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A Research Paper Presented To


Faith Adventist Academy Taytay, Palawan

In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirement for English IV

By: Maria Vianca Salvacion D. Garraez October 2012

BABYLYN I. in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the English IV and for graduation. USES AND IMPORTANCE” prepared and submitted by Garraez. has been examined and thereby accepted.APPROVAL SHEET This research paper entitled “NARRATIVE: A STUDY OF ITS DEFINITION. DERDER English Teacher RECHEL JASMIN Principal Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the English IV and for graduation. DERDER English Teacher RECHEL JASMIN Principal .. BABYLYN I. Maria Vianca Salvacion D.


” To be known and understand. Because of this problem. emotional. Experience is related to Narrative. or think in a certain situation. because it is not easy to the students to understand. The word experience may refer. vicarious and virtual experience. react. narration is always come up. somewhat ambiguously. Some wisdom experience accumulates over a period of time. The researcher is puzzled about the narration. though one can also experience a single specific momentary event. The incidents in a narrative tell something about how people feel. . act.INTRODUCTION A narrative tells a story. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Into some state each of all English subjects. spiritual. It may tell about real events or imaginary ones. One may also differentiate between (for example) physical. mental. uses and importance. the researcher comes up with the title. “Narrative: A study of its definition. because narrative is composed of Experiences. both to mentally unprocessed immediately perceived events as well as to the purported wisdom gained in subsequent reflection on those events or interpretation of them. It also makes a point.

What are the different uses of narrative? 3. What is the deeper meaning of narrative? 2. How does narration help us to learn from our experiences? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The research knows that this study will give more information in the students and can easily understand what narrative is about. This study can also help the readers to become more interested in making narration and for the future researchers they can easily update the things they want to add. For the Faculty and Staff they can be more inspired to teach the students specially the English teachers and not difficult to them to discuss. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION This research analyzes the extent of the study nothing every detail concerned to the topic: . Is narrative important in writing essays or stories? Why? 4.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study will specifically seek answers to the following questions: 1.

uses and importance? Faith Adventist Academy. Palawan July 2012 . Narrative What is Narrative: its definition. Taytay.October 2012 .General Purpose: Broad Topic: Specific Topic: Location of the Study: Period of the Study: To know Narrative: its definition. uses and importance.


RESEARCH PROCEDURE: This research will be done through reading various books which are related to the topic.METHODOLOGY RESEARCH DESIGN: This research will utilize Descriptive method in gathering information taken from different English books. RESEARCH INSTRUMENTATION: The researcher will use questionnaires forms to conduct interview to those concern people. interviewing persons who are concerns with this study and surfing the net or any website that can add more knowledge about the problem. She will also use electronic gadgets paper materials to materialized and realize this research paper. .