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A high quality semi-gloss enamel paint based on modified Alkyd Resin and used as a decorative paint for exterior and interior applications.

CHARACTERISTICS: “Jazetal Semi-Gloss” has the following features: - Approved by SASO No.: 472/2002. - Semi-Gloss finish. - Very good covering and hiding property. - Good weathering resistance property. - Washable with water and soap. - Lead free. RECOMMENDED USE: Recommended to use as a final decorative coat for exterior and interior applications on steel, concrete, cement, wood, asbestos and gypsum surfaces.

PHYSICAL CONSTANTS: Semi-Gloss. Finish: (45-55) at Angle of 60°, ASTM D523. Gloss: Produced in white and other colours as per Al-Jazeera Colour card. Colour: 1.40, ASTM D1475. Specific Gravity: 97 KU, ASTM D562. Viscosity: 47.25 %. ASTM D2697. Volume Solid: Recommended D.F.T is 35 µ. Each coat. D.F.T: Theoretical spreading rate: 13.50 m2/L (541.4 ft2/US gallon) at D.F.T. 35 µ. Spreading Rate: (to avoid waste , be sure to buy the right amount of the paint for the surface area required). Above 95% at 100 µ. Hiding: 150 µ, ASTM D4400. Sagging: Pass, 4 H Pencil, ASTM D3363. Hardness: Scratch Resistance: Pass, 1 Kg., ASTM D5178. 3 mm. Diameter, ASTM D522. Bending: Pass, ASTM D3359. Adhesion: Water Resistance: Pass, ASTM D870. 38°C. Flash Point: DRYING TIME: - Dry to touch 1½ hour. - Surface Dry 3 hours. - Full Dry 16 hours. - Recoat Interval (Minimum) 24 hours. All the above test results according to ASTM D5895. Spray Gun: Roller: Brush. Recommended Nozzle size: (1.5 – 1.8) mm. Recommended type: soft / smooth. General / Normal type.


Recommended Thinner is “Al-Jazeera Thinner 504”.

. 4. .Apply one or two coats of “Al-Jazeera Red Oxide Primer” or “Al-Jazeera Zinc Phosphate Primer”. For steel surfaces: . cool. 8. or any other suitable Al-Jazeera Primer. PACKING: 1 US Gallon.( Tintable Base by coloring machine). 5. Do not apply the next coat unless the previous one is fully dry. APPLICATION GUIDE: For masonry surfaces: . Should be used in well-ventilated place and far from children reach. . and grease are fully removed. Drum. for Spray Gun applications. . oil. 3.THINNING RATIO: (20 – 25)% by volume.To make the surface smooth. (10 – 15)% by volume for Roller and Brush applications. oil.Prepare the surface by sanding and blasting process until all rust. grease and other dirties are fully removed. Gallon: Base 3 Ltr. 2. if required.Prepare the surface by sanding and blasting process until all particles. 1.Clean the surface by soft brush or cloth with “Al-Jazeera Thinner 504” and allow to full dry. A suitable quantity of “Al-Jazeera Thinner 504” can be added to get reasonable viscosity for application.Apply one coat of “Al-Jazeera Primex” or “Al-Jazeera C Primer”. 18 Ltrs. Adequate ventilation should be provided during drying time.Apply two coats of “Jazetal Semi-Gloss”. Old paints must be removed completely from the surface and the surface should be cleaned and prepared well. In sealed container: 12 months in dry. Do not apply on wet and moistened surfaces until get completely dry. Drum: Base 17 Ltr. apply two coats of “Al-Jazeera Easy Putty” or “Al-Jazeera Oleo Putty” (for interior surfaces only). minimum recoating interval time should be given between the two coats. SHELF LIFE: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Issued 2010 . . Surface temperature required during application must not be less than 10°C and the surface moisture should not exceed 8% and the relative humidity at work place not to exceed 70%.( Tintable Base by coloring machine). 7. and well ventilated place.Apply two coats of “Jazetal Semi-Gloss” if required. giving sufficient recoat interval time between the two coats. . Depends on the temperature at work place. Paint should be stirred carefully and homogenously before use. . CLEANING TOOLS: “Al-Jazeera Thinner 504”.Clean the sanded surface by soft wide brush or blowing air. 6.

please donate the leftover paint and packaging to your local authorized institution for usage or recycling purpose. Even ventilation system is provided during application of paint. In painting time. contact of liquid paint and thinner with eyes and skin. When working with Solvent-Base paint in in-sufficient ventilated areas. For Environmental Safety. smoking is not allowed.SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: During application of Solvent-Base paint. All liquid paints should be kept away from reach of children. Note: Wastes and empty containers should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations made under the Control of Pollution Act and the Environmental Protection Act. Issued 2010 . respiratory protection are always recommended. should be strongly avoided. forced ventilation system should be provided. eye. skin. inhalation of paint mist and solvent vapour.