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Food Technology And Production >> The methods and substances used in food technology 1.1.

Processed food - food that has been treated with chemicals such as salt or undergone processes such as freezing. - Food is processed to remain edible and safe for us to consume, last longer before turning bad or improve its quality. 1.2. Chemicals used in food processing

Food processing and packaging technology
Canning 1. Kills microbes and their spores 2. Food is heated at 121°C for 20 minutes under the pressure 103.5 kPa 3. Cans of food is sterilised in a sealed container 4. Examples: condensed milk, fish, meat, bean Pasteurisation 1. Destroys pathogenic bacteria 2. Suitable for preserving milk and fruit juice 3. The food is heated : (i) 63°C for 30 minutes then cool rapidly and packed into sterilized bottles (ii) 72° C for 15 seconds then cool rapidly and packed into sterilized bottles 4. the taste and flavour of food remain the same 5. must be kept refrigerated Dehydration 1. Process of preserving food by removing water 2. Dries the food under the sun and with high temperature 3. prevented from growing microbes 4. will change the taste and flavor of food 5. Example :shrimps, scallops, squids, milk powder Freeze drying 1. Process of extracting water from frozen food 2. The advantages : minimal loss of flavor and nutritional value of food, little changes to the appearance of food 3. Example : instant coffee Vacuum packing 1. Foods are packed in the unventilated container 2. Air in food container is vacuumed out Cooling 1. Suitable for fruits and vegetables 2. Foods are cooled at 0oC to 5oC

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1. The methods and substances used in food technology 2. Ways to improve food production Food Technology And Production >> Ways to improve food production 2.0 Ways to improve food production * Use of Quality Breeds Example: Paddy MR 127 : Durian MDUR 88 * Use of Modern Technology Example : Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering * Education and Guidance for Farmers Example : Program on Intergration of Maize Crop * Research and Development Example : MARDI - RND on quality of crops MPOB - RND on quality of palm oil UPM - Associates with Ministry of Agriculture for preparing a course and training * Optimum use of land and irrigated area Example: FELCRA restores abandoned land. * Efficient land management Example: crop rotation

* Genetically modified food Example: genetic engineering