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moral values

Moral Value 1 - Brave Example : In chapter 5, the children managed to save the train and stop a very bad accident from happening.One day, Roberta, Peter and Phyllis saw a landslide which blocked the railway line.The girls used their red petticoats to make flags.The train was moving very fast.Bobbie braved herself and ran on to the railway line and waved her flags.The train finally stopped just twenty metres from Bobbie. The children's bravery saved the people on the rain from meeting with an awful accident and from getting killed.

Moral Value 2 - Kindhearted

Example : In chapter 3, the children's mother was ill and had to stay in bed. Dr Forrest came to check on their mother and told Bobbie her mother needed milk and fruit and some other special things to eat in order to get well. They couldn't afford to buy them, so the children decided to ask help from the old gentleman. The old gentleman was a kind enough to provide them with all the things they had asked and some they had not. The Station Master showed his kindness when he was willing to forgive Peter although theboy had stole coal from the station. He understood that the children were poor and could notafford to buy coal. He also welcomed the children to visit the station whenever they want. . Moral Value 3 - Stealing Is Wrong

Example : In chapter 2, Peter and his two sisters stole some coal from the station yard. They took the coal back to their house.One day, the station master caught Peter red handed stealing coal in the station yard.Peter and his two sisters admitted to helping Peter with his crime. The station master warned them not to repeat it again and let them go. The children realised that stealing was wrong. They repented and never took any coal from the station yard again.

The old gentleman waved back. They pretended he knew father. and he was taking their love to father. . He answered all of their questions about trains and railways. They knew the old gentleman when they were waving to the9.15 train. Soon.Secondly is the old gentleman. they make it a habit to wave the old gentleman everyday.Being friendly One of the people who became their friend was Perks the Porter. Perks was the first person they met at the railway.

They used the girls’ red petticoat to make six flags to warn the train. Inside the box are all the things in the list plus some extra things and a letter from the old gentleman. They wanted to make a birthday tea for Perks. Ransome roses and a handkerchief for her birthday. . He was glad that his neighbours thought so kindly of him. On Thursday. Old Mrs Ransome said no one remembered her birthday so she did not want to help but many gave them all kinds of things to Perks. IMPORTANT EVENTS IN THE RAILWAY CHILDREN 1. The doctor gives the children a list of food that their mother needs. At three o’clock.15 train. Mother says they have no money to buy the things on the list. When Perks came home and saw the pram and the presents. Not everyone was kind. The children stayed for tea.m train was in danger. The letter explains what happened to the children’s mother and asks the old gentleman for help to get the things on the doctor’s list.important event. She ran onto the line waving two flags.29 a. It tells him to look out for something at the station. they heard a noise and saw half the hillside crashed down onto the railway line below. SAVING THE TRAIN ( CHAPTER 5 ) One day. Peter fetches Dr Forrest. Peter wanted to ask everybody in the village to help them give Perks a nice birthday. The train came down the track too fast. Bobbie explained that the people wanted to give him the presents because they liked him. That evening. The next day. Bobbie was afraid that it would not see them. he was angry. The children write a message on a white sheet for the old gentleman on the 9. Perks delivers a large box to the children’s house. 2. the children took a walk along the top of the hill beside the railway line. A BIRTHDAY FOR PERKS ( CHAPTER 6 ) The children asked to have the cakes on Thursday. The children realised that the 11. Bobbie and Phyllis gave Mrs. Suddenly. He thought people would laugh at him for being poor and needing their things. The train stopped just twenty metres away from Bobbie. the children took the presents and the pram to Perks’ house. Phyllis gives the old gentleman a letter. the children went around to collect presents the people had promised. WHEN MOTHER FALLS ILL ( CHAPTER 3 ) Mother falls ill. 3. Perks calmed down.

For example.themes. They risked their lives to stop a train from accident. Mother does not show how sad she is and works hard to provide for the children. the railway station and even when they collected gifts for Perks.The Importance Of A Family . They spend a lot of their time on their own as their mother has to work. Moreover. The three siblings have more adventures than they ever did in London.Bobbie.Mother stayed calm and brave for the chlidren's sake while her husband was away in prison. The children aslo showed bravery when they entered the dark tunnel to look for the boy in the red shirt. when Peter showed him his broken toy steam engine. For example. She played with them and read stories to them. Peter and Phyllis waved their flags by standing along the railway line while Bobbie ran on to the line waving her falgs. They do not go to school . father looked at it and optimistically assured Peter that he would mend it.The children's father was always optimistic that things would be fine. in chapter 1. mother was always at home spending time with the children. 1. When a landslide covers the railway tracks.Bobbie had high hopes that the old gentleman would be able to help her to seek the truth about her father's innocence. 3. Peter and Phyllis are brave children. Facing life’s challenges with courage The children and their mother face problems bravely.Bravery . The old gentleman helped Bobbie in her quest because he had hopes that her father was innocent.hence . Peter and Phyllis were always together be it at the railway line.The children loved their father and never forgot him though they never talked much about him. Bobbie.they fully enjoy their privileged free demand and have some adventure sat their neighbouring railway line. Mother also read stories which she wrote to them after tea. . the children had a wonderful father who was never angry.Hope and Optimism . and was always ready to play a game with them. the children act with courage to save the train from a terrible accident.The family bond between the characters in this novel is very strong. 2. They have a freedom they never had before. TheJoysofChildhood The family is fortunate to move to a country house that many would dream of living in.