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Technology/Media Empowerment Team Meeting Minutes – October 4, 2012  Fall Book Fair – October 22-27 o Theme: All Star

Book Fair, Every Reader is a Star! o Teacher Preview Friday afternoon, Oct. 19th (2:30-3:30); those who visit can enter a drawing for $25 in books from Book Fair o Student dress-up days in conjunction with Drug Free Schools week  Monday: Sports Day – wear clothing in favor of your favorite sport/team supporting our All Star, Drug-Free Sportsmanship  Tuesday: Hats off to Drug Free All Stars! Wear the hat of your favorite Drug Free All Star  Wednesday: County-wide wear RED day  Thursday: Sock it to Drugs—wear mismatched socks to show that All Star Readers ―Sock it to Drugs‖  Friday: Dress Wacky and Tacky to show All Star Readers are Drug Free, not wacky and tacky o Book Fair Family Day – October 23, 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. o Book Fair will be open during Fall Festival from 12:00 – 3:00  The Fall Book order has been completed. It includes informational texts to support math CCGPS, science, and Reading/LA CCGPS as well as a selection of eBooks. The eBooks will be universally accessible school wide; anyone can pull them up at anytime. These books will also have the capability of being read by the computer (in a robot voice), and teachers can make notes in the book to share with students. Having eBooks will help when an entire grade level needs access to the same book at the same time. Hopefully, the books will all be in and available when we return from Christmas break.  Safari Montage has been upgraded and now includes o all 153 Reading Rainbow titles from the children’s series o Schoolhouse Rock o Eyes on the Prize: documentary series on the Civil Rights Movement o Great Migration (National Geographic) o America: The Story of US (A&E) o How the States Got Their Shapes (A&E) o How the Earth Was Made (A&E) o Diary of Anne Frank (BBC) o Etc. o The upgrades should fix operational issues and result in a better user experience with faster load times, content updates, etc.. If you are still experiencing problems, please let Mary Barge know so she can report it to the tech. depart.  Z:files update – the deadline to have your Z:Drive cleaned out is now March 1st, 2013. Mary will send out instructions for moving multiple files at one time.  – SoftChalk is a district purchased web authoring software which is great for creating lessons to be shared via the Internet. Mary B. will receive training on using SoftChalk and will redeliver to interested faculty & staff at a later time.  Leaders are Readers campaign – Mrs. Lisa will take photographs of our local leaders reading their favorite book; we will have the pictures printed Poster Size and display them around school. We would like to include folks such as Mr. Schofield, the Sherriff, Police Chief, Judges, County Commissioners, Mayor, etc.

 6 Flags Read to Succeed – it’s time to register for this year’s program. Mrs. Mary will register each teacher and instructions will be forthcoming about entering names of students who qualify for a free ticket.  Technology needs/desires: Mrs. Aloi would like an Interactive Board; Mrs. Smathers and other teachers are interested in adding iPads for student use; Mrs. Anzaldi and Mrs. Friend expressed interest in adding additional student laptops; more headphones with microphones were requested; Mrs. Anzaldi would like to be able to keep her projector and speaker system; several teachers requested Student Response Devices. Also, mentioned was that we may want to add more creation stations to other classrooms. Another thought was that we purchase additional laptops to be assigned permanently to various classrooms, especially those that only have 1 or 2 student workstations.  Student digital/video cameras – additional cameras have been ordered  Mrs. Deborah told members about – a site for uploading personal pictures and turning them into a slide show, video, etc., to share with others Our meeting adjourned at 3:30