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COTTLE-TAYLOR Case October 2012

Dated : 10th

The case is about a Philadelphia-based and globally expanded FMCG company which is into Oral Care,Personal Care and Home Care and wants to expand in the emerging markets such as India where it sees a huge growth potential owing to its huge youth population . Michael Lang , who is the VP- Marketing for greater Asia and Africa needs to grow the company in India and has huge pressures from top management to do so due to declining markets in developed nations. Brinda Patel, Director of oral care products for the India division of a consumer home-care product company, develops a data-driven marketing plan for toothbrushes. Cottle's target market segments: Indian Urban - 22 % Population, Access to Advertisement Indian Rural - 78% population, less basic facilities , less awareness , 64% of total Indian expenditure Present Advertisement: 50 % TV, 30% NEWSPAPER, 15 % BILLBOARD and 5 % ON RADIO Issues : How to penetrate the Oral care Indian market? - Target broader age group , as decisions in semi urban and rural areas largely depends on head of the family - Cheaper Toothbrushes can be provided at discounted cost in semi urban areas as sale of toothpaste is more (48.7%) in comparison to toothbruses (17.5%) How much and which media to use to ensure effective ROI on Advertisement? - Can she increase the billboard advertisement in semi urban areas - Increase promotions in rural areas via Contacting through mobile and e-Choupal She believes her plan can support a 20% increase in unit sales based on rising demand for modern oral-care products in India. Her boss, the VP of Marketing, believes her forecast is too conservative and suggests spending more money on promotions to boost sales by 30%. The current situation is that, Brinda must develop a new plan to meet this higher growth rate by increasing the advertising budget and revising the distribution of the budget across three targeted advertising messages. She must also consider the regional challenges within India between rural and urban consumers and their willingness to adopt a modern approach to dental care. In the background of the information, her Boss Lang gave , that Cottle's senior management had decided to tie a greater proportion of 2010 employee compensation to regiuonal performance in 2010, her incentive to outperform her targets , has altogether become more prominent.

COTTLE-TAYLOR Case October 2012 Dated : 10th ********************************************************************************* .