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Customer Name Account No 1009469469 ACCOUNT SUMMARY : JOHARI BIN SITAM Bill Date 04 AUG 2012 Payment Due Date 03 SEP 2012 Bill No 000102157062 Deposit (RM) 0.00

Previous Charge Previous Balance Payment -Thank You

RM 163.95 -160.00

Current Charge Recurring Charges Usage Charges Service Tax (6%)

RM 149.00 0.10 0.01

Total Amount Outstanding


Total Current Charges Total Amount Rounding Amount Total Amount to be Paid

149.11 153.06 -0.01 153.05

You have outstanding due. Please settle the dues immediately to avoid any service interruption. For the current charges, kindly remit them before or on the due date stated on your bill. NEW POLICY FOR CREDIT LIMIT UNIFI - Commencing 1st August 2012, your UniFi account will be assigned a credit limit of three (3) times your package monthly fee. Call TM UniFi Centre at 1-300-88-1221 or visit your nearest TMpoint to update your email/mobile number or for further enquiries.

For payment via post, please attach this slip with crossed cheque payable to 'Telekom Malaysia Berhad' and state account no with total payment at the back of the cheque.

Account No

1009469469 000102157062 04 AUG 2012 751
RM 153.05 RM


Bill No Bill Date Revenue Code Total Amount Due Paid Amount Bank/Cheque No



Product and Service Enquiries 1-300-88-1222: Operating hours Monday-Friday (9AM . Credit Card or selected Debit Card POS Malaysia Banks (Bank Simpanan Nasional. PAYMENT METHODS COUNTER • • • TMpoint − − − − Kiosk. This bill is final and authorised by Finance Division. it will be credited in the next Proof of postage is not proof of receipt.9PM).my www. Only payment made before the stipulated date will be credited in this www. WP Labuan. EON Bank.i-muamalat. Do not mail any cash payment. Sarawak SERVICE TAX In accordance with the Budget 2011 announcement. Late payment will result in temporary service disconnection and a fee of www. Saturday (10AM-6:30PM) 2. effective 1 January 2011. kindly contact TM UniFi Centre at 1-300-88-1221 before the due date of this bill. Maybank) AUTOPAY • ATM • Ambank • Maybank INTERNET • • myUniFi di https://occ. Account Management & Billing 1-300-88-1221: Operating hours Monday-Sunday (9:00AM-10:30PM) 3. ENQUIRY / CHANGE OF BILLING ADDRESS Contact us at our TM UniFi Centre: Maybank • www. ATTENTION PHONE • MBF TERMINAL • CIMB M1 MAIL Mail a crossed cheque made payable to "Telekom Malaysia Berhad" enclosed with the payment slip. Tioman and Free Trade Zones.unifi.ACCOUNT NO: 1009469469 DATE: 04 AUG 2012 Page 2 of 7 BILL PAYMENT Bills should be paid promptly by the stipulated date as to avoid unnecessary interruption/disconnection. Credit Card or selected Debit Card Cheque. Bank Rakyat. www. 2. No receipt will be • www.rhb. 6% service tax will be imposed on all telecommunication charges except for customers in Langkawi.hlb. Bank Draft or Money Order (payable to Telekom Malaysia Berhad) 3. Cash. For any billing enquiries/ .uob. Payment should be addressed to: SEMENANJUNG MALAYSIA TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD Peti Surat 13232 50804 Kuala Lumpur SABAH (Termasuk WP Labuan) TMpoint Sadong Jaya Telekom Sales & Services Sdn Bhd 88672 Kota Kinabalu Sabah SARAWAK TMpoint Batu Lintang Telekom Sales & Services Sdn Bhd Jalan Batu Lintang 93200 • • • • • • • Bank Rakyat Public Bank Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) *Note: Locally Issued • • • • • • • Bank Simpanan Nasional RHB Bank www. Cash or Cheque (payable to POS Malaysia Berhad) at selected Pos outlet only (payment at POS mini is not applicable) Cash.posonline.mbfcards. TM as the total amount www. Technical Enquiries 1-300-88-1221: Operating hours 24/7 Or you may e-mail us at: unifi@tm.00 will be charged for reconnection for each Public Bank https://ambank.

10 Amount (RM) 0.To Fixed NATIONAL .00 0. RECURRING CHARGES Item VIP5 (24 Months Contract) Monthly Fee TOTAL Start Date 04/08/2012 End Date 03/09/2012 Gross (RM) 149.00 149.00 Discount (RM) 0.ACCOUNT NO: 1009469469 DATE: 04 AUG 2012 Page 3 of 7 ACCOUNT DETAIL PAYMENTS Date 21/07/2012 TOTAL Description Payment .00 USAGE STATEMENT Description Voice NATIONAL .00 Amount (RM) 149.00 RECURRING CHARGES STATEMENT Description Residential High Speed Internet : bulan@unifi TOTAL Gross (RM) 149.00 149.TMPOINT KEPONG Amount (RM) -160.01 SERVICE DETAIL WResidential High Speed InternetW SERVICE NO.05 0.To Mobile TOTAL SERVICE TAX (6%) Description Total tax Total Taxable (RM) 0.00 Discount (RM) 0.10 Amount (RM) 0.05 0. USAGE CHARGES : 03-61277270 .00 : bulan@unifi TOTAL 149.01 0.00 Amount (RM) 149.00 0.00 -160.00 WResidential VoiceW SERVICE NO.00 149.00 149.

05 Discount (RM) 0.00 Amount (RM) 0.05 Discount (RM) 0.00 Amount (RM) 0.ACCOUNT NO: 1009469469 NATIONAL To Fixed Date 14/07/2012 TOTAL Time 10:04:33 Number 60323316851 DATE: 04 AUG 2012 Page 4 of 7 Location MAXIS Duration 00:00:08 Gross (RM) 0.05 To Mobile Date 28/07/2012 TOTAL Time 17:50:04 Number 60137664003 Location MOBILE 013 Duration 00:00:06 Gross (RM) 0.01 0.11 .05 0.10 Amount (RM) 0.05 0.01 TOTAL 0.00 0.05 0.05 SERVICE TAX (6%) Description Total tax Total Taxable (RM) 0.05 0.00 0.

95 Payment (RM) -160.00 Adjustment (RM) 0.00 Outstanding (RM) 3.95 TOTAL OUTSTANDING .ACCOUNT NO: 1009469469 DATE: 04 AUG 2012 Page 5 of 7 STATEMENT OF OUTSTANDING STATEMENT DATE ACCOUNT NO : 04 AUG 2012 : 1009469469 Bill No 000091109009 Bill Date 04/07/2012 Bill Amt (RM) 163.95 3.

DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL CALL ASSISTANCE SERVICE ? 101 AND DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE SERVICE ? 103 All UniFi subscribers can now enjoy access to both Domestic & International Call Assistance Service-101 and Directory Assistance Service -103 For further information. please do not hesitate to email unifi@tm. The CPE given to Residential customers are Dect Phone. feel free to browse the TM UniFi website at www. customers are able to replace their faulty UniFi Dect Phones by purchasing new ones from selected TMpoint outlets if their Dect Phones are no longer under warranty or if the warranty is void due to customer's negligence. FAULTY UniFi DECT PHONE Please be informed that effective 30 September UniFi Infoblast. If the faulty Dect Phones are still under warranty. effective 1 January The BTU will be collected according to the appointment made at TMpoint when customers request for termination. Please note that customers are not advised to bring their CPE/BTU to TMpoint when requesting for termination. visit your nearest TMpoint. Residential Gateway and Set-Top-Box whereas the CPE given to Business customers are Dect We wish to highlight that TM UniFi customers also get to enjoy TM WiFi. 24x7! For Business Customers • • • Unlimited uploads and downloads at high speeds! Faster connectivity with your customers locally and globally! Increase profitability with enhanced business productivity and lowered costs! SERVICE TAX Please be informed that in accordance with the Budget 2011 please visit UniFi TERMINATION Please be informed that customers who wish to terminate their UniFi subscription can do so at selected TMpoint outlets. Business Gateway and Analogue Telephone Adaptor (if applicable). customers are encouraged to report the fault by calling TM UniFi Center at 1-300-88-1221. Customers need not return any of the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) when terminating the service since it is considered customer-owned. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT UniFi For more information on UniFi and how it can benefit you. a service tax is charged at 6% on all taxable services. UniFi e-mail.ACCOUNT NO: 1009469469 DATE: 04 AUG 2012 Page 6 of 7 ANNOUNCEMENT RESET PASSWORD Dear Valued Customer. ENJOY YOUR UniFi PACKAGE! For Residential Customers • • • Download large data files in seconds or a matter of minutes! Watch your favourite programmes anytime at your own convenience and put the TV back in your control! FREE! unlimited calls to TM fixed lines nationwide.aspx . Online Guard TM will only collect the Broadband Termination Unit (BTU) which was placed at customer's premise during installation. iShield Plus services. so that proper action can be taken by our team to repair the Dect Phone on-site. call the TM UniFi Centre at 1-300-88-1222 or drop us an email at unifi@tm. We would like to advise customers to regularly reset their passwords to protect their accounts against password security threats. For further

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