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Services offered, and a brief history of Darkroom Productions.

Commercial Photographer, Roger Hewitt, established Darkroom Productions in 1994. The Company has since grown from strength to strength and now incorporates stills photography, broadcast video, animation and multimedia with an arsenal of the most current and up to date equipment. Hand-picked staff ensures a hallmark of quality and creativity culminating in an end product of Broadcast quality. Each stage of a production is professionally engaged from the initial conceptualising through to story boarding, filming, editing, voice over’s, music, 3D logo’s, animation, etc. Our motto is “With us you get all the bells & whistles” Darkroom Productions specialize in the following: . Corporate / Company / Product profiles. . In-house induction / training programs. . Industrial profiling. . Multimedia presentations. . Annual reports. . Commercial video and photographic imagery, all formats, studio or location. . 3D and 2D Animation. . Aerial photography, radio-controlled helicopter. . Underwater photography and video.

To name part of our client base:
Advertising Agencies Saatchi & Saatchi, O&M, Hunt-le-Scaris, Baker Street, Gecko, Graphicor, Wild Cactus, Creation Station, Creative Moods, The Ad Store, V Squared, PS Marketing, Kreativity, Dakota, Caysha, Spoornet, Adnet, Azaguys, Citygate-Dynamo. Business Armscor, Concor Mining, JSE, JCI, Lechabile, Nestle, Sweets from Heaven, Brittans, 3M, Standard Bank, Giants-canning, Griffiths & Griffiths, Rand Water, Telkom, D.T.I, Legacy Hotels, Rani-Resorts, Bosch, Volvo, SABC, DSTV,MNET, SAA, Grinaker LTA, Mecer computers, Improvon,. . Photography: Darkroom Productions photographs all formats of stills photography, these include small, medium and large. The reason for all the different formats is to incorporate the various sizes of print or media that the client would require for viewing, whether it being for web sites, multimedia or print. These can be as small as a stamp too as big as a bill board. Darkroom Productions shoots studio and location photography with state of the art cameras, flash, lighting and production equipment including a powerful generator in the event of power failures. All colour correction, deep etching, balancing and editing of images is done in the studio. A sleeved disc is finally burnt and handed over to the client. Darkroom Productions will archive the images for future reference, thus we have an extensive picture library.

Videography: Darkroom productions video’s normal definition as-well as high definition (HD) for broadcast quality. State of the art camera’s are available for any shoot, so various angles can be captured at the same time, also enough lighting and equipment for any occasion. Darkroom Productions films studio as-well as location imagery with backup power. All conceptualizing and story boarding is done with the client, through to post production, which is done in the studio. This includes tape logging, offline editing, music, voice over’s, sound engineering, after effects, programming and any special effects including archive material. All post production can be viewed at anytime by the client before the completion of the production. Finally a master copied sleeved D.V.D will be handed over to the client. Extra D.V.D’s can be burnt. Archive footage will be stored if necessary. Animation: Darkroom Productions animates high end 3D to 2d images. These include characters and objects, moving or static. The process includes modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering. All animation is done using the blue prints (technical drawings), so an actual virtual model is designed. This model can also incorporate a virtual walk through which gives the viewer a better understanding of the completed or proposed development. Animation is an excellent tool regarding tenders and pitches for future projects. All work is done in the studio with state of the art machines using cutting edge technical programs and animators. Music and sound can also be included to the presentation with voice over’s recorded in the sound booth. Finally a master copied D.V.D will be handed over to the client. Archive animation will be stored if necessary. Multimedia: Darkroom productions compiles multimedia’s which are used as a marketing or business tool for either tenders or profiling of a company. Multimedia’s are unique to client’s specifications, and can include: products, services, history, administration, and aspects of a business, which can incorporate photography, video, animation, sound, music, text, web-site links, data bases and any other forms of media which needs to be viewed on presentation. All work is first conceptualized with the client, through to development and programming of the product. All multimedia’s, include front end development, links and sub-links. Finally a master copied D.V.D will be handed to the client. Archive multimedia material will be stored in the event of future changes and development by

Show-reel on request or with a meeting.


Tel: (031) 903-7635 Cell: (082) 951-1523