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LISTENING SECTION Part I Questions : 1-5 Directions : In this part of the test, you hear some dialogues and questions

spoken in English. The questions and dialogues will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. After you listen to a dialogue and the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide whice one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Now listen to a sample question. You will hear: Man : Sally, I lost my wallet. May I borrow fifty thousand rupiahs? Woman : Sure. Here you are. Narator: You will also hear: What will the woman do? You will read in your test book: A. Leave the man alone Sample answer B. Drive the man home A B C D E C. Find the lost wallet D. Lend the man money E. Borrow the man’s wallet. The best answer to the question is “Lend the man money”. Therefore, you should choose answer (D). 1. A. The woman’s health problem. B. The troublesome woman. F. The woman’s new bag. G. The woman’s anxiety. H. The poor woman. 2. A. Herbal medicine B. Some medicine I. Fresh herbal J. Cool drink K. The doctor 3. A. Finishing the assignment. B. Doing the office’s job. L. Going to the office M. Going for a walk N. Writing a letter. 4. A. Buying the book. B. Lending the book. O. Reading the book. P. Discussing the book. Q. Explaning about the book. 5. …

A. B. C. D.

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1 2 3 4 5 A fairy god mother. 10. A. Thumbelina. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Don’t worry. Sorry.E. thank you. H. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. you should choose answer (D). B. Woman : What! You failed again? Man : … Sample answer A. 13. You have to choose the best response to each question. 7.” Therefore. The barleycorn flower The beautiful flower. “Sorry. 9. also spoken in English. Each monologue will be spoken two times. A. 5 Part II Questions : 6-10 Directions : In this part of the test. I’ve disappointed you. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. F. D. G. The dialogues and the responses will be spoken two time. 8. Part III Questions : 11-15 Directions : In this part of the test. 6. 12. you will hear several monologues. I’ll move. In a valley. E. a tiny little girl. you will hear some dialogues and the questions spoken in English. They will not be printed in your test book. read the five possible answer and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. I’ve disappointed you. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. … A. They will not be printed in your test book. Narrator: The best anwer to the question “you failed again?” is choois D. A B C D B. C. followed by four responses. C. 11. B. I am fine. so you must listen careffuly to understand what the speakers say. Now listen to a sample question: Man : I got a bad result in my test. In the forest 2 . Let me try again. After you hear a monologue and the question about it. B. A poor man who lived in the forest. D.

On a farmer’s field. They have short front legs. d. They surface with such force that they may soar into the air like. which lives on the Australia island of Tasmania an also in New Guinea. 400 – 680 kg C. and they cannot fly in the air. The habits of penguins E. and leap across fences more than three meters high. 480 – 600kg D. To swim and to eat C. and very strong back legs and a tail. 14. Penguins may flop on their flippers E. ‘fly’ in the water. c. In the Indian Oceon M. but they are unlike other birds in several ways. they may flop on their bellies and ‘row’ with their feet. 880 – 1500 kg 15. This way of traveling is called tobogganing. On land. called a wallaby. In the Arctic Oceon B. b. J. To fly in the air and to swim E. In a flower pot. Penguins cannot fight TEXT 2 What is a Kangaroo? A kangaroo is an animal found only in Australia. Which statement is true according to the text? A. penguins use their flippers for fighting and for balancing as they walk. 3 . porpoises. A. The population of penguins B. They can also run at speeds of over 45 kilometers per hour. While swimming they can dive with a thrust of their flippers and travel 30 feet (9 meters) underwater before surfacing. but very long. Their wings are flippers. The life pattern of penguins C. 680 – 880 kg L. They use these for sitting up and for jumping. What is the topic of the passage? A. Penguins can travel by tobogganing B. To fly in the air and to fight B.I. at speeds up to 30 miles (48 kilometers) an hour. or e on your answer sheet! TEXT 1 Penguins are birds. standing up straight like a person. Penguins waddle slowly along. To swim and to fly in the air 1. 400 – 480 kg B. Penguins 17. They also use their flippers when in a great hurry. Penguins cannot standing up like a person C. 16. however. In the South Atlantic Oceon Choose the correct answer by crossing a. The breeding of penguins D. When traveling over snow and ice. In the Pacific Oceon N. To swim and to fight D. although it has a smaller relative. Kangaroos have been known to make forward jumps of over eight meters. In the garden meadow. A. What are the functions of the penguins’ flippers? A. Kangaroos eat grass and plants. K. Some can leap cut of the water onto a ledge 7 feet (2 meters) above the surface. Penguins waddle quickly along D. In the North Atlantic Oceon O. Penguins do.

The puppets would be handed to their teacher B.” (paragraph 2 ) The word ‘they’ refers to … . This means that the female kangaroo has an external pouch on the front of her body. What is the main topic of the text? A. kangaroos have short back legs. Tim remembered that they hadn’t returned the puppets to the girls. “don’t ever do that again!” she said. Kim and Sandra left their room to have a lunch in the dining room. Why Grandma was very angry with Tim and Alex? A. Because they hid the puppets D. grass and plants E. They made the puppets for Tim and Alex D. A kangaroo 3. Kim and Sandra handed their puppets and paper house to their teacher. An animal can run at speeds over 45 kilometers per hour C.” Tim said. but still the puppets were missing. They took the puppets and hid them behind the wardrobe. small B. . You know what? While they were busily eating and chatting. Adults grow to a length of 1. 6.60 meters and weight over 90 kilos. Which statement is TRUE according to passage? A. One morning. A.The largest kangaroos are the Great Grey Kangaroo and the red kangaroo. Meanwhile. The great kangaroo and the red kangaroo D. kangaroos C. big D. wallaby B. “Here are the puppets. Kangaroos feed on meat B. They made the puppets for their collection 7. and it crawls at once . strong E. in this story. Kim and Sandra were doing their homework from school. A baby kangaroo is very tiny when it is born. We can only find kangaroos in Australia TEXT 3 The Naughty Brothers Well. because they would not be able to hand their puppets the next day. Kangaroo eat grass and plants E. Kim and Sandra couldn’t find the puppets anywhere. and it crawls at once into this pouch where it spends its first five month of live 2. At noon.“ (paragraph 4 ) The underlined word has similar meaning to … . After lunch. Grandma was very angry. thin C. and they got very good marks. Because they hid behind the wardrobe 4 . Because they hid the puppets and the paper house C. a baby kangaroo 5. Kangaroo D. Kim and Sandra cried.. In the morning. they searched everywhere. kangaroo can leap across fences more than 8 meters high E. They made the puppets for playing C. Alex and Tim were playing outside. “They have short front legs. What for Kim and Sandra made puppets? A. A. Because they hid Kim and Sandra B. They cannot run fast D. and very strong back legs and a tail. An animal found only in Australia B. They made the puppets for doing homework from Grandma E.. “A baby kangaroo is very tiny when it is born. but very long. Kangaroos are marsupials. their brothers Alex and Tim sneaked into the bedroom. C. They had to make a cloth puppet and a paper house. thick 4. I’m sorry we hid them yesterday.

The tracks B. The chicks D.2). She imagined her alarm 10. The animals wanted to help her but they didn’t want to risk their life. He said sorry to Grandma C. and when she did so the two ostrich chicks were freed. Mongoose said that mama lion with fur has babies that have feathers. She said to Mama Ostrich that if she can make an animal to look her in the eye and tell her that the chicks are not her cubs. Mama Lion jumped after him. Then. In the opening through the cave there lay her own dear chicks in the arms of Mama Lion. He handed the puppets to the teacher TEXT 4 The Four Friends One day. D. She said they were her cubs. s. The Mongoose told her to make a hole under an anthill. Capability. Mama Ostrich told them the story and asked one of them to stare the Mama Lion in her eyes and say that the chicks were not her cubs. and escaped out the other end. She discovered the lion tracks around her two-footed chicks’ tracks B. Then she challenged Mama Ostrich. All animal said that they could help mama ostrich. 9. the entire animals gathered near the anthill. She told all the animals that there is an important meeting and that they should come. “Have you ever seen a mama with fur has babies that have feathers? Think of what you are saying. Mama Ostrich agreed and set out to her friends to ask for help. He remembered that he hid the puppets B. He returned the puppets to Grandma D. She met a lion on the way home D. What did Tim do in the next morning? A. She looked and looked for them but could not fi nd them anywhere. C. C. Don’t disturb your brother or sister.4. What do we learn from the text? A. Don’t ever help a brother or sister. She returned home from gathering food C. Mama Ostrich told them the story…. Mama Ostrich was disappointed that her friends would not help her. 12. The cubs E. We must thank the favor done for us. (p. At once. Then. Mongoose jumped down the hole under the anthill. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text above? A. The next morning. she will give them back to her. E. B. Because Kim and Sandra were having lunch 8. Mama Lion could not escape from the anthill and had to stay there for a long time. When it was the mongoose’s turn he said. Then.E. There were mama ostrich tracks around the lion den. The tracks led into the woods and fi nally ended at the den of Mama Lion. Imagine her alarm when she discovered lion tracks around her two-footed chicks’ tracks! Fearful but determined to fi nd her babies. Why was Mama Ostrich fearful? A. she followed the lion tracks. He returned the puppets to Kim and Sandra E. The animals C. D. B. Then. as a second exit. One by one they said that the chicks were her cubs. The Mama Lion did not want to give the chicks back. Mama Lion has fur! The chicks have feathers! They belong to the ostrich!” having said that. We need to lift the doll at home. The woods 11. She could not find food E. a Mama Ostrich returned home from gathering food for her two dear chicks. 5 . Mama Ostrich did just what the mongoose had told her to do. Mama lion wanted to get back her cubs. when she came to mongoose she told him the story and he said that he had an idea. What does the underlined word refer to? A.

E. Amanda : what is the genre of the text above ? Rama : It belongs to . and is summed up nicely in Benjamin Franklin’s words:”tell me and I forget.then . The learning hypothesis behind the silent way is that learning is facilitated if the learners discover or create rather than remembers and repeat what is to be learned. Analytical exposition TEXT 6 Technique of Teaching The silent way is one of the effective language teaching techniques. State things D.there are three levels of government.are encouraged to produce as much language as possible.the state governments look after the middle sized things. For example they look after law and order.involve me and I learn. Also students learn More effectively through problem solving involving the target language. 30. And the silent way can be described as a problem solving approach to language learning.. They have much time both to be exposed to the language and to perform practice.teach me and I remember.genre A... Finally. Narrative C.. in learning teachers prepare their students to have problem solving skill.. Anecdote D. They keep the economy in order and look after things like defense.local government look after the small things. They look after things like collecting rubbish...The federal government is necessary for the big things..Thus . Local things E.the federal government. International things B. This is so for anumber of reasons. Explanation B. All of these levels of government are necessary.. Hortatory exposition E. Tony : What business done by the local government ? Beny : They do .. Reny : What affairs are looked after by the state governments? Andry : As I know they look after about .The learners. Keeping the vandalism in the country E.for the reasons above we can conclude that the three levels of government are necessary. Keeping law and order 31. Preventing attacks from foreign countries B. A. The lion jumped after him and stayed in the hole TEXT 5 In Australia.. National things C. It views language learning as a creative problem solving and discovering activity in which the learneris a principal actor rather than a bench bound listener Basically... First.preventing things like vandalism in schools. Village things 16. 6 .otherwise everyone would have diseases. Preventing diseases at small town C. A..state government and local governments. It is pedagogical approach to language teaching based on the premise that the teacher should be silent as possible in the classroom (about 90 % of the time). Similarly.” I conclude that the silent way is an appropriate language teaching technique. Keeping the economical growth of the country D..

pleasure C. asking the students to be a good listeners 18. Giving the students problem to solve E.” The synonym of “toxic” is A.. To talk about the cause of cancer B..... vicious E.17. To tell the readers what secondshand smoke is D. addicted B. Asking the students to act as actors D.. Creating the subject C.”(paragraph 1) The synonim of the underlined word is . “Many of these chemicals are toxic. A. tough 22......... To persuade the readers that something is the case B. as silent as possible in the classroom .. To critique the art work C. Exposing the subject B. Sir. To persuade the readers that something should or should not be the case D. opinion D. love 7 : .. To present at least two points of view about an issue 19. To talk about chemicals in cigarette C... agreement B. It is pedagogical approach. We all are flattered. What is the purpose of the poster ? A. A. To explain the processes E.. helpful E. what is the purpose of the text ? A. patient C... harsh D.. To tell the readers the danger of being a smoker E. poisonous C. To tell the readers the danger of being a secondhand smoker 21.. quiet D. weak B.. satisfaction E.. Which approach is supporting the silent way in language teaching? A.. Minister : I really appreciate what you have done for the people Chief of subdistrict Thank you.. The underlined sentence expresses the minister ‘s . pleasant 20..

Romy: . was inventing B. is watering B. My friend said.. A. Do you have any idea. no ! B. who B. A. Teacher : Who was Luis Pasteur? Student : He was the man who ________ a cure for tuberculosis. Jack : I think having breakfast every morning is good to our health. Dennis : Mom I got no C for every of my test. if B. May I go D. then E.. all are correct 26. A. about our next vacation ? Father : We’d better go to Bali.. I’m so sorry C. A.. Mother : . created 29. to show all his 8 . created 28. when 30. It’s so beautiful 24. until 31. Do you know the book _______ I put on the table just now? A. so D. John always enjoyed studying biology in high school ______ he decided to be a doctor. I don’t agree with you D. Mother : Oh. because C. what do you think of celebrating it ? E.. of which E. invents D. invented E.” My friend asked me ________ stamps. how pleased I’m to hear that B.. water E.. which D. Yes you’re right C. Jack : How often does your father water the flowers? Jean : He ________ then five times a week. where C. to shows all my B. A... of which B. which 32. to water D. I think you’re wrong E.. sang C. Help yourself E. Elvis Presley ________ a new music style.. 25. composed B.. it make me relieved C.23. you must be very satisfied D. whom 33. invent C. to show him all my E. A... whose D. although E. because D. which was mixture of sounds of country music and black rhythm and blues influences. although B. to show me all your D. He could do the exercise ______ it was difficult... Oh. I’m happy B. . waters C. wrote E. A. “Show me all your stamps. who E. whose C. to shows him all my C. A. The babies ________ mothers are suffering from tuberculosis will get special medical treatments.. watered 27. A. A. made D. therefore C.. we need energy to do our daily activity too..

was swept E. Jack : Wow. B. They must invite Dian to come to the meeting. Maybe we can go there sometime. Final match will be held on 15th and 16th May. A. sweeps C. Change the sentence into passive construction! A. originally scheduled for tomorrow. 6th May. is being swept ESSAY Announcement Owing to the bad weather. is now put off until 9th May. Ira : What about our plan to go to Bogor? Danik : _______ because my mother doesn’t allow me to go there. Fill the blank with suitable expression! Ana : What do you think about the film last night? Ani : I felt ________ the film star is very attractive. Carlos : Of course. 38. the floor looks very clean. The match between grade XI – 2 and Grade XI – 4 will be held on 11th May. 35. The announcement is about? 36. 9 . is swept B. When will the match between Grade XI – 2 and Grade XI – 4 be held? 37. It ________ twice a day. swept D. The company has ordered some new equipments.34. Ira : Don’t think it too much. 39. the basket ball match between Grade XI – 1 and Grade XI – 5.