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EPITERMA has grown rapidly since it established in 1987, we have proven track record of having participate in many mining project mainly overseas. We have d fh i ti i t i i i j t i l W h experience for over 23 years in mining project and we are still focusing in developing our core of competency in mining project in order to be able to compete in Globalization market. To compete with other similar companies, we have built a strong commitment toward customer’s requirements by following International Standard related to the nature nat re of business. Quality Management (ISO 9001 2008) and Health & Safety b siness Q alit 9001:2008) Safet Management (OHSAS 18001:2007) were implemented to achieve this commitment. Our engineers have qualifications in civil, structural and mechanical. It is covering all aspects of project development, from concept generation until installation. The engineers are supported by team of qualified drafters, fully equipped fabrication workshops, experienced administration staffs and experience team of managers. Commitment, professionalism, Commitment professionalism continual improvement, qualified workers and well improvement equipped workshops allow EPITERMA to have large capability for more complex project and increasing ability to meet demanding time and quality.


To become World-Class Mining Construction company

Mission ss o
To fulfill customer’s requirements with high Quality To provide commitment for continual improvement in all aspects of capability, skill, competency and employee’s quality of life

Company’s Objective
To achieve Zero accident To increase compliance to legal requirement and others to 100% To ti f li t b T satisfy client by providing th highest quality and value idi the hi h t lit d l To grow and develop by using company’s strength and competencies To develop innovative and useful service and solution To be able to compete in Globalization market by delivering innovative and useful service and solution To get customers respect and loyalty


: Holding Company : Djaisorba : Johan : Murdono : Bertson : Galumbang : Henri : Hotbin : Edward : Rully : Sukardi

Legal Form of Company Director Corporate Secretary and MR Engineering Manager Workshop & Production Manager Finance and Accounting Manager Administration and HR Manager Site/Project Construction Manager Marketing, Business & RD Manager QA- QC Manager QHMS Manager

Company’s production capacities : 8500 tons/Year for Common Structural & Conveyors y 3600 tons/year for mechanical/Platework 4000 tons/Year for Welded Beam

Workshop I

Plant’s area is Covered : 5236 m2 Open Yard : 1540 m2 Material Handling Equipment :

Workshop II

Plant’s area is Covered Open Yard

: 2574 m2 : 600 m2

Material Handling Equipment :

Special Equipment :
H-Beam Gantry-Auto Submerged Arc Wielding. Technical parameters : p Adaptive H-Beam steel dimension: Width: 200-800mm Height: 200-1500mm Length : 2000-15000mm Welding Speed :250-2500mm/min Mainframe speed : ≤ 4000mm/min Wielding position : cymbiform weld Welding medicine recycle machine : 100kg x 2

Special Equipment :
H-Beam Automatic Assembling Machine Machine. Technical parameters Adaptive dimension: Web height:200-1500mm Web thickness:6-32mm Web length:4000-15000mm Flange width:200-600mm Flange thickness:6-40mm Flange length:4000-15000mm Assembly speed : 500-600mm/min 00 600 /

Special Equipment :
H-Beam Flange Straightening Machine Technical Capability Parameters Flange width: 200-800mm Flange thickness: 6-40mm g Web min. Height: 200mm Straightening 18 meter input and output roller conveyer

Special Equipment :
CNC Multiple Tips Cutting Machine. Technical parameters Rail span: 4000mm Rail length: 18000mm Effective length: 15500mm Cutting width: 80-2800mm(straight) 220-2600mm (CNC) Cutting speed: 100-750mm/min Cutting thickness: 6-50mm (the Surface quality for cutting: accord with JB/T10045.4-99 Standard II Maximum speed:6000mm/min Transverse torch:2 group (CNC single torch) Longitudinal torch:5 group (linear single torch) Linear tri-torch: 1 group Control: span FAGOR 8035 digital control system and Japan pana full digital AC servo system

Workshop III

Plant’s area is Open Yard : 22500 m2

Softwares :
In order to be able to compete in the competitive market, Nowadays. EPITERMA is y j g y pp y g g currently adjusting with customers needs and wants by applying and using the latest software in Shop Drawing. Tekla and Graitec are used because by using them, we can improve and assure the quality, accuracy and efficiency.

We have a strong commitment toward customers’ needs and expectation. Therefore some standards and procedures were created in order to meet the needs of customers. Quality Management System Standards (ISO 9001:2008) that was approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance was used to develop the correct, efficient and realiable standards or procedures to persue continual quality improvement at all time, in terms of providing services for project management, engineering service, procurement, fabrication, maintenance and construction. Below is Workshop Working Flow that was developed to ensure our works meet demanding time and quality. quality

Health & Safety has become our top priority beside Quality. By implementing this system, we want to ensure the Health and Safety of employees, contractors, clients and community around the workshop and site. In our company, Occupation Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007 that was approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ) has been put through and will continue to improve in order to make sure Health and safety of employees meet all legislation, regulation and commercial requirement from both government and clients. clients

Inland transport fr Workshop to nominated port : -Break bulk w/ Trailer -Breakbulk w/ Low bed -Containerized 20’ or 40’ w/ Trailer Limitation of inland transport : -4.5m width -4.5m height -12~18 l 12 18 length th


Licenses Ijin Usaha Jasa Pertambangan mineral, batubara dan panas bumi no.414.K/37/DBT/2009 NPWP no.01.323.183.2-413.000 Surat Keterangan Domisili Perusahaan no.503/147/VIII/09/Ekbang Surat Ijin Usaha Perdagangan (SIUP) no.4627/09-01/PM/87 Tanda Daftar Perusahaan (TDP) no. Certificates ISO 9001: 2008 (Issued by: PT.LIoyd’s Register Indonesia) OHSAS 18001 : 2007 (Issued by: PT.LIoyd’s Register Indonesia) WPS (1, 2, 3, 4) Welder Certificate Associations KADIN, M b hi Nr. 20105-08.000389 KADIN Membership N 20105 08 000389 IMA APKOBI

Certificate No: JKT 6006512/A

Certificate No: JKT 6006512/B