/2012 01/20/2012 01/21/2012 01/21/2012 01/21/2012 01/21/2012 01/22/2012 01/24/2012 01/24/2012 01/24/2012 01/24/2012 01/24/2012 01/24/2012 01/24/2012 01/24/2012 01/24/2012 01/24/2012 01/25/2012 01/25/2012 01/25/2012 01/25/2012 01/25/2012 01/25/2012 01/25/2012 01/27/2012 01/27/2012 01/28/2012 01/28/2012 01/28/2012 01/30/2012 01/30/2012 01/30/2012 01/30/2012 01/30/2012

Page 3 Richmond councilman Jewell fails to account for all money raised Richmond council members report on fundraising City Envy Biking in Richmond Mayor lays out priorities for Richmond Mayor delivers State of the City address Alleged Brawl Over Bus Fares Sparks $1.35 Million Lawsuit First Mayoral Candidate Says Tourism Is the Answer Mayor Unleashes Preacher Ranking Reality Mayor Gets Tough, Demands Apology From Councilman Settlement to Streetcar Suburbs Timeline New Walle Suit Filed Civil case against ex-assistant police chief is dismissed Lower land values squeezing Richmond-area local governments Richmond program will take residents to grocery stores Graziano, friend sued for defamation by ex-Richmond council aide Walle Covenant Crisis Looming At Media General Charter School PTA Reaches Out Blakey 'Racism' key to any discussion of race Richmond jury rejects officer's lawsuit Ex-council aide Walle files $5 million defamation suit against Graziano, friend 2 School Board members attend charter school's PTA meeting New Bridge at Brown's Island 5th District Council Seat officially a 3 way race Lee Shewmake Officials warn of MS-13 gang activity in area Does Richmond city councilman live in his district Judge rules for city in $31.65 million Shockoe Bottom flooding suit Mayor Demands Apology From Councilman Does Richmond city councilman live in his district2 Jones remains mum on re-election plans Mayor gives Obama credit for boost in jobs Jones to Tyler - you lied Sierra Club Speaks Against Proposed 2nd Street Connector City Launches Snow Plow Tracking App City Envy Richmond's Parks Enrichmond How Do You Do Your Park FOLLOW-UP Councilman owns multiple properties Slave Trail Commission unveils drawings Public stays quiet on Richmond schools budget City Introduces Central Virginia’s First Snow Plow Tracking Applicationl Unhatched Is the city’s incubator an economic engine Not the Ticket School Board Member Restarts Carriage House Fight Stadium Talks Forge Ahead With 'Ballpark Nutz' Firetruck Monitors Unnerve Firefighters They Make Arts Districts, Don't They Green Park Vision for St. Elizabeth's Sitel Conner admits residency issue 01/31/2012 01/31/2012 01/31/2012 02/01/2012 02/01/2012 02/01/2012 02/01/2012 02/01/2012 02/01/2012 02/01/2012 02/01/2012 02/01/2012 02/02/2012 02/02/2012 02/02/2012 02/02/2012 02/02/2012 02/03/2012 02/03/2012 02/03/2012 02/03/2012 02/03/2012 02/03/2012 02/03/2012 02/03/2012 02/03/2012 02/03/2012 02/04/2012 02/04/2012 02/04/2012 02/04/2012 02/04/2012 02/04/2012 02/04/2012 02/07/2012 02/07/2012 02/07/2012 02/07/2012 02/07/2012 02/07/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012

Page 4 Businessman Charlie Diradour running for Richmond City Council City councilman comes clean following CBS 6 investigation Richmond Councilman's residency in question Councilman suggests advisory board for Juvenile Detention Center Charlie Diradour to Run for Council Diradour to challenge Samuels in City Council election No bedbugs at juvenile center, Richmond says Anti-poverty commission offers recommendations NBC12 goes inside juvenile detention center Conner's housing situation violates trust Peter Paul Center route out of poverty Councilman Conner May Have a Challenger Richmond ramps up warning to skateboarders City plans to take down skate park RRHA close to hiring CEO African-American monuments catching on in Richmond Route 5 Study Public Meeting set for Monday Senate, House, back eminent domain amendment Richmond police tour Museum District Richmond to seek new maintenance-site home Richmond Schools to ask city's help on budget Mayo Island City Envy Richmond's Branding Richmond Parking Ticket Revenues Are Down Redistricting plan could close three elementary schools Charting a Course Remembrance Edgar C. Eck Jr. Announcement could mean new stadium Session on Richmond school rezoning draws large crowd NAACP blasts mayor for RPS 'mediocrity' statements Ramps stay at skate park- for now New Life for Controversial Skate Park GRTC and Transit Study Task Force to hold public hearing Slave Trail Commission to hold important community Charette Bid to honor Va.'s black political pioneers hits snag Closing John B. Cary would be tragic RPS Redistricting Starts With a Bang Prayer for the Mayor School Board has put a $147.5 million budget request before Mayor Dwight C. Jones House adds $140M for schools City 28th Street skate spot will remain First look at Richmond's National Slavery Museum letter to Mayor Jones regarding the Route 5 Corridor Study Planners come together to begin roadmap for the future Regional commission presses for eminent domain definitions Fast track for slavery museum planned Forum discusses United States National Slavery Museum Libbie & Grove Rezoning Discussion Meetings To Begin in Early Summer Patrick Henry charter school gets clean audit 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/08/2012 02/09/2012 02/09/2012 02/09/2012 02/09/2012 02/10/2012 02/10/2012 02/10/2012 02/11/2012 02/11/2012 02/12/2012 02/13/2012 02/13/2012 02/14/2012 02/14/2012 02/14/2012 02/14/2012 02/14/2012 02/14/2012 02/14/2012 02/15/2012 02/15/2012 02/15/2012 02/15/2012 02/16/2012 02/16/2012 02/16/2012 02/16/2012 02/16/2012 02/16/2012 02/17/2012 02/17/2012 02/17/2012 02/17/2012 02/17/2012 02/17/2012 02/17/2012 02/17/2012 02/18/2012 02/18/2012 02/19/2012 02/19/2012 02/19/2012 02/19/2012 02/21/2012

Page 5 Slave trail panel needs spirit of inclusion Activist to run for Richmond mayor Slavery museum files plan to pay its debts Richmond City Council struggles with appointments Coliseum contract extended options to be assessed Unhealed History Political Chicken Homesick After-Dinner Mint The Mealy Politics of 11% Riverfront Plan 'Need Leadership to Carry This Through' Audit shows Richmond jail compliant with Va. standards Gammino faults Jewell for demagoguery, failing to build coalitions Audit Richmond ambulance out $9.6M Church Hill group rejects Route 5 traffic plans Richmond's elected leaders need to sweat small stuff Gammino faults Jewell for demagoguery, failing to build coalitions2 Meet the Candidates David Gammino 5th District Cross-Examining Candidate Gammino Belle Isle bike skills park needs help Black History Month Painting told slavery story Trees on 14th Street Richmond's mayor hoping for new RRHA leadership, improved housing options Riverfront connector in proposal Richmond's Juvenile Detention Center gets new camera, intercom systems Mayor’s Commission on Pension Liability Assessment Issues Report How to Save City Schools El-Amin Rest in peace, Ceasar Gaiters Teachers rally at Richmond City Hall, seek more money Mayor may ask city workers to pay more toward retirement plan Living on the canal Mayor Jones Announces Leadership Team for World Cycling 2015 Slave Trail commission seeks to boost public image Party's over for Fridays at Sunset Mayor lays plans for $62.3 million windfall Fridays at Sunset Ends Jones Budget Proposal to Include Capital Investments Ballpark money budgeted Mayor's Money Jones Budget Proposal to Include Capital Investmentsl City moves forward with former Dove Court renovations 3 seek seat on council in 5th Even visitors say Richmond Coliseum needs to be replaced Cuccinelli intervenes on behalf of Richmond officers in overtime suit Jones forms task force to cut Richmond schools budget Richmond city employees react to no raise possibility Schools needs budget solutions for big deficits Budget offers schools no additional money Jones' Move to Control Some School Operations May Face Little Opposition Washington Redskins tour City Stadium, consider moving training camp to Richmond 02/21/2012 02/21/2012 02/21/2012 02/22/2012 02/22/2012 02/22/2012 02/22/2012 02/22/2012 02/22/2012 02/22/2012 02/23/2012 02/23/2012 02/23/2012 02/23/2012 02/24/2012 02/24/2012 02/24/2012 02/24/2012 02/26/2012 02/27/2012 02/27/2012 02/27/2012 02/28/2012 02/29/2012 02/29/2012 02/29/2012 02/29/2012 02/29/2012 03/01/2012 03/01/2012 03/01/2012 03/02/2012 03/02/2012 03/02/2012 03/02/2012 03/02/2012 03/03/2012 03/03/2012 03/03/2012 03/03/2012 03/04/2012 03/05/2012 03/05/2012 03/06/2012 03/07/2012 03/07/2012 03/07/2012 03/07/2012 03/08/2012

Page 6 Redskins consider Richmond for preseason training Bridge to Nowhere - Plans to improve Route 5 Mayor Jones supports Patrick Henry Charter school District plan for Richmond is cleared Dawn Page eyeing City Council Seat Place slave trail panel under History Museum 3 Richmond-area agencies honored for online transparency Richmond schools task force will 'look at everything' Task force trying to close Richmond School District’s budget gap Tough decisions' vowed on Richmond school budget Schools Task Force Hears Defense of Schools Budget School Budget Rumble Begins School Budget Rumble Begins Mayors playbook to make Richmond a sports city Occupy’s Tentacles Sorry, No Sailboats for Byrd Park Careful Planner School Board Strikes Defiant Tone Following Task Force Meeting City Council a calm before the budget storm Richmond housing authority picks new CEO Mayor Jones meets with Pres. Obama, talk industry Richmond School Board surrenders to mayor Richmond school officials make case for funding Richmond City council members want more oversight over spending BB&T says it doesn't want $500,000 incentive BB&T shuns city grant Richmond sheriff still employs 8 relatives Richmond counts homicide originally thought to be in Chesterfield New tourism officers on the job in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield Is Bobb on His Way Back Richmond Government Advise and dissent City Envy Richmond's Riverfront Police ticket woman for kid's chalk drawings Special task force tackles school budget shortfall Schools panel could get help City officials, business leaders briefed on potential for public housing IB, governor's school programs could be cut in Richmond Backstage Taxes Officials Seek Ideas for Hull Street Revitalization Federal judge could rule by Friday on Richmond police OT pay Richmond Public Schools ask more for disabled access RRHA's plan to sell some public housing dwellings hits opposition Activist, 2 Richmond council members expand school budget debate Richmond failing to conduct background checks Richmond's homeless count falls Richmond School Board talks about $23.8 million budget gap Giant murals under way in downtown Richmond City School Board member disputes cut proposals Dogwood Dell Trails & Bike Safety Tips 03/08/2012 03/08/2012 03/09/2012 03/10/2012 03/11/2012 03/11/2012 03/12/2012 03/12/2012 03/13/2012 03/13/2012 03/13/2012 03/13/2012 03/13/2012 03/14/2012 03/14/2012 03/14/2012 03/14/2012 03/14/2012 03/14/2012 03/15/2012 03/15/2012 03/16/2012 03/16/2012 03/16/2012 03/17/2012 03/17/2012 03/17/2012 03/17/2012 03/18/2012 03/18/2012 03/19/2012 03/20/2012 03/20/2012 03/20/2012 03/20/2012 03/20/2012 03/21/2012 03/21/2012 03/21/2012 03/21/2012 03/22/2012 03/22/2012 03/22/2012 03/22/2012 03/23/2012 03/23/2012 03/23/2012 03/23/2012 03/23/2012

Page 7 Flaws found in Downtown Richmond bridges Richmond Marathon gets new sponsor, riverfront finish line Richmond plans to move trash pickup to four days a week Virginia Historical Society Confirms 'Richmond's First Food Truck Court' Richmond gets $487,000 grant for high school career readiness program City's try to toss OT suit denied Chalk the Police Heritage event celebrates African-American women Firm plan for new stadium still eludes Richmond area Public Square What is baseball worth to Richmond Who would pay for a new Diamond Richmond prosecutor plans to try ultrasound protesters $21M Traffic Signal System What Do You Stand For on Historic Monument Avenue Proposed Richmond Flying Squirrels stadium modeled after Pa. ballpark Richmond employees could pay more for health benefits Richmond hires finance deputy Student housing going up near VCU Richmond school budget task force examines administrative costs Animal control salary on Richmond City Council agenda tonight Richmond introduces new deputy CAO for finance Dominion Resources CEO Farrell made $12.2M in 2011 NAACP angry over expired Slave Trail Commission's expired terms Tyler May Face Baliles in Council Race Charges Against Occupy Photographer to Be Dropped Hungry for the Hippodrome Hipp Replacement Patrick Henry’s Plight Rocketts is ready to kick up some dust Richmond City Council member Conner to run for re-election Mayor defends task force on school budget gap Richmond School Board challenges mayor to fully fund schools Sirota Charter schools aren't silver bullet City Council Awards and Presentations Combine all black history projects into one group Task force hires Bobb, others to help pare Richmond school budget Church group tackles affordable housing in Richmond Rising area utility rates hit city residents hardest Food Task Force to present ideas for healthy living in Richmond Art 180 ordered to remove portraits from Monument Avenue Hey Art 180! Monument Avenue Doesn't Want Your Art City tells art group to end Monument exhibit Friday Street exhibit focus of dispute Despite city permit, group says ordered to remove art Monument Ave. Art 180 Project Forced to Move Charles Samuels “I support Art 180's project” Angst Over Avenue Art Regarding the Art 180 displays on Monument Avenue Regarding the Art 180 displays on Monument Avenue Additional 03/23/2012 03/23/2012 03/23/2012 03/23/2012 03/24/2012 03/24/2012 03/24/2012 03/25/2012 03/25/2012 03/25/2012 03/25/2012 03/25/2012 03/26/2012 03/26/2012 03/27/2012 03/27/2012 03/27/2012 03/27/2012 03/27/2012 03/27/2012 03/27/2012 03/27/2012 03/27/2012 03/27/2012 03/28/2012 03/28/2012 03/28/2012 03/28/2012 03/28/2012 03/29/2012 03/29/2012 03/29/2012 03/29/2012 03/29/2012 03/29/2012 03/30/2012 03/30/2012 04/01/2012 04/01/2012 04/01/2012 04/02/2012 04/02/2012 04/02/2012 04/02/2012 04/02/2012 04/02/2012 04/02/2012 04/02/2012 04/02/2012

Page 8 Permit issue for Monument art exhibit remains unresolved Monument Avenue art display must come down Art display on Monument must come down by Monday Flap over Monument Avenue art paints an unflattering picture Richmond schools consultant promises to keep focus on students Angst Over Avenue Art update Marshall says Art 180 portraits must still come down Group Forced To Move Monument Ave. Art Display Monument Ave. Art 180 Staying Put City will NOT allow Bryan Park to be used as a construction easement Additional statement by Councilman Samuels - Regarding the Artl statement by The Honorable Charles R. Samuels - Regarding the Artl Monument Ave children's art may be removed Art 180 timeline of events 11 people offer ideas to Richmond's school finance task force CAO, Byron Marshall Issues Statement Regarding Art 180l City Says Avenue Art Must Go Art 180 Portrait Missing Artless Avenue Schoolyard Scuffle [school budget] City Delays Bryan Park Project, Citing Runoff, Tree Loss Could Richmond finally get serious about its housing projects Monument Ave. Art 180 Staying Put 2nd Audit Issues with Richmond Finance Department 40-home development planned next to Bryan Park Backyard chickens make the cut among Richmond food goals Monument homeowners can host art displays Richmond's juvenile facility repaired; other problems persist 10-day furlough for city school employees among budget-cutting options Richmond Riverfront Plan is ambitious and doable Richmond residents concerned about alleged abuse of slave burial ground City getting ready to implement Shockoe Revitalization plan Green Statues on Monument Ave RPD to make wake up calls to cut crime Richmond creates new animal control department Drunk driver totals 1958 Mercury Montclair Consultants recommend Richmond school cuts Latest budget lays off fewer Richmond teachers Residents asks Richmond City Council to give schools more funds Major recommendations, projected savings for Richmond schools Down in the Flood Wall Local Buyers Eye the Times-Dispatch Political Permits Learn before you vote Lost Art City Council two meetings for the price of one Richmond's juvenile jail to remain on state probation City to replace some parking meters with pay stations Urban Challenge Fighting blight is a balancing act 04/02/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/03/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/04/2012 04/05/2012 04/05/2012 04/05/2012 04/06/2012 04/07/2012 04/08/2012 04/09/2012 04/09/2012 04/09/2012 04/10/2012 04/10/2012 04/10/2012 04/10/2012 04/11/2012 04/11/2012 04/11/2012 04/11/2012 04/11/2012 04/11/2012 04/11/2012 04/11/2012 04/12/2012 04/12/2012 04/12/2012 04/12/2012

Page 9 School board chairwoman will challenge council incumbent Save Our Statues Richmond NAACP says problems persist at juvenile jail Richmond school budget task force signs off on $23.8 million in cuts Could permission to project music soon cost money Social Welfare Food for thought Councilman wants more money for schools Renovations on tap for Landmark Theater Principal Resigns From City’s First Charter School Trolleys, Barrels and Bikes Mayor Unveils Green Plan Early Risers Eye School Board Seats Art 180 Murals Move Across Monument What About Bobb Former Charter Leader Announces School Board Run Criminal case stalls against mother Boston leaders urge Richmond to focus on private-public partnerships List of InterCity visitors City Council reviews task force's plans for Richmond schools Richmond officials examine juvenile jail spending Neighbors divided over chickens as pets in urban areas Richmond officials examine juvenile jail spending2 Richmond proposal would restrict firing guns in city Richmond civic leaders wrap up Boston trip James River Park to Gain New Property Audit, billing issues show trouble in Richmond's finance department Parking Cars on Sidewalks Richmond school system investigates allegation Audit, billing issues show trouble in Richmond’s finance department Monroe Park renovation plans in limbo People react to new parking stations downtown Richmond SPCA More on the split Coleman More deep cuts could hurt kids Richmond Food Truck Court 2.0 Richmond school system investigates allegation of improper event at Blackwell Residents blast city on late-arriving tax bills City Council the good, the bad, and the ugly Richmond Tightens Gun Laws Mayor finds millions for cash-strapped Richmond schools Perfect Mayor Cut and Run [school budget] GOOD Ideas for Cities Solutions to RVA Issues Creative Capital Fill in the blank corridor [beautification] Creative capital Region needs to make better first impression Creative capital Make a statement on I-95 Make projects a capital venture Group objects to Richmond police initiative Richmond police told to 'avoid intrusions' Richmond schools likely to get $5.5M extra from City Council Cyclists plan 'rolling protest' of car culture in Richmond 04/13/2012 04/16/2012 04/17/2012 04/17/2012 04/17/2012 04/18/2012 04/18/2012 04/18/2012 04/18/2012 04/18/2012 04/18/2012 04/18/2012 04/18/2012 04/18/2012 04/19/2012 04/19/2012 04/19/2012 04/20/2012 04/20/2012 04/20/2012 04/20/2012 04/21/2012 04/21/2012 04/21/2012 04/22/2012 04/23/2012 04/23/2012 04/24/2012 04/24/2012 04/24/2012 04/24/2012 04/24/2012 04/24/2012 04/24/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/25/2012 04/26/2012 04/26/2012 04/26/2012

Page 10 abandoned GRTC bus depot past, present, and future Police say late-night auto break-in warnings ending Tuesday City closing Richmond Juvenile Detention Center Troubled juvenile detention center shuts down immediately Richmond closes juvenile detention facility Police to end 'wake-up calls' effort Do school employees double-dip with pension and temp paychecks City's juvenile services director resigns Richmond makes liberal use of retirees in workforce Mayor City will take action after CBS 6 investigation Belle Isle burnished by 200+ volunteers Save Richmond's canals, again Former GRTC Bus Depot Snows' permit request rankles some neighbors Bicycling expands its trails, opportunities Families criticize closure of Richmond's juvenile jail Sell-off of RRHA homes a bad idea Richmond City Council passes tax extension [; budget amendments introduced] Snow job Who’s Greener Mayor, Council Compete for Title Good for Bob Bobb, Not Me City’s Sidewalk Repairs Top $21 Million City cleans up trash at Woodland Cemetery RPS leaders We need $10 million more to avoid cuts Richmond Public Schools Misreported Diplomas Green Spaces Forum on Mayo Island Mayo Island pushed as stage for cycling championships City schools admit mistake Critics Atlanta’s blueprint - Mayor's comments Critics Atlanta’s blueprint to change public housing is flawed Richmond requires a Tier One School System Richmond schools still face deficit City Council challengers raising campaign cash Richmond City Council considers Landmark deal Green Spaces Forum on Mayo Island 2 Landmark Theater renovation deal postponed College students, consolidated Fireworks over schools budget Spending priorities questioned at tense City Hall meeting Second Act Second Act Developer Nixes Echo Harbour Condos $10 Million Challenge Richmond City Council Races Heat Up Candidate Shewmake Answers Your Questions Richmond 9-1-1 Callers Put On Hold Dozens protest potential sale of RRHA's 'scattered-site' public housing Consultant alleges waste, abuse in city IT department Fired city employee claims project is costing taxpayers millions 04/26/2012 04/26/2012 04/26/2012 04/27/2012 04/27/2012 04/27/2012 04/27/2012 04/28/2012 04/28/2012 04/28/2012 04/29/2012 04/29/2012 04/30/2012 04/30/2012 05/01/2012 05/01/2012 05/01/2012 05/02/2012 05/02/2012 05/02/2012 05/02/2012 05/02/2012 05/02/2012 05/03/2012 05/03/2012 05/03/2012 05/04/2012 05/04/2012 05/05/2012 05/05/2012 05/05/2012 05/06/2012 05/07/2012 05/07/2012 05/07/2012 05/08/2012 05/08/2012 05/08/2012 05/08/2012 05/09/2012 05/09/2012 05/09/2012 05/09/2012 05/09/2012 05/09/2012 05/09/2012 05/10/2012 05/11/2012 05/11/2012

Page 11 Councilman says school audit dept. a ‘total waste of money’ Whistleblower Contract nixed after highlighting spending flaws on $18M project Budget short on ADA funds Digital billboard ads promote Richmond region Richmond struggles to fix missteps amid fire from critics Richmond City Council approves funding for schools Richmond defends $18M overhaul of IT systems City spends taxpayer dollars to replace bike symbols Council passes city & schools budget Battle of the budget yields no victory Another School Board Candidate Enters Race Antagonist Teenage Inmate Alleges Harassment at Detention Center City Hall Winterizes Roof Two Years After Ice Damage Tredegar campaign nears $8 million goal Herriing Endorses Samuels Mayor focuses on future in talk with business leaders Richmond council committee advances loan fund proposal Richmond Area MPO to hold information sessions City's anti-poverty commission seeks feedback Richmond residents vote on city's anti-poverty recommendations City needs to start over on juvenile jail, official says Controversial permit request could go back to Planning Commission Latino Project at Pony Pasture Is Sign of the Times Mayor talks budget shortfall as new school construction continues Richmond's newest schools, fire station to open within eight months Costly water fees vex Richmond residents Richmond plans to use job cuts, furlough days to balance schools budget Parking Zone Change Proposals Sheriff Woody Endorses Samuels Richmond investigates officers' 'inappropriate comments' Richmond 2015 bike race faces major deadlines State RPS Has Not Corrected IB Stats road map to a forward-looking Richmond Apartment boom in downtown Richmond Richmond City Council to consider arts district downtown Outpost to rent bikes, kayaks in downtown Richmond New parking changes in The Fan Fight Blight BBQ in Richmond Richmond City Council requests audit of IT project Council approves Landmark deal, arts district Homicide rate triples in Richmond's southside Second audit request this week targets juvenile center Chicks carry salmonella risk City creates arts district Nearly $1 billion in development happening in Richmond Downtown Richmond Developments Booming Long-ignored Broad Street parking ban leads to bar owner’s arrest Richmond Food Truck Court All Summer-Long 05/11/2012 05/11/2012 05/12/2012 05/12/2012 05/13/2012 05/15/2012 05/15/2012 05/15/2012 05/15/2012 05/15/2012 05/16/2012 05/16/2012 05/16/2012 05/16/2012 05/17/2012 05/17/2012 05/18/2012 05/18/2012 05/20/2012 05/20/2012 05/22/2012 05/22/2012 05/23/2012 05/23/2012 05/24/2012 05/24/2012 05/25/2012 05/25/2012 05/25/2012 05/25/2012 05/26/2012 05/26/2012 05/26/2012 05/27/2012 05/27/2012 05/28/2012 05/28/2012 05/29/2012 05/29/2012 05/30/2012 05/30/2012 05/30/2012 05/31/2012 05/31/2012 06/01/2012 06/01/2012 06/01/2012 06/02/2012 06/02/2012

Page 12 Richmond mayor chastises school leaders for potential budget cuts Crime down in central Va. for fifth straight year Violent-crime totals for Richmond region Richmond eyes its speed bump for high-speed rail How the Cops Disappeared The Camel’s Owner and My Van Camel Owner Arrested for Fighting Parking Tickets Selective Enforcement Of Broad St. Parking Laws Will Only Hurt RVA Business And Police remove license plate Fan parking changes considered Long-awaited Dove Court project to begin Jon Baliles challenging Bruce Tyler in Richmond's 1st District Jon Baliles, Governor’s son, announces Richmond City Council run Richmond School Board set to adopt budget tonight Gap closed in schools budget City to place juvenile inmates at 6 regional facilities Is Richmond stepping up parking ticket enforcement City changes storm response plans School board critics say panel faces same problems next year Richmond leaders disappointed in School Board budget Housing Authority honors college-bound students City Council, Richmond mayor races fill up Should scooters and mopeds get a sidewalk parking pass Baliles Jumps In Richmond Council Race Diradour picks up on Broad Street parking hubbub To Park or Not To Park We Must Do Better A Different Approach to the Richmond Budget 8-year commitment for Redskins camp in Richmond, governor says Broad Street Parking Ban Sparks Debate Mayor's task force done dealing with Richmond School Board Richmond, VCU band together to ease trash issues in Fan Richmond city leaders moves forward on settling police overtime lawsuit Strategist Mayor’s RPS interest is politically motivated Laid off RPS workers speak out VCU president comments on Redskins announcement Apartments planned for Interbake Food plant Prince William board flushes discretionary funds Va. needs to consider taxing authority for school boards Fitch Rates City of Richmond Richmond mayor kicks off re-election bid Bank files suit against the general contractor on Justin French projects Bank takes aim at ‘last man standing’ City leaders react to critics after CBS 6 investigation Mayor’s statement on public housing transformation Richmond mayoral candidate Rick Tatnall drops out of race Tatnall drops out of Richmond mayoral race Market Watch - Richmond, VA David Gammino Out of Council Race Sports complex weighed at City Stadium site Gammino withdraws from Richmond City Council race 06/03/2012 06/03/2012 06/03/2012 06/03/2012 06/03/2012 06/03/2012 06/03/2012 06/03/2012 06/04/2012 06/04/2012 06/04/2012 06/04/2012 06/04/2012 06/05/2012 06/05/2012 06/05/2012 06/05/2012 06/05/2012 06/06/2012 06/06/2012 06/06/2012 06/06/2012 06/06/2012 06/06/2012 06/06/2012 06/06/2012 06/06/2012 06/07/2012 06/07/2012 06/07/2012 06/07/2012 06/07/2012 06/07/2012 06/07/2012 06/07/2012 06/07/2012 06/08/2012 06/08/2012 06/08/2012 06/08/2012 06/08/2012 06/08/2012 06/08/2012 06/08/2012 06/09/2012 06/10/2012 06/10/2012 06/10/2012 06/11/2012

Page 13 Richmond hands out business awards Developer Gammino withdraws from City Council race City code questioned after fire at overcrowded trailer City takes grass duty from park system, then neglects duty On Richmond's athletic venues, the score is not good Richmond council names Alvin Anderson as its clerk Richmond schools leads the way in health testing council also voted to transfer a city-owned parcel City Council Things said and unsaid City council members, noted attorneys support gay Commonwealth attorney for judge seat RVA Shoppers' Shuttle Provides Healthy Food Options for City Residentsl Richmond could settle police overtime lawsuit Crumbling Richmond Sidewalks Warning sign erected for intersection where teenager died Richmond mayor election draws small field, but council, School Board races packed Class Clowns Lee Shewmake answers some questions from Oregon Hill Troubling Signs Mayor Jones Announces Re-election Bid City of Richmond, VA Selects EnerGov 9 Enterprise Solution Candidate Shewmake Answers Your Questions2 Fan residents, police meet on parking City could study Broad Street parking restrictions New candidate enters Richmond mayoral race Broad Street Parking Controversy Turns Toward Resolution Councilman proposes study on W. Broad Street parking $10M suit targets Richmond Jail over heat death First Richmond Copwatch Ticket- for standing on the sidewalk… « The Wingnut City Completes Bond Sale and Obtains Lower Rates Richmond council to weigh City Hall security Planning Commission backs former U.S. secretary of the Treasury John Snow's permit Proposed Libbie and Grove apartment building comes up against some dissenters Diradour Makes it Official Sign of the times businesses and city officials meet over contentious parking signs Security at Richmond City Hall Water rates target smaller users Herring forces protesters to provide cover for policel New Tourism Signs Coming to Downtown Richmond Architecture Review Brown's Island and Belle Isle Richmond Shakespeare Pulls CenterStage Shows Daisy’s Drive Mystery Mayoral Candidate Emerges Cruise Control City Spins Over Parking Debate Friday Food Truck Court Back On Richmond Riverfront final draft shows plans for Mayo's Island City examines downtown club Huguenot District rezoning plan is bad idea Mayor asked to push for Patrick Henry ownership change City could study chicken rules 06/11/2012 06/11/2012 06/12/2012 06/12/2012 06/12/2012 06/12/2012 06/12/2012 06/12/2012 06/13/2012 06/13/2012 06/13/2012 06/13/2012 06/13/2012 06/13/2012 06/13/2012 06/14/2012 06/14/2012 06/14/2012 06/14/2012 06/15/2012 06/15/2012 06/16/2012 06/16/2012 06/16/2012 06/16/2012 06/16/2012 06/17/2012 06/18/2012 06/19/2012 06/19/2012 06/19/2012 06/19/2012 06/19/2012 06/19/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/20/2012 06/21/2012 06/21/2012 06/21/2012 06/22/2012

Page 14 RMA elects first new chairman in 28 years We can't afford to make another wrong turn on school consolidation Official outlines fixes for Finance Department Richmond signs contract on IT project Charlie Diradour scores a potentially important endorsementl Government watchdog C.Wayne Taylor questions legality of the Food Truck Court City council to hold hearing on police overtime resolution Libbie and Grove area abuzz over possible development Richmond mayor is unopposed in election Richmond audit finds not all volunteers get background checks Route 5 corridor options offered Big US cities boom as young adults shun suburbs Richmond Yes to chickens Mayor Jones’ Statement on Redskins’ Summer Training Redskins task force meets in closed session Panel expected to recommend Redskins site within three months Richmond's future lies in its past Update on alleged Obama threats made by RPD Virginia proposes to enshrine limits on eminent domain Mayor calls storm sudden emergency City worker overpaid by $4,469 Richmond riverfront plan hits shoal Cobblestone or Asphalt in Shockoe Slip Richmond will reschedule police ceremony Planning Commission Continues Riverfront Plan Vote Bullard to replace Thorne-Begland Mayor and Sheriff Survey Jail Construction Progress Foul Play Landmark Theater to Become the Altria Richmond's Mayor Silence isn't golden Chief Norwood in trouble I oppose record of new judge Mayor Jones a shoo Fathers helping create better image for beleaguered housing project Longtime Richmond community activist Ruby Turner dies at 84 Richmond garners environmental award SPCA agreement remains in limbo Agreement between Richmond, cement company clears way for bike trail Council approves rezoning for development Holmberg Why is Richmond’s base water and sewer fee so high After stairway collapse, city considers policy changes Mom challenges Richmond schools to comply with disabilities act City to begin traffic light system upgrade Tentative agreement of $7.16M reached in overtime settlement Jones 2.0 Mayor Jones Rakes in Campaign Money — from Georgia Field Work Former city mayoral contender calls foul Rejected Richmond candidates want an appeal process 06/22/2012 06/22/2012 06/22/2012 06/22/2012 06/23/2012 06/23/2012 06/23/2012 06/23/2012 06/24/2012 06/27/2012 06/27/2012 06/28/2012 06/29/2012 06/29/2012 06/29/2012 06/30/2012 06/30/2012 07/01/2012 07/02/2012 07/02/2012 07/03/2012 07/03/2012 07/03/2012 07/04/2012 07/04/2012 07/05/2012 07/05/2012 07/05/2012 07/05/2012 07/06/2012 07/06/2012 07/06/2012 07/06/2012 07/07/2012 07/07/2012 07/08/2012 07/09/2012 07/09/2012 07/10/2012 07/10/2012 07/10/2012 07/10/2012 07/10/2012 07/10/2012 07/10/2012 07/10/2012 07/10/2012 07/11/2012 07/12/2012

Page 15 Richmond's Landmark Theater to become Altria Theater City, SPCA Just fix it RPD assessment costs at least $68,000 Richmond begins traffic-light update Richmond regional transit service ranked low in national study RPD cops accused of threats against Obama, first lady fired After 1-month delay, City Hall gives Richmond police go-ahead for promotions HOLMBERG Fun, international game causes friction in city park Planting the S.E.E.D, Bring business back Richmond’s East End Officers investigated after Obama visit have left RPD Richmond police get green light for delayed promotions Lawsuit threatened over ballot access Home values plummet in Richmond Jones Take part in Richmond's transit planning Mayo Bridge Replacement VCU now pushing economic development efforts Letter on Richmond’s Monroe Park The Unfolding Tragedy City Government Waiting to explain mystery of the cut down tree Renaming Landmark Theater a bad idea City faces tough financial choice on juvenile detention center Principal who was removed from Richmond school gets promotion, raise Major waterfront project on schedule City asks you to report waste Smartphone app targets Richmond government fraud Fowl Territory Landmark Rehab Gets Altria’s $10 Million Paychecks for some contracted city workers delayed New phone app aids in fraud reporting Man’s rights violated during vehicle search An 8News Investigation uncovers a decade long backlog to fix Richmond's ... sidewalks. New Richmond developments put pressure on for Monroe Park renovations Cannon Creek greenway work continues Former residents get peek at new look for Dove Court Occupy as Anarchy 101 Letter of Resignation To Venture Richmond Crews finally finish City Hall awning repairs Richmond police announce list of officers being promoted Jilted contractor questions integrity of city procurement City Elections For mayor Richmond Traffic Lights, camera, action Richmond City Council to vote on riverfront connector road Richmond City Council to consider James River access road City Council to vote on road connecting Downtown to James River Access to downtown riverfront could get easier Mayor Jones First impression Cycling squabble reflects region's failure to communicate Overtime settlement heads to judge City Sidewalk Lawsuits 07/12/2012 07/13/2012 07/13/2012 07/13/2012 07/13/2012 07/14/2012 07/14/2012 07/14/2012 07/14/2012 07/14/2012 07/14/2012 07/14/2012 07/15/2012 07/15/2012 07/16/2012 07/16/2012 07/16/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/17/2012 07/18/2012 07/18/2012 07/18/2012 07/19/2012 07/19/2012 07/20/2012 07/20/2012 07/20/2012 07/21/2012 07/21/2012 07/21/2012 07/22/2012 07/23/2012 07/23/2012 07/23/2012 07/23/2012 07/23/2012 07/24/2012 07/24/2012 07/24/2012 07/24/2012

Page 16 State of Delinquency Sore Spots Two hotels to be part of First Freedom Center in Shockoe Slip City Nixes (Fixes) Extra $250,000 for CenterStage Residents express concern to Tyler about Libbie and Grove development West End residents rebuff apartment plans for Libbie & Grove area Builder sues city Developer files $500,000 lawsuit against city Lawsuits filed over Richmond ballot spots Monument Avenue homeowner considers filing suit against city Glover might not have heard, but The Diamond has issues Proposed skatepark stalls Redskins sites narrowed to four Despite recent southside violent crimes, police say numbers down Judge approves settlement in RPD overtime lawsuit City spending audit postponed Drive under way to erase signs on city street medians Claiming the city broke its promise, businessman files a $500,000 suit Jewell abandons Kanawha Plaza plan Conflicts of interest continue at City Hall Spotlight on the new board chairman of Leadership Metro Richmond U.S. judge OKs $7M deal on OT Jail deaths Death rate at Richmond jail far outpaces national average No charges to be filed in detention center investigation Task force to give report to School Board candidates Shockoe Bottom back in ballpark conversation 2012 Power List No. 11 through 50 Land Barons City Renews Push for Downtown Bus Hub Other Mayoral Option Police adapt schedules after lawsuit settlement City Hall backs statue for MLW Just another cover-up Richmond Baseball Bottom's up Time to act Build a ballpark downtown At Redskins event, fans weigh in on camp move Pedestrians in Peril on East Broad St. New Letter On Victory Rug Proposal Richmond spending millions on tourism development Natural gas trash trucks expected to cut pollution & costs Richmond campaign fundraising detailed Developers want historic district extended to Massey Energy building Regional Ballpark Talks Splinter But Who’s to Blame Back to the Bottom Woody Stadium in Shockoe Bottom No Richmond police responds to complaints RMA general manager to retire Richmond School Board asks mayor for help Salary step increases for officers & firefighters delayed 07/25/2012 07/25/2012 07/25/2012 07/25/2012 07/25/2012 07/25/2012 07/25/2012 07/25/2012 07/26/2012 07/26/2012 07/26/2012 07/26/2012 07/27/2012 07/27/2012 07/27/2012 07/28/2012 07/28/2012 07/28/2012 07/28/2012 07/28/2012 07/28/2012 07/28/2012 07/29/2012 07/30/2012 07/31/2012 07/31/2012 08/01/2012 08/01/2012 08/02/2012 08/02/2012 08/03/2012 08/04/2012 08/04/2012 08/05/2012 08/05/2012 08/05/2012 08/06/2012 08/06/2012 08/06/2012 08/07/2012 08/07/2012 08/07/2012 08/08/2012 08/08/2012 08/08/2012 08/09/2012 08/09/2012 08/09/2012 08/10/2012

Page 17 Don’t build stadium in Shockoe Bottom Slave museum, ballpark plans collide in Shockoe Bottom City leaders, schools retool budget calendars Audit Office of Minority Business Development is ineffective, needs overhaul City program toothless for fair spending 2 Richmond schools panels to cooperate Candidate X No more potholes Make the Richmond Region a bike-friendly community 'revolving door' ends in Richmond's economic development office HOLMBERG Once infamous market now anchorning reborn Church Hill neighborhood Police fliers reignite Broad Street parking controversy Police flyers heat squabble over Fan No Parking signs Mixed message from police and city on No Parking signs Concerns raised after city director calls for audit halt Meeting lays out initial plans for redeveloping Creighton, Whitcomb Coin Toss All Aboard Ballpark Dreams Live (And Die) On The Boulevard Trickle Down City Water Bills Flood the Poor Despite Police fliers, new No Parking signs are NOT coming to Broad Street RTD offers start-ups a place to start Food Truck Court Moving to Church Hill Judge orders Richmond School Board candidate on ballot Candidate gets justice, but why was it delayed Former deputy re-files discrimination complaint at city jail Redskins eye land behind Science Museum for training camp Redskins interested in site near Science Museum for training camp Source tells CBS 6 Redskins eyeing property on West Leigh Street for training camp City defends Wilder in $200M suit Chief shakes up the dept Mayor’s aide Auditor’s report ‘misleading’ Bottom line No Shockoe stadium Richmond Elections Our invitation Sidewalks — the original information highways Contractors, audit report focus criticism on city office Some Church Hill residents fight back against condo development Property Behind Science Museum New contractor makes parking enforcement changes Maintenance at Barker Field gone to the dogs Richmond School Board silences 2 members Depot Digs Residents Worry Will Route 5 Plan Destroy Varina Signs of Progress in Parking Debate Broad Street No Parking Signs Coming Down basics on Richmond's inmate work program Broad St. parking ban over, signs coming down West Broad Street parking signs coming down Get ready for loud booms on Saturdays at Tredegar Added dumpsters may not be enough for moving day junk in Fan 08/10/2012 08/10/2012 08/10/2012 08/10/2012 08/11/2012 08/11/2012 08/12/2012 08/12/2012 08/13/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/15/2012 08/16/2012 08/16/2012 08/16/2012 08/17/2012 08/17/2012 08/17/2012 08/18/2012 08/18/2012 08/18/2012 08/18/2012 08/18/2012 08/19/2012 08/19/2012 08/19/2012 08/19/2012 08/20/2012 08/20/2012 08/20/2012 08/21/2012 08/21/2012 08/21/2012 08/21/2012 08/21/2012 08/21/2012 08/22/2012 08/22/2012 08/22/2012 08/22/2012 08/22/2012

Page 18 Richmond School Board Gag 2nd Richmond School Board member questions Page letter to task force Minority Business If not here. . . Richmond area's financial health improves Lawsuit over mayoral candidate’s disqualification going to court Richmond City Council adding fifth wayl Real estate agent wants review of signatures in mayoral bid Baseball To the plate Biking in the city of Richmond Sixth Street Marketplace VCU Traffic – Is it Time to Act Candidate's challenge is latest complaint surrounding registrar's office Tammy Hawley The unsung hero of the Mayor’s administration Pedaling Forward After nepotism coverage, Richmond sheriff tried to root out the source of leaks Family Sidewalks could have prevented hit-and-run death Richmond auditor faults minority contracts process New audit finds problems in Richmond's program for minority businesses City auditor releases long-awaited audits Audit Departments don’t follow rules for buying, awarding contracts City Stadium or site behind Science Museum to host Redskins camp Leigh Street, City Stadium sites finalists for Redskins Contentious Richmond minority busines audit to be presented today Richmond could narrow Redskins sites to 2 Thursday NAACP Jones administration continues to break $ promises To-do list full for Richmond Two views Richmond's iconic river scene Dr. Trout’s Letter Concerning The Kanawha Canal Rural Varina and Route 5 Corridor City Considers Nixing Stoplights on West Broad RPD officers in Charlotte for DNC won’t create cop shortage Mayo Island - the centerpiece of riverfront development Riverfront Plan Passes Planning Commission Urban crescent localities urge state to fix transportation problem Richmond riverfront plan advances Developer to reconsider Libbie and Grove project Libbie and Grove apartment plans stalled Richmond judge orders review of would-be mayoral candidate's signatures Richmond mayoral candidate will get review Thin Skins Liberty Trail map called 'unacceptable' Annually $72 million in city tax revenue lost, could soon increase Richmond police to host social-media conference Richmond would-be mayoral candidate gets petition review today Residents say students cause problems in neighborhoods Richmond council will consider tax exemptions for nonprofits' properties Mayoral candidate faces weekend wait on ballot issue Effort aims to restore South Richmond creek and land around it Mayor now accepts findings of City Auditor Umesh Dalal 08/22/2012 08/22/2012 08/23/2012 08/23/2012 08/24/2012 08/24/2012 08/25/2012 08/26/2012 08/26/2012 08/27/2012 08/27/2012 08/27/2012 08/28/2012 08/29/2012 08/29/2012 08/31/2012 08/31/2012 08/31/2012 08/31/2012 08/31/2012 08/31/2012 08/31/2012 08/31/2012 08/31/2012 09/01/2012 09/02/2012 09/02/2012 09/03/2012 09/04/2012 09/05/2012 09/05/2012 09/05/2012 09/05/2012 09/05/2012 09/05/2012 09/05/2012 09/05/2012 09/05/2012 09/06/2012 09/06/2012 09/07/2012 09/07/2012 09/07/2012 09/07/2012 09/08/2012 09/08/2012 09/08/2012 09/08/2012 09/08/2012

Page 19 Westhampton Theater Staying Open Residents still leery after joint RPD crackdown on crime effort Three years later, CenterStage leads downtown transformation Urinating in Public Richmond trail committees should have communicated City decides not to remove contested tree City Council leaders tackle issue of exempting nonprofits from taxes Police group trying to learn how to better control news Mayor Jones’ new opponent now readies for campaign Richmond Mayor Jones will now have a Nov. opponent Richmond mayoral hopeful wins ballot spot against Jones Richmond mayoral hopeful ordered back on ballot Vote on Snow property delayed City Elections A choice Mayoral candidate getting campaign back on schedule And the mayor wins re-election yet again Out of View Small Change Landmark Theatre Alters Renovation Plans Bold New Stories Four Questions for Mike Ryan Bikes, BBQ and Logistics The Race to 2015 Inside the Mind of Candidate Agelasto Richmond City Council candidates air views at VCU forum Liberty Trail to include nod to Richmond's Slave Trail Bike-race bickering must stop City taxpayers deserve better services Activists seek more open city government Richmond's 'first-in-the-nation' historic building Writing a recipe for regional progress Organizational woes hinder Slave Trail panel, critics say Cycling event 'on track' Richmond Slave Trail Commission members River City Inside info Amphitheater plan stirs worry in Oregon Hill 5 Questions With a Candidate Kathy Graziano 5 Questions With a Candidate Johnny Walker Politics Pledge drives Pipefitters file racial discrimination suit against city Richmond Education Association pushes harmony between City Council, School Board Council will consider new position to manage jail population Plan to clear Boulevard site hits snag A Life-and-Death Issuel Virginia trying to shore up math skills Up and Over Grocery Bus Finds Converts in Fulton Hill Redskins to Boost Richmond Economy by $8.5 Million Not Really Carytown Fresh Market Says No to Food Stamps Public Square participants discuss responsibilities of motorists, cyclists 09/08/2012 09/09/2012 09/09/2012 09/10/2012 09/11/2012 09/11/2012 09/11/2012 09/11/2012 09/11/2012 09/11/2012 09/11/2012 09/11/2012 09/11/2012 09/12/2012 09/12/2012 09/12/2012 09/12/2012 09/12/2012 09/12/2012 09/12/2012 09/12/2012 09/12/2012 09/13/2012 09/14/2012 09/14/2012 09/14/2012 09/14/2012 09/15/2012 09/16/2012 09/16/2012 09/16/2012 09/16/2012 09/16/2012 09/17/2012 09/17/2012 09/17/2012 09/17/2012 09/17/2012 09/18/2012 09/18/2012 09/18/2012 09/18/2012 09/18/2012 09/18/2012 09/19/2012 09/19/2012 09/19/2012 09/19/2012 09/19/2012

Page 20 City Elections A note on Mr. X Richmond gets $690,000 Homeland Security grant to strengthen port Making RVA Bike Friendly Mayoral candidate Michael Ryan addresses Norrell Elementary concerns Richmond proposal would expand cold weather shelter's availability City Government Boards stiffed Richmond needs to embrace, not erase, riverfront history Challengers raising big bucks in council races City Government Boards stiffed II School openings, mayor’s promise are big concerns Slavery Heritage betrayed City plan favors demolition over rehabilitation Owner of home, city clash on easements 5 Questions With a Candidate Charles Samuels 5 Questions With a Candidate Charlie Diradour Fan District aims to reduce parking struggles Council delays vote on easement fight Protest targets Richmond water, sewer charges Protesters against Richmond water and sewer service charge Protesters thirst for change to city’s water and sewer fees Two new city representatives appointed to RMA board City Council Water, water, everywhere Sheriff Sued Over Death at City Jail 12 Investigates Vacancy rate projection errors Baliles - City Council candidate 'A new generation of positive leadership' Richmond sheriff, other employees face $4.8 million wrongful death suit City Celebrating Belle Isle Bike Skills Area Death investigation underway at Richmond City Jail NAACP head tours proposed Bottom ball park site Agelasto - City Council candidate Maximize the exchange of ideas Digging begins for 80 apartments Richmond officers fired over alleged Obama comments want jobs back Richmond dedicates mountain bike course on Belle Isle City Council expands services for homeless Richmond stormwater utility fee collections 'miserable' in 3rd year 5 Questions With a Candidate Douglas Conner 5 Questions With a Candidate Michelle Mosby 1st District council race focuses on styles Hilbert - City Council 'excited by what we've accomplished' Schools the focus of many City Council candidates Anti-poverty panelist sees link between transit, jobs City leaders address Richmond September homicide numbers Richmond ninth on college-experience index Survey Infrastructure, poverty big concerns Richmond Government What a waste Developer, lawyer compete for 2nd District council seat City Democrats Unfairly Tipping Local Elections Mayor talks about Richmond’s rising murder rate Jones, police say no 'common thread' in recent Richmond homicides 09/19/2012 09/19/2012 09/19/2012 09/19/2012 09/20/2012 09/20/2012 09/21/2012 09/21/2012 09/21/2012 09/22/2012 09/23/2012 09/23/2012 09/24/2012 09/24/2012 09/24/2012 09/25/2012 09/25/2012 09/25/2012 09/25/2012 09/25/2012 09/25/2012 09/25/2012 09/26/2012 09/26/2012 09/26/2012 09/27/2012 09/27/2012 09/27/2012 09/27/2012 09/28/2012 09/29/2012 09/29/2012 09/30/2012 09/30/2012 09/30/2012 10/01/2012 10/01/2012 10/01/2012 10/01/2012 10/01/2012 10/01/2012 10/01/2012 10/02/2012 10/02/2012 10/02/2012 10/02/2012 10/02/2012 10/02/2012 10/02/2012

Page 21 Why the economic impact of the 2015 bike races Richmond neighborhoods react to deadly month Candidates for Richmond City Council's 4th District candidates for Richmond City Council's 3rd District Are Richmond water fees a hidden tax pooling into city funds Fight for the 5th features three candidates Columnist cites transportation as key to a successful city Richmond must overcome bias against buses Race for the 8th features focus on schools Mayor Jones refutes claims he will replace Norwood 'Taj Mahal' alley project questioned in council race Richmond council candidates spar over $316,000 alley Samuels Candidate says 2nd District is about 'we,' not 'me' Graziano 4th District City Council candidate says city's 'definitely on the right track' Watchdog group RPS spent nearly half a million on hotels, travel More officers sue city for overtime pay Don't destroy the park for football Businesspeople vie for 9th District seat Savage 4th District School Board candidate says get changes into the classrooms 5 Questions With a Candidate Bruce Tyler 5 Questions With a Candidate Jon Baliles Problems on Forest Hill Ave Department Announces Changes Measure will give council more input on certain projects Total: 1,003 files 10/02/2012 10/03/2012 10/03/2012 10/03/2012 10/04/2012 10/04/2012 10/04/2012 10/05/2012 10/05/2012 10/05/2012 10/05/2012 10/05/2012 10/05/2012 10/05/2012 10/05/2012 10/06/2012 10/06/2012 10/06/2012 10/06/2012 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 10/08/2012 10/09/2012