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Sent: 1/18/2009 1:56:05 PM
Subject: Power always seeks to preserve itself: a classic example

I appreciate the continuing coverage of Hometown Democracy, even if

the editorial page thinks the proposal is "sincere, but misguided."

Because Hometown Democracy is perceived by the political elite as the

end of Florida's business model: developer controlled local gvt-- I run
into stunts like the one Palm Coast is getting ready to pull on Tuesday.
Their Chamber scripted resolution denouncing Hometown Democracy is
really rich, especially coming from ground zero for implosion of the real
estate bubble.

Like a Carl Hiassen novel, the extent to which Florida's power structure
is going to derail Hometown Democracy is truly epic. The recent Fla.
Supreme Court ruling (4-3) required the majority to jettison just about all
of the Court's precedent on constitutional amendments. It is truly
breathtaking. To put it in perspective:

The Court approved a referendum process the likes of which has never
been seen in the USA, to wit that you must go down to the Supervisor of
Elections in 60 days to sign the petition in person. The Court completely
overlooked the fact that this bizarre process will completely exclude
active duty military deployed abroad, certain disabled people and 9 to 5
workers who can't get to the SOE during normal business hours.
The majority dismissed (with a straight face?) this unprecedented,
exclusionary process as "details."

Several military groups recently filed an amicus brief asking for

rehearing, saying, "hey, you forgot the troops!"

The Military Officers Association of Florida is not happy either:

A motion for rehearing on the point that the Court overlooked the impact
of this proposed amendment on the military, disabled and so many
others is located here under "2009"

Horrible ruling is here, be sure to look at dissent:

I hope the News Journal will look into this. Since the ruling the
Chamber lurks in silence, the sworn enemy of the citizens initiative
process, biding its time. the Court is supposed to protect the Florida
Constitution from junk like this. Instead, it's given the green light to a
willfully discriminatory provision.

Thank you,

Lesley Blackner

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